Hot Chelle Rae - Come Back To California Lyrics

Well the beach is empty
And the skies are gray
It's getting cold out on the pier
Ever since you left me
There hasn't been a sunny day
I gotta say it's getting weird

I'm tired of waiting so

Come back to California
It sucks without you here
It's like the sun stops shining
The palm trees disappeared
Come back to California
Life sucks since you've been gone
So I'll pour you a mojito
I'll play your favorite song
I'm just trying to say I miss you
I miss you

The medical marijuana
Sales are going through the roof
But nothing gets me quite as high as you
You used to call me a hipster
But now I'm looking like a bum
I haven't changed my shirt in months

So tired of waiting

Come back to California
It sucks without you here
It's like the sun stops shining
The palm trees disappeared
Come back to California
Life sucks since you've been gone
So I'll pour you a mojito
I'll play your favorite song
I'm just trying to say I miss you
I miss you

You've got me singing like

Come back to California
It sucks without you here
It's like the sun stops shining
The palm trees disappeared

Come back to California
Don't leave me all alone
I'll call up Schwarzenegger
Tell him you're coming home

Come back to California
It sucks without you here
It's like the sun stops shining
The palm trees disappeared
Come back to California
Life sucks since you've been gone
So I'll pour you a mojito
I'll play your favorite song
I'm just trying to say I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you

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Hot Chelle Rae Come Back To California Comments
  1. す.



    す. 日本人がいるなんて…HCR知ってる人いて良かった…

  2. す.


  3. Hannah Ritter

    This song reminds me of my bestfriend and i. She moved, and won't move back.. Now i miss her so much..

  4. Galaktyczny Naleśnik

    pffffff T NAILED IT!!

  5. bamse

    i am loving this song, i do not know who they are bit though and don't really like idols like 1D.
    wondering if they are popular in their county

    Star GazerMSP

    they are from nashville Tennessee


    thx Star Gazer!


    +39myteens Hot Chelle Rae was somewhat popular because they had a huge hit song in 2011. Although, they are kind of broken up now and people are forgetting about them. The band members do solo stuff now. :/

  6. sami basheer

    This will be the first comment in 10 months

    Marcos Alves

    you were right bro

  7. Juu

    this is the first song i heard of them - so many memories (any mistakes forgive me i am brasilian '-' )

  8. Caitlyn Brewer

    Stay Outta South Dakota (a parody)Stay outta South Dakota; it's great without you here!Its like the wind stopped blowing, the elm trees disappear!I'm just tryin ta say I loathe you, I loathe you

    Chee Toes

    It would be switched around because it's cold in South Dakota

  9. Victoria Winchester

    I"m more like "Come back to Indiana it's boring when you're gone" x.x 

  10. Kristel Galvez

    I  love it so much

  11. Nathan Long

    i only liked this because of arnie

  12. AngelicKiwi

    i love this song because i'm from california

  13. Rosa Cisneros

    ahh,this Minnesota weather is cold but its my home!

  14. Mac Kenzie Holdridge

    The love of my life moved out of state and I'm always telling him to come home (back to Cali) I see him only 1 or 2 a year and every other time sucks without him so this is the perfect song for our situation (kinda creepy how similar they are) lol any ways we both adore this song!

  15. Kpop Learner

    Dang! I fell in love with them.. ♥

  16. Marina Zegarelli

    love love love this song and this band <<<333

  17. Syris Thomas

    It has been cold in Texas ever since my friend went to go visit in the Philipines hmmm........

  18. Jeremie Amsallem

    what a solo !!!!

  19. ac989

    I wish I could go back to Sunny So. Cal; here in Minnesota it's 50 below zero. Brrrrrr

  20. brittiney brier

    this makes me happy :) thank you hot chelle rae for brightening this dreary day :)

  21. bri gross

    I wish i could go to California and vist there and go to the beach too

  22. deputyseal409

    Qu'est-ce que t'ecoute a Christophe Mae?

  23. D Jursic

    Come back to Stinson Beach. There's something you need to see.

  24. natatatalia25

    Omg i love this l

  25. JessicaMarie2017

    This is a coincidence, because my boyfriend lives there and I can't wait to meet him!!!

  26. Lilly Lake

    loved everything! the song,the way they made the vid everything was just great

  27. Sofia Sepulveda

    I love this song!!! Check my YouTube channel!!! It is ALL Hot Chelle Rae... so far.

  28. Majestic Beginnings

    <333 omg this song<333

  29. breemusic07

    Hot chelle rae needs to come back to california!

  30. http.dumee

    I can't go back to California cause I'm broke. ._.

  31. Kayla Valdez

    Me either

  32. Joe Tomphson

    Sigh.. I'm not a HATER... TiReD Of ThIS SoNg.. O_.

  33. mia ramirez

    I literally listen to this song like 10 times a day, I <3 this song!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Shahad Farhanian

    Schwarzenegger is my favorite part :D

  35. Tania Tickletitties

    LOL moi aussi je suis française et j'adore Hot Chelle Rae !!! :D

  36. Julienne Cequeña

    same here

  37. mia ramirez

    same here :(

  38. TinyMinou

    i want go to California X______________X

  39. TinyMinou

    lolzzzz XD

  40. imfluffyandiknowitXD

    I'm in California ._.

