Hot Chelle Rae - Heart Hurts Lyrics

I can see it in your face there’s someone else
you came here looking for shelter, a place to blame yourself
your guard is up take it down slowly
kill the pain, baby, put it on me
how could someone leave you for someone else

I know your heart hurts, but I’m with you for what it’s worth
love burns, ice cold, the proof inside you forgets control
heavy eyes, don’t lie (don’t lie)
I’m the blue and your my sky
and I know your heart hurts, but I’m with you for what it’s worth

your hands start to shake when you say his name
you were in it for love but he can’t feel that way
well I know I can fix you if you let me
he broke your heart and that gets me
how could anyone leave you for someone else

I know your heart hurts, but I’m with you for what it’s worth
love burns, ice cold, the proof inside you forgets control
heavy eyes, don’t lie (don’t lie)
I’m the blue and your my sky
and I know your heart hurts, but I’m with you for what it’s worth

drink, dance, take this chance
no plans, ready get set free
be with me tonight
and I’ll make everything alright

I know your heart hurts, but I’m with you for what it’s worth
love burns, ice cold, the proof inside you forgets control
heavy eyes, don’t lie (don’t lie)
I’m the blue and your my sky
and I know your heart hurts, but I’m with you for what it’s worth

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Hot Chelle Rae Heart Hurts Comments
  1. Lony Sina

    My heart doesn’t hurt for u or anyone else ...your not God ... your not ME...!!!! So U mean nothing to me ... and I don’t know why ..????? Your shit and I AM loved by the Gods and Angels above ..!U don’t love me and I don’t love U either ..!! And I will get u out of my brothers life ... once and for all ...!!! U have no idea how powerful and strong God is when I call upon him for me ..! It’s like instantly .... !!! So now U know ..!

  2. anthony coello


  3. Candace D

    Sweet song

  4. Jw4n35

    pure awesomeness

  5. Calli Travers

    Love this song x

  6. Janneke G


  7. Jak Lan

    #1. Song makes me idk just cant explain

  8. midnightstar

    oh my wow hcr always makes my dayno matter which song

  9. ronniegirl12487

    Love this song so much!!!!<333

  10. Janneke G

    why is this song so perfect ? I love it <3

  11. Kaitlyn Ballard

    Ian has to Alicia and Olivia

  12. Clover Romanov

    I have 105 favorite bands. HCR will always have the #1 spot. <3

  13. Clover Romanov

    Amazing song.

  14. Clover Romanov

    Okay. Sorry for attacking you. I was in a bad mood.

  15. Clover Romanov

    I asked what their sisters' names were. And I have no idea why it got deleted.

  16. Melissa Anne

    ok I'm seeing this for the first time...I have no idea what the song is about. I just had a feeling (over a year ago) that it could be implied to a sister or good friend who's gone through heartbreak for the first time. It was just my thoughts. I could be wrong. I was just commenting. RK/Jamie's sister is Anna, Nash has 4 sisters: Harmony, Summer, Charity & Skye. Ian's sister is named Olivia.

  17. Melissa Anne

    I am looking for your question and it seems you deleted it? If you look at what you answered, I believe I did answer a question of some kind. I believe I remember someone asking if HCR even had any sisters and I told them who did (all of them). So instead of attacking me, I believe you got your answer.

  18. Clover Romanov

    Ryan's so hot!

  19. Clover Romanov


  20. Clover Romanov

    I love this song! <3

  21. Clover Romanov

    Oh, sorry. I just thought that because when I googled it, nothing came up about them having sisters. Sorry. But I don't think it was written for their sisters because a lot of the lyrics imply love. BTW, what are their sisters' names?

  22. Melissa Anne

    Ryan & Jamie have a sister...Nash has 4 sisters...Ian has 1 sister. Ian is not an only child.

