Holly, Buddy - That's What They Say Lyrics

There comes a time for ev'rybody
When true love will come your way
There comes a time for ev'rybody
That's what they tell me
That's what they say

I didn't hear them say a word
Of when that time would be
I only know that what they say
Has not come true for me

You just keep waiting
And love will come your way
That's what they tell me
That's what they say

There comes a time for ev'rybody
When true love will come your way
There comes a time for ev'rybody
That's what they tell me
That's what they say

I didn't hear them say a word
Of when that time would be
I only know that what they say
Has not come true for me

You just keep waiting
And love will come your way
That's what they tell me
That's what they say
That's what they tell me
That's what they say

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Holly, Buddy That's What They Say Comments
  1. Leito Collado

    epic song in 2020

  2. Tony Bentley

    Probably the worst overdubbing of any of his songs ,it is ruined by all the overdubs

  3. alvin meeks

    simpler times, i truly miss those days, progress they say pity them. Anywho gone forever

  4. John Meegan

    This song hits the spot

  5. John Meegan

    Did buddy holly strugle with depression in his lifetime i can tell he's kinda sad i struggled with depresion . i hope to meet his wife soon Mrs Holly's had lots of trauma as i looked up things about her

  6. Retro4fun

    One of my favorite songs by Buddy, for what I believe there is once made a Norman Petty remastered version also of this song made in the early sixties, I got it on a tapedeck somewhere.

  7. Brian Shelton

    Much prefer the raw version without the fake backing singers.

  8. Tonetwisters

    Good grief. What is THIS???

  9. rpkrauss1

    The overdubs killed this song man. Buddy doesn't need any help...!!

  10. ZRRB

    Who disliked this?

  11. me & you

    This sucks and so does all the buddy holly songs with the fake sound put in after he died too bad- The originals are so much better

  12. Berry J. Greene

    I agree this is inferior to the Apartment tape version and also very inferior to the 45RPM I once had (with "What to Do" on the flip-side). This version had what for my money is a guitar break by Tommy Allsup. Anybody help?

    William Garrett

    Nope this is an overdub by the Fireballs done in the early sixties, the same group that did the final version of "Peggy Sue got Married".

  13. MGSB

    John Mueller 0:00-0:30

  14. Geoffrey Tomlinson

    Macartney over dubbin ruins it !

    Planet of the grapes

    Nothing to do with Paul Mac...It was Norman Petty.

  15. peter avella

    There was a version before the picks with exceptionally good electric guitar riffs although not a brilliant production. This was also on " What to do" the flip side . This was done in the true mode of Buddy, probably played by Donald Arnone who was famous for the " Crying Waiting Hoping solo.The apartment tapes was some of Buddy,s best work.

  16. 3funke

    THE Pics ruining yet another good track.

  17. James Schielein

    Never heard this version with the backup singers before. Nice, but I like the 1959 version best.

  18. ferguspuskas

    why on earth did I have to sign in to access this video?

  19. William Glover

    Ruined by the Picks overdub.

    John Meegan

    More like Pricks ;)

  20. walt7500

    Compared to the original, this is an iferior version!

  21. amd64alan

    Thanks have this on vinyl , takes me back to my youth.

  22. Peter Christie

    I often wonder would the Beatles have made it big if buddy and Richie had not been killed !

    Wade Raney

    No way😉

  23. john burke

    This is a great overdubbed version of Buddy's apartment tapes. He's backed up by The Picks & The Fireballs.

  24. Jeff Lipinski

    I finally did get this karaoke track.
    and it is excellent..
    I sing this now in karaoke a lot..
    I have it on my karaoke disks
    A real rare karaoke track
    Hardly anyone has it because my friend
    produced it himself
    a homemade karaoke track
    and it is excellent..

  25. jorge lopez

    Yes ! I do not find this song in the cd anthologies either. Truly that day (the day of the accident) was the day that innocence died in Rock music.

  26. MrAlsfan5

    Awe for pity's sake folk, lay of the Bieber comparisons. It just makes you sound old and tired. This is about Buddy. Sit back and enjoy.

