Hot Water Music - Jet Set Ready Lyrics

So I ask myself
"Are we too far gone?"
'Cause ever since we put our hands on the mill
We've been cutting strong
Blind to life
And the consequence of taking life

We're not jet set ready
We're sinking with the ship
That we built too quickly
We'll shift and re-shift the blame
To keep it off our conscience
That we all helped to build it

So long
To the simple song
The balanced one
That's long gone
Forgotten by more than some
Minds burned while young
Pioneers gone wrong
Who won't cease to live
Without oppressing life

So long
To the ways that we knew fit
With the world we lived in
It didn't generate
Enough wealth and power
We can take and take 'til we have it all

We live
In a gracious world
A forgiving world
And show our thanks with industry
Open eyes can see
Open mouths could speak
To change or rearrange
What should not be {taken}

So long
So long

So long
So long

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