Holter, Julia - Goddess Eyes Lyrics

"I can see you, but my eyes are not allowed to cry...
But in your dying you are dear to me"

"A plotting goddess tripped him
and he fell"

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Holter, Julia Goddess Eyes Comments
  1. Domino Recording Co.

    Julia Holter’s new album ‘Aviary’ is out now on Domino Record Co. Listen & buy: http://smarturl.it/Aviary
    More from Julia Holter on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/BestOfJuliaHolter

  2. null

    To the people that think this is pretentious:
    The video is so literal. You don't need to guess what she was going for. You barely need to pay any attention to see what it is about. She doesn't even need to pretend there is something going on.

    How can you even come to the conclusion this is pretentious? How? Just... Really?

  3. JohnS1709

    Pretentious shite.


    @MBArkestra nah, can't be arsed.


    @Arik Vlaanderen check you !

  4. dirkbogarde44

    What is she on about ?


    Who knows?

  5. Tejuoso Ayomide

    mad sound, damn, tame impala and melodys echo chamber, abit of everything you do is a balloon boards of canada

  6. Tejuoso Ayomide


  7. Slackr

    Adore this video :)

  8. Gasparuccio X

    the kate bush of our times?

    Sheyla Fernandes

    Fucking yes!!

    8585bitch fucker

    true. but i think this is a little closer. tamaryn even looks like kate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIO2tvOJSqc


    Put this on .5 speed and 1080 p and listen to this for the next ten minutes with good headphones on. One of the most amazing aesthetic experiences of my life.

    Nick Kenchington

    +MsThisisusername yep, my Fidelio X2s sound awesome!

  10. Ronniethesage

    This reminds me a bit of Goldfrapp's "Black Cherry."

  11. Kahg B

    Her eyes remind me of the colour of a murky, muddy pool or swamp -- in the most beautiful way possible.

  12. ella penso

    this is so beautiful

  13. Eric Toribio

    What an incredible song.

  14. Daniel Ramirez

    It's like this song is not good... but it is... you know?

    James Usill

    Yup, pretty much how I feel about her stuff right now

    Steven Crawford


  15. West Coast Experience

    Thank Heaven for Julia Holter! wow!!! what a wonderful wonder!!!!!!

  16. Matt Blickem

    I was sure that the lyric was this:
    "I can see you but my eyes are not allowed to cry"

    The Mid Engined Legend

    Matt Blickem It isn't???

  17. bwytacig

    This is mystifyingly wonderful

  18. Chesco

    Inspired by Royksopp's 'Senior'.

  19. Cápsula del Tiempo

    her videos are not pretentious people.. this is art. it is said that arts goal is to express yourself. not to make something everyone will like. :)

  20. mdeschain

    I love her music but not the arty farty videos.

  21. Enan M

    Can't wait to see her this Sunday (it's my birthday)

  22. eldrums71

    fun video. take a look @
    lock 12 - The Edge
    its equally fun to watch

  23. amsterz14

    She's scaring the tiny people with her huge head!!!!

  24. charlie z

    actually I agree a little, I really like her music but I feel there is something pretentious about her videos.. (and maybe herself). but she's a wonderful producer no noubt

  25. Elijah Bartholomew

    Fahaha. How so?

  26. KINDLE

    This song is stopping my heart from beating.. So dull & lethargic. Nice voice though.

  27. Gazza7

    What a great start to 2013, listening to some catch-up Radio 6 online, and the last track on the show was from the Ekstasis album, and so here I am, the CD ordered already. And this track is beyond beautiful isn't it. Happy New Year guaranteed!!

  28. vindikatif

    Man, this video is trying SO hard.

  29. rrtnbck

    She has a promising voice but I didn't really care for most of this song.

  30. Agostinho Pereira


  31. mancalledclay

    a most unique and phenomenal songstress....so happy to see her getting this attention. kudos to domino~*!

  32. Frank Resists

    I'm a little iffy because of all the vocoding but I have a lot of faith in Domino's picks so I'll hang with her for awhile and see what comes.

  33. John J Lindsley

    Architectural. Sombre. Delicate.

  34. MyMOSHU

    I love her music, but i love her beauty much more

  35. velvetpolette

    actually I could say this for several of her songs >>>>>

  36. velvetpolette

    my fav Julia song!!!! and awesome video!

  37. launderground

    we love julia holter.

  38. Paul Desca

    Love it.

  39. Manu Beltrán

    Buen video y sonido!!!

  40. Vadzim Karpikau

    You've created a beautiful and interesting world, Julia


    Beautiful x