Hoosiers, The - Pristine Lyrics

I adjust
So this is what love
Looks like for us

From imperfect
We’re all dangerously out of our depth

She’s so pristine
Made for me
Not made for each other
Cut deeper than a knife
You’re make believe
And better than real life

Truth defied
Who meets these demands of mine
Not a soul alive

Sweetly shook
You won’t feel a thing as you take your final look

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Hoosiers, The Pristine Comments
  1. Electro.Dash.666 X

    Made for me,
    *n o t m a d e f o r e a c h o t h e r .*

  2. Isaac Tread

    This is my favorite song on the album for sure

  3. Pedro Rodrigues

    Captain sent me here... I love this song now!