Household - Collecting Lyrics

I put all of my effort to the task that is at hand
I get rid of distractions that are clouding up my head
I pose the thought of only spending time that is with you
I pick up where we left off to see this through
I am the one who longs for your voice
Just like the deaf long to hear noise
Lover of my soul, rejoice
Help me be a lover back
I want to be a lover back
I'm trying to be, just be
Oh, to live in the moment so I can reap the memories
Remember the times I hoped for back then?
So faithful - so light
Stop me from just sitting here silent hoping that time will pass by
As if this gift is something I deserve to waste
Brothers I know, others I now have wouldn't leave here
How dare I run from this sweet sweet story?
Look back to Canadian portraits and US basements
Surely time will pass as will my dreams
So I push on, never to neglect them

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