  41. Emily Brown

    I wanna go back to California! :(

  42. Leewon Kim

    Just download it on that free online song downloading site.

  43. adrianna zavala

    This song is cute.....come back to California U __U

  44. SheWillBeTaco

    Once you come back to Spokane, I'll go to California lol ;P

  45. Grace Himchak

    I love love song

  46. celtticnesses

    Imagine if the song was "Come Back to Wyoming." There would be no viewers.

  47. Staca Whitehead

    weird .-. tis Brea btw if you didn't know that ;-;

  48. Rachel Yoder

    did she die?

  49. Rachel Yoder

    can u send me this song! i cant buy it

  50. Death by Awesomeness

    wow so touching NOT.

  51. Death by Awesomeness

    jeez gimme a coat!

  52. Jackie Porter

    Is it weird that I was gonna talk about how this reminded me of Skye too? ;-; I find it weird...ANYWAY, it's Jackie...Skye's best friend here in Cali. I miss you, Skye. Dx

  53. Staca Whitehead

    This song reminds me of my friend... Skye who lived in California..
    R.I.P Skye. I love you

  54. katelyn stylinson

    i wanna go to california

  55. camille

    Je suis française aussi & je suis fan de HCR, c'est le meilleure groupe :)

  56. ChartruexProductions

    Translated to English: I am French and I love your videos and I love UNHCR!

  57. a h

    I am forever obsessed with Hot Chelle Rae, it will never end and I will never stop listening to their music because nothing gets me quite as high as HCR and that will never change. ♥♥♥

  58. nori 3133

    like if liam payne is brilLIAM brought you here

  59. Clover Romanov

    Lol maybe I will when I'm older.

  60. Coraleeha974

    Si je suis française et je ne vois pas pourquoi je mentirai...

  61. bestsiblingsever

    don't lie. you're not french.

  62. Kassadee Acridge

    On the whatever album the c in hcr is in the circle so it looks like it says hor it made me laugh when I realized that and I've been playin it on repeat all day!

  63. Clover Romanov

    I can't go back to California... I was never there.

  64. Anthony Espino

    i like this song because i was born in california and i really miss it there :( hopefully i go back soon...

  65. Clover Romanov

    I love this song so much!

  66. The Little Booknerd

    ultimate-guitar. com is a good website if you're searching for chords

  67. Sophie Meglio

    I really want know where to find the guitar chords for this

  68. Jaimee Ignacio

    I really wish he'll be here in California ): I miss him!

  69. Tyler Fleming

    California sucks no matter what LOL

  70. 리블링

    I like this song!!! I donno why this music was not released up.

  71. Coraleeha974

    Je suis française et j'adore tes videos et j'adore HCR!!!

  72. Death by Awesomeness

    OK i agree on THAT. But that loser isn't beautiful, isn't that right wyecee your an ugly bitch isn't that right! XD

  73. Marian Moreno

    like he says: go HAM on all my haters ._.

  74. Marian Moreno

    don't say he's a freak. because hcr fans are called beautiful freaks

  75. Rayna Marquart

    Dude, change yo shirt!

  76. nononononnononpnononon

    Its funny u guys are fightin over pieces of shit here. Just watch the vid and enjoy

  77. wyecee

    As long as we're keeping something made of that, we're square (QvQ)

  78. XisabellaroseX

    I might order the Japanese release just for this song.

  79. Death by Awesomeness

    your an idiot, go to hell you idiot. i hope you die like that decapitated baby in the news. DIE

  80. heliosm298

    I am from California but now i don't live there anymore. This song means so much to me that I MISS CALIFORNIA!!!!

  81. wyecee

    HEHEHEHE Diary of a mad Mexican revenge curse.

  82. Death by Awesomeness

    Now your just making up stuff. And i think you should shut up before you say something dumb on the internet, oh wait you already have.

  83. Death by Awesomeness

    1 your an idiot 2 your a freak 3 shut up freak.

  84. wyecee

    @Oscunt DUMBman wants to shoot himself so eagerly. So mad at the world for his troubled life. "OH LORD HAVE MERCY". Someone please DON'T save him.

  85. Death by Awesomeness

    wow you must not get out much. You weirdo

  86. wyecee

    ( )( )=3=3=3. Suck this fart.

  87. Death by Awesomeness

    Come to me, in my thoughts. My thoughts: Die wyecee die...... You don't deserve to live any longer....

  88. Death by Awesomeness

    I'm invisible.

  89. Death by Awesomeness

    You can't see me.

  90. wyecee

    Like you're in any position to talk. Look at you.

  91. Death by Awesomeness


    You need to work on your grammer

  92. Death by Awesomeness


  93. Death by Awesomeness


  94. Death by Awesomeness


  95. Death by Awesomeness

    i betcha most of you don't know who Schwarzenegger is. :D

  96. hailee leister

    luv them!!!!!!!!

  97. felicha england

    love it and love rk like if you do to

  98. Jamie ismyname

    This band is perfect EXCEPT for the fact that all of their best songs, THEY NEVER PUT ON THE ALBUMS! I love this song soooo much!! <3

  99. Camdon Freenink

    I love it it reminds me of me and my bf cuz I never get see him