  23. Clover Romanov

    This is my 2nd favorite Hot Chelle Rae song! Right after I Like To Dance <3

  24. Clover Romanov

    HCR is the greatest band ever! Beautiful Freak forever <3

  25. sweatercoalition

    Love Hot Chelle Rae! They rocked live!!
    Also if anyone wants to hear some awesome new music, then check out The Striped Sweater Coalition's music on my channel, you won't regret it :)

    -Scott from The Striped Sweater Coalition

  26. Athousand Light

    truly understand ur point.. but those songs got famous out-stand the others got its own reasons..

    don't get testy with the little fans out there, HCR is lucky enough, to have at least fans over his famous work on music.. look at poor Beiber, people crazy enough to bash him though he was just turn 15 that time,hes just a kid, halooo! so what if he abit famous? why y'all so mean, and inhuman?

    for all claimers to be a Die Hard Fan of HCR, support their music,and PROMOTE THEM!

  27. Clover Romanov

    irk! It's the exact same thing at my school! And then I literally have to sing 'Tonight Tonight' to them cause it's the most famous. Then they're just like "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." and don't seem to care. And then they like musicians like Justin Timberlake... his music's just painful! Like, whenever a bad song comes on the radio, I'm just like, "Come on! What's with you people? Why don't you understand that HCR's the greatest band of all time?!" Well, not aloud, but you get the picture.

  28. Clover Romanov

    Lol, nice pun.

  29. AlphaSongbird

    Honestly, Honestly is a pretty good song.

  30. Simone McCarthy

    Yeah I found that out and I tried looking it up but I couldn't find it!!! And I am in New Zealand...I will look it up again...

  31. Holly Johnstone

    This song is on itunes. Under "Bleed [digital 45]" When i went on itunes it was the 22nd song under "songs". But this is new zealand itunes.

  32. Dayna Johnson

    real awesome video dude nice goin :D

  33. Robert Grafton

    ah. good point

  34. Simone McCarthy

    OMG!!! WHY IS THIS NOT ON ITUNES?????? Arrgh this is one of my fave songs by them yet I cannot get it on my iPod. Stupid. Seriosly.

  35. Ana Laura Stefani

    I think it could be a guy singing for the best friend that he secretly loves

  36. RrLmKidz

    Ikr... Hot Chelle Rae is awesome!! How the heck can people not know them...

  37. Kayla Ryan

    seriously - ur awesome

  38. Kayla Ryan

    OMG SO TRU... ;) i lov u now!!!

  39. TheANGELWINGS101

    I can't believe I used to dislike this band. They're amazing.

  40. Baillie Nielsen

    what album is this on?

  41. RedDevils Carrick

    When this song is released? I love it!!!

  42. Breonna North

    And what about I Like To Dance <3 ???

  43. Breonna North


  44. Torriea

    This is starting 2 b my favorite band O.o

  45. ReeryRed Love

    OMG IKRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Aly Mance

    6 peoples' hearts hurt and they have nobody that'll say they're with them.

  47. tylaway

    Am I the only thought of Shilo from Repo! The Genetic Opera? Like, after her dad dies?

  48. ReeryRed Love

    Does any1 else REALLY want to click the "DO NOT CLICK HERE" button?

  49. Zainab Ujjainwala

    I love u Ryan Keith. Ur band rocks. I love ur songs.. 333

  50. Sara Baker

    The worst is when the say they love Tonight and you're just like "-_- its Tonight Tonight....."

  51. Ana Mommo

    i found out of this song today.. -.- omg omg omg ....BAD FAN RELLY RELLY BAD FAAAN.....

  52. Sian Fisher

    they should be playing their songs like this on the radio instead of tonight tonight and i like it like that... so much more feeling and meaning.

  53. Quinn Taylor

    Hi! Sorry to bother you but could you please email me this song, I can't find it anywhere and isn't working.. I'd be so thankfull if you could help me out here!

  54. Robert Grafton

    No That's my last name :P

  55. Blah

    Do u live in Grafton, MA?

  56. Robert Grafton

    HEY ALL! Check out the few covers I've uploaded. They aren't anything special. most thrown together within minutes... let me know what you think... I've just started singing last summer.

  57. Sami Beth

    That is so cool.

  58. Gabriela Aguilar

    Love this song

  59. Melissa Anne

    Don't cry :(

  60. Robert Grafton

    then again.... some parts give you the feeling of a romantic kind of love.

  61. Robert Grafton

    yup, i agree... It doesn't really make sense that it would be a guy singing to a girl he loves... it sounds more like a guy singing to a friend that happens to be a girl or, like you said, a sister.

  62. ClickClackNShine

    Its from the "Tonight, Tonight" EP :)

  63. wizardac1

    what album does this song belong??...i hav'nt heard this before..

