Holter, Julia - Maxim's II Lyrics

Tonight the birds are watching me
Do they have more important things to do?
What of hearts in diamonds?
Oh I don't understand

Into Maxim's we will see them walk
Will they eat a piece of cheese or will they talk?
When they're loud enough we can hear their words
By night we are inquisitory birds
Some nights we are asked if we ever tire
Of gazing at their heels and everyday desires
Remember every dewy tale written of their loves?
Compare them to the ones they touch in front of us

We do not dance a story for you
Gil Blas bored whispers awakening the beast in me
Find your feet
Drink some blood
Say it to my face
If you want to be starting something

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Holter, Julia Maxim's II Comments
  1. lrtyubflw nothing

    i think i found my favorite song

  2. AMJH 4LAH

    Bleed For This.

  3. thee LAWD

    i'm high as fvck listening to this.. and it feels amazing ☁

  4. Robert H

    As a Broadcast fan, I adore this, Julia is carrying the candle for Trish (and Trish deserves to be remembered), whether she knows it or not (I bet she does).

  5. Rathanak's Life

    Bro I've been looking for this song for so long lmfao. I used to listen to this so much in 2013 and I had it on my ipod but it malfucntioned and I forgot the name of the song and the lyrics. I only remembered the instrumental. Thank god my old desktop had the file for it.

  6. definedbylines

    a peculiar way of pronouncing words...i love it!

  7. Karel Mouton

    A song that leaves you in awe about Pazienza's amazing story.

  8. raktin

    Bleed for this

  9. Tom Rose

    that hanging C7! poifict!!

  10. Twosheds77

    Only just heard about Julia Holter, This is fantsatic, truly original talent and amazing songs.

  11. Domino Recording Co.

    Julia Holter’s new album ‘Aviary’ is out now on Domino Record Co. Listen & buy: http://smarturl.it/Aviary
    More from Julia Holter on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/BestOfJuliaHolter

  12. Eileen Murphy

    she reminds me of tori amos but with a better band. and a lil Nico from VU.

  13. Aliester Crowley

    Up and coming music producer and this is something I wish to create it's genius

  14. no comment

    Julia Holter following on in the style of Laurie Anderson

  15. Judy Watson

    Love love love this!

  16. X Kjg

    02:58 - 03:30 I'm dead

  17. Herine thoroughly

    I'd like this to play when I hang myself

    Tom Rose

    @J Eh?!?

    Tom Rose

    @J Uh, pardon, you say what?

    Tom Rose

    @J errr....

  18. Anhoi Polloi

    You can hear it, you can feel it, in those 55 seconds in the beginning, that magic is coming.

  19. D3adp00l324

    Bleed For This brought me here!

  20. VR Life

    watched this movie yesterday, good movie, lead actor has talent, love the song at the end.

  21. Tom Rose

    THIS washes over (through) you like a post coital dream - better than any beatles (i've known).

    i have known genius ...AND THIS IS IT.

  22. Tom Rose


  23. Orbitalforest

    Amazing track !

  24. tomyettimcneal

    thought it was Deerhoof...

  25. furious monkey

    Cocteau twin sound to it, but I like the vocals better.


    Just heard this at the end of "Bleed for this'.... wow, what a song!

    Michael Paul

    Me too! Awesome movie and truly haunting tune! :)

    Benny D

    MINIMAX Both the film and soundtrack were awesome!

    slim' s alwaysfaded

    is this El-P produced?

    Nina D'Agostini

    Me too! That movie has such an amazing soundtrack


    Same here..thought it was The band Broadcast (the late Trish Keeneen on vocals)...
    so much emotion is captured on song through intrumentation and vocals....to cool

  27. Kiyel Chase

    Wooooot, very etheric!

  28. SOL D

    Wow the instrumentals are beautiful.

  29. curryman1212

    It may sound strange but for some reason it reminded of the movie eraserhead.

    clotair sea

    this album reminds me of mulholland drive


    clotair sea I could also see this as well saying that

  30. Junebug

    I was literally laughing at something on twitter when that moment in the song (you know the moment) hits and my face just falls , like this song is so good I was dead for like a minute,, just in awe


    Yeah totally understand that :o

    slim' s alwaysfaded

    listen to Portishead..sooo cool..hip hop heads recognize

  31. Oscuro87

    Beautiful, haunting, nostalgic, and the video puts me in a quiet state of mind.
    This is spiritual work.