  27. Ryan Frostad

    Justin who?

  28. 3funke

    Why mcartney let the Picks loose of Buddy's recordings is beyond me they have done
    absolutley sod all to enhance the original recordings.

  29. Shoknifeman

    Wow.,.. almost 40 years of Buddy fandom and I've NEVER heard , or even heard OF this song!!!

  30. RetroGurl73

    You're welcome! :)

  31. cwcwful

    Thanks for posting this Retrogurl73.

  32. winnybabe66

    he dont need any back ups, his voice sounds beautiful the way it is, thats what you're saying arent you
    thank you! cheers to you too

  33. charlyW34

    Hi, it's really a shame that the Picks "legacy", a total of 9 songs on the Chirping Crickets lp, was not enough to satisfy their collective ego. If they had wanted to avoid the justifiable outrage and controversy, they should have recorded a tribute album of their own cover versions of Buddy's songs. By adding ill advised and poorly arranged backing vocals to Holly's original classics (even Peggy Sue!) many years later, they were asking for trouble. I'm sorry, but I question their motives.

  34. charlyW34

    Hi. Just to clarify, I do not refer to the instrumental overdub augmentation heard here done by the Fireballs in the early 60's. They are an acquired taste, but I don't hate them, and I know they were done to make the original bare bones recording more commercial. I refer to the totally unnecessary and pretentious backing vocals, little more that an ego exercise, added by the Picks in the mid 1980's. I do consider the original vocal and guitar demo by Buddy to be the best version by far. Cheers

  35. winnybabe66

    i personally think it sounds great this way! buddy could'a done some stuff like this, its great

  36. winnybabe66

    holy shit. this song..no words. buddy holly is a god.

  37. RetroGurl73

    @maximustubulus You're welcome!! :D I'm Glad you enjoy the lyrics :)
    A Buddy Holly song wouldn't be complete without his wonderful lyrics!
    I'm glad you also enjoyed the song!
    Thank You!! ^o^

  38. Max Grande

    Thanks for a wonderful upload, AND THANKS FOR INCLUDING THE LYRICS !!!

  39. reggiemagliaro

    @TheSilvergold45 I have this song on karaoke if you're still interested. E-mail me and I'll send you the file.

  40. SlashMan.EXE

    @thlaylia The Picks were the original backup singers for Buddy and The Crickets. After hearing that Buddy planned to use The Picks' talents again, they reunited in the 80s and overdubbed some of Buddy's solo vocal works. These were released as the dying wish of Bill Pickering. Love it or hate it, have some respect for The Picks, as this was there way of paying tribute to Buddy, and a look at what could have been.

  41. Tara Jean Taylor

    @charlyW34 Oh fuck, I hate the Picks >;(

  42. RetroGurl73

    @TheSilvergold45 That's GREATT! :) .. This is also one of my Favorite Buddy songs. :D I'M BUDDYS NUMBER ONE FAN!!!! :D Check out my channel if you want, to listen to more AMAZING Buddy tunes!

  43. Jeff Lipinski


    NOT ONE OF THE 38..


    LONG LIVE BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    TILL I DIE..

  44. vikingmanMN

    Buddy was a master at writing love songs!!!

  45. charlyW34

    No offense to retrogurl73!

  46. charlyW34

    Please, if there was ever a genuine reason to click the dislike button, this and all the unwelcome, unauthorized and ham fisted Picks overdubs from the 80's would qualify. Very damaging to the Holly legacy. They sound extremely out of place, and the arrangements are just plain bad!

  47. goneoverboard2

    Nice but too much backing!!! I still prefer the original record I used to listend to 50+ years ago. Still, What a voice !!!He was also one of the first to introduce the Fender Strat to us here in the UK . Buddy, Jerry, Joe B and Sonny. "You "were" the ones".

  48. rockerbox1973

    omg this version is with the later Picks overdubs,awful!

  49. Weatherbyrd

    Wow! Yes describes the song well, Norman Petty added the background from the simple 1:15 acoustic and Buddy Apartment tape version. There has never been and never will be a singer/songwriter like Buddy.