  64. Robert Grafton

    @rgrafton soon as in... sometime...

  65. Alexus Reyes

    can u see the dislike bar? neither can i xD

  66. LaDude111

    @banannie0828 We don't suck, it's just that no one wants the nice guys.

  67. fashionduckys2

    @rockingjayonfire I can tell you are one too .

  68. fashionduckys2

    @rockingjayonfire I know. Exactly. What I mean I am a true fan I love all there song but bushes, razorblades and champagne, and heart hurts are my favs

  69. Carla C.

    i love this song, my boyfriend sang it to me before we became boyfriend and girlfriend i liked another guy but this guy liked another girl so yeah i think the best thing that has ever happened to me was that this guy rejected me so now i can be with my boyfriend <3

  70. Rachael Crawshaw

    I've always listened to this song and tried to relate it to a moment in my life, but I've never been able to. Today, Valentines Day, listening to this song makes me feel like he's singing it to me. I seriously need a cuddle.

  71. Amanda

    why is this the first time im hearing this song!?! Ive listened to all their other songs but never heard of this one till now....but i like it:)

  72. Robert Grafton

    hey guys. I am going to upload my first ever legit cover very soon. go check out my other YouTube at

  73. I Am Strong


  74. lovebball07

    @CourageKeeper okkk thanks!!!!! =)

  75. lovebball07

    @xxxdukie3xxx okay...i realize im gonna sound like an idiot...but i have no idea what hmv is. thank you though =)

  76. xxxdukie3xxx

    @lovebball07 I got mine at hmv

  77. Kasey Green

    This song sounds like another I heard... Does anyone know what it is? I know this is kinda vague but now I really want to find it. This is a good song though, as are all of their songs.

  78. MusicNcookies

    Me: hey, kid! can i ask u something?
    Kid (14): umm... sure?
    Me: U know ur heart hurts"
    Kid: *gasp* how'd u know!?

  79. CourageKeeper

    @lovebball07 their merch store

  80. lovebball07

    i neeeed help!!!! i need to know where i can buy their cds?? cuz the full cds not on itunes =(( and i want the whole thing! anyone??? thanks!

  81. Juliet Lo

    @Aaaaaaaaaaaaah00 I like their lack of fame :D It keeps them down to earth and real :)

  82. Dallas Timmons

    ah, no one understands what i mean when i say my heart hurts. this song makes me feel less like a freak for feeling that way.

  83. raina bishop

    @princezlola7 I am really tempted to do that now that I saw it. Grrrrrrr must not click it I can' didn't happen. I clicked it. >.>

  84. GhostsAndToast

    This song is AMAZING!!! Hot Chelle Rae ALL THE WAY!!! I've loved them forever and they are my idols!!!!

  85. Sami Beth

    @rgrafton oh my gosh, you are from Baltiomre? That's awesome!

  86. Sirenne

    i havent met anyone who likes hot chelle rae besides my friends... but somehow Whatever was sold out. there are others! lmao i love HCR <3

  87. Cheryl Gallagher

    This song is good! :) I ♥ HCR!

  88. civilwarDOI

    @banannie0828 there good why do you think they stink???

  89. askarleon

    haha :P

  90. LIka2419

    I love this song. It's remind me about someone.

  91. lovebball07

    @Aaaaaaaaaaaaah00 omgeee im so with you! i'll be all like singing one of their songs and all my friends will be like what the heck are you singing?! more people should definetly know who they are!

  92. Danielle

    How did you find this song?

  93. TrumpetGirl437


  94. 176DoubleA

    1 person is a jelous hater

  95. Robert Grafton

    @ALLtimeLOWjack Not a problem!... i see you like All Time Low.. lol.. I know them (I'm from Baltimore) and Alex (and his dad) worked at Polk Audio (where I work now) this was before anyone knew he was going to be big. lol it's pretty amazing knowing someone that's gotten that popular

  96. Froukje -

    They don't suck:o!

    Love this song<3(A)

  97. windi sky

    awwwww...i <3 this sonG :))

  98. Jacque Toth

    thanks for posting this! i love this song!! <3

  99. Emily

    @TheKiley500 Ikr? they should really get more recognition...