  32. Aron Lewis

    I imagine Sylvia Plath having a lot in common with this artist.

    carlos gaspar

    you read my mind; was just checking her wikipedia page.

  33. -. J \

    This track is bad ass

  34. dragonfly

    This song is about pigeons???

    Danilo Gonçalves

    +Chevie Maliboo yes


    This song is about our obsession with celebrities.

  35. Shim Shingles

    I want to walk deep into a dark ocean and drown to it's magnificence...

    Aron Lewis

    +Shim Shingles that's the most emo, pretentious shit i've ever heard

    Eileen Murphy

    Shim Shingles your thought is beautiful

  36. s00065705

    William Kentridge job......Maybe not!

  37. jcmmanuel

    This is the second song of her that reminds me of Charlotte Gainsbourg - I mean the voice. But saying that is just pointing out how good this is.

  38. Tre Bor

    Great...this virtuose melange of a beautyfull voice and tricky soundarrangements carrying me on clouds ...love it !!!

  39. Alexander Aultman

    I'm slowly becoming obsessed with her and her music. This reminds me so much of Broadcast.


    Eh maybe the intro, but I cannot hear the Broadcast influence I'm sorry

    michael lennon

    @arcadeshift why are you sorry, no one's asking you to hear the Broadcast influence.

    Eileen Murphy

    Alexander Aultman doesnt sound like broadcast

  40. Jonathan Pongratz

    Very dream-like, I love this song!

  41. irishcowboy42

    Just recently discovered Julia… and wow.. i love the 'Loud City Song' CD

  42. giuseppe

    attacco alla pink floyd

  43. Jessica Eff

    I really love Julia Holter's music. When I recently watched Gigi I wanted to see some of the imagery along with this song so, I made a video that can be viewed on my channel. Please check it out.

  44. PetieFr

    looks like a HQ video after watching begotten

  45. Aria Rostami

    So does your comment.

  46. Ohni Lisle

    does anyone have the lyrics for this?

  47. shabbadoo22

    this'll be the prettiest song of the year, then

  48. captainbadd

    Not really into this at the moment, but I can see myself really digging it at some point down the line.

  49. Dexter Lakin

    jheeze, spoiler alert! (I hadn't heard this before)

  50. david asleep

    wow. . .fully an unconscious aspect. . .her work is amazing

  51. Robert Bernardin

    This is an amazing album - Julia Holter is getting better and better and the production is amazing. Up a notch. [Out of the bedroom maybe, haha]. I'd say the same for Julianna Barwick's new one too. Brilliant.

  52. f700d

    sounds like Trish singing in Ocarina of Time's Water Temple

  53. dylan de guchi

    nice song , boring video

  54. xABoxOfChocolates

    Falling in love with Julia Holter...

  55. Rathanak's Life

    Holy shit the production is through the roof... much respect to a Hip Hop listener.

  56. castro6969

    sounds like Broadcast

  57. Carianne R. Hixson

    i have to comment again. this is so beautiful.

  58. Carianne R. Hixson

    wow. one of the best things i've heard in a long time. this is timeless.

  59. RockinRickSmith

    Fell in love with this song right out of the box. After um, quite a few listens, I've observed that it is a musical palindrome...shimmering cymbals, verse, violin break, bridge, violin break, verse, shimmering cymbals....pretty cool concept!

  60. Noah Baker

    top 10 songs of the year for me, definitely



  62. Ajay Patel

    probably one of my favourite albums of 2013


    ...i don't know anything about her music....but it's so detailed...i love it

  64. marrible

    Third track from the album, very different than World and In the Green Wild but equally stunning. The new album will be brilliant!

  65. bcero oh


  66. WARP 75


  67. gregruben

    I like it, I think it suggests an intimacy and personal relationship to the process of producing the song. It has a voyeuristic quality not unlike some of Julia Holter's music.

  68. Bryceratops

    I get that there's a certain art to the presentation, but is this really better than a slideshow of the actual color photographs? Simplicity is appropriate at times!

  69. Philippe Turgeon

    This record should be great ! Can't wait.