Holly, Buddy - Reminiscing Lyrics

I'm just sittin' here reminiscin'
Wonderin' who you've been kissin'
Baby, oh-oh baby
I've been wanderin' all around
There must be a new guy in town
You don't love me any more
I'll get over you-a-oo baby
Although my heart's still sore
Well, you know my heart's still sore

When I think of all the lies you told
To that young man my heart you've sold
You're a cheater and a mean mistreater
When I think of all the fun we had
Kind of makes me feel so sad
I'm lonely for your love
And the longest day I live
It's only you that I'll be thinkin' of
You know I'm thinkin' of
Well, it's you I'm thinkin' of
Mm-mm-mm, mm-mm-mm

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Holly, Buddy Reminiscing Comments
  1. Cathy o'shaughnessy

    Love you Buddy, you were amazing, such talent!

  2. hollybeat6901

    With the great King Curtis on sax

  3. njgarvin

    Wow! Fantastic!🎷🎸

  4. walt7500

    A picture of King Curtis would have been nice.

  5. Bill Hurt

    It's a good song too love the "sax"

  6. Stuck in Ohio

    Saxophone is way under utilized in modern music what a nice sound

  7. Knumbugs

    Buddy Holly was way ahead of his time. This song screams of heavy rock!

  8. aproffittable

    The true King of Rock N’ Roll

  9. Mike Jordan

    Why is there not one song that this good man sings that I do not hate. Such a fekkin awesome man. Love Live Buddy Holly.

  10. RychleTube

    Rest in piece, Buddy. The music died on February 3rd 1959, 60 years ago.

  11. Pennsylvania Coins

    7 people don't like reminiscing about how great the past was...

  12. Sands of time

    I would so want to talk with anybody who actually saw Buddy and The Crickets perform live. Especially someone that saw them either at the Apollo Theater in New York or at the Surf Ballroom ,Clear Lakes Iowa. I do realize that the time is really late.

  13. TheOldrecordclub

    If anyone would like to see some home movies i made on the island of Mindanao, then follow this Link to one of my other channels https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0hwKbgDOd0sWeUaii08d-A Everyone is welcome... Carl

  14. joe gongora

    A very cool tune when it was released. When The Beatles played in Hamburg Germany. Some tapes were found under a pile of rubble. Of course the sound quality wasn't good. Because they were exposed to the elements. One of those songs that was on there. Happened to be this one. It proves that The Beatles were influenced by Buddy Holly. It would've been something if the sound quality of those tapes weren't in poor condition. This song by Buddy Holly is a great song. He was a great song writer that his music influenced others. Buddy Holly's music is timeless.

    joe gongora

    Thanks for highlighting my comment Buddy Holly's music will always live on. I admire this man because he was ahead of his time in his music. Thanks for highlighting my comment & you have a wonderful day.

  15. Norbero Fontanez

    yes hoss!!! cryin, waitn, hopinNnn'....Buddy IS king!!!!👍

  16. Marlene Sullivan


  17. Roger Alsop

    Wonderful King Curtis sax.

    Stuck in Ohio

    Roger Alsop I just came to the comments to see if it was Bobby Keys but yes indeed the great King Curtis!

  18. none11ification

    Picked up an old record from the 70s of his for only 2 bucks at a garage sale that has this as the first number. Sooooo damn rockin. It gets me in a good mood every time

  19. Glenn Wheatcroft

    The master of he 3 chord song. The great what-if had he lived

  20. alexandre XXX


  21. joetake holly

    the great music master for ever }

  22. Sands of time

    I have never met anyone that didn't like Buddy Holly ( that are still alive )


    I've met loads who have never heard of him. But when someone has heard of him they always sing something of his fondly. Usually Peggy Sue lol.

  23. Brian Shelton

    Aren't  we all Buddy aren't we all. Reminiscing about the past and time gone by, wish you were still with us Buddy.

    Joe Jr.

    Its so sad. 22 Years old, Ritchie was 17. I always think about how much more they could have created. Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison too. Such a shame that these great artists died so young and we cant get have more music from their genius. I never met them obviously but i miss them. I guess we all.

  24. Colin H-Summerson

    wow, thank you

  25. Chad Odinson

    No! Needs to be a minute longer.

  26. JamesTKirkCobain

    This guy was the absolute master of the 3 chord rock and roll song. People have NO idea how incredibly hard it is to write a song using only 3 chords and make it sound good, but Buddy did it again and again and again, even did it on a dare from a radio DJ who dared him he couldn't write a song in 30 minutes, and he did. He wrote "You're the one" in 30 minutes and recorded it right there in the station. He was the master. Listen to this song only 3 chords and just by changes he created brilliance

    Martin Cutler

    King Curtis (the Sax man) wrote this one ... (hope you are still about James!)


    Hi. Just to throw a little confusion in the mix... I have recently read that it's possible Buddy did write this, but allowed it to be credited to King Curtis as a gift and possible extra payment for his work on the session.
    It is probably impossible to prove at this point, but it's a neat story. I have no doubt Buddy was capable of this sort of "writing to suit the talent", as proven by Wishing and Love's Made a Fool of You (intended for the Everly Bros).

    michael david

    +JamesTKirkCobain And he was a game-changer with an important legacy: he was the first artist in modern popular music - the mid/late 1950s - to write, play, and record his own music. The first time his record label heard "That'll Be The Day", which was his first single, they were so impressed with the demo that they released it without recording a second studio version! His brilliance is so criminally overlooked now, and he accomplished everything in less than two years before he died at age 22.

    Norbero Fontanez

    JamesTKirkCobain ....I DO!!!!

  27. jennifers.adventures

    There's no beating a good Buddy Holly song :)

  28. BleedBNG

    The bass and sax in this song is sooooo good with his voice. Though written by King Curtis, it's a standout from his collection that made it to no.17 in the UK.

  29. Ðave LeBlanc

    Nice, just finished seeing the Buddy Holly story, and they made the flyer, and handed them out to us :)

  30. winnybabe66

    his vioce is heart stopping !

  31. MrLonelysoul4ever

    1:33 It's only you that I'll be thinking of .

  32. JeBeNL

    his best song....

  33. Banderuola66-Szonja

    I am just sitting here too and listening to Buddy :)
    Pretty Good One !!!! Thank you Carl. All Thumb Up !!!