Holly, Buddy - It's Not My Fault Lyrics

It's not my fault
If you're not falling in love with me
It's not my fault
If our future love you can't see
I should have known I could never win your hand
I know I can't hold your heart with just a wedding band

I'm just a fool in your broken chain of hearts
Each one is falling now and I can't hold the parts
I guess you want one of those on to be free
It's not my fault
If you're not falling in love with me

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Holly, Buddy It's Not My Fault Comments
  1. Charles Massoud

    Buddy was here before roy learn your rock roll every musician in that time learn from him buddy was one of the greats peace.

  2. John Meegan

    Yes it is your fault ;)

  3. Bill Hurt

    All day I hear these songs play in my head. I learned some real big lessons of love in these songs

  4. Leandro Biondo

    Hermosa Melodia...!!!

  5. Norm Wick

    Saw Buddy 59 yrs ago in Duluth, MN at the Winter Dance Party.

  6. Norm Wick

    1st time heard. Fantastic. Thought I'd heard them all!

  7. Robert Caffrey

    Buddy was the real king of Rock n Roll First song the Beatles ever recorded was That'll be the Day and the Rolling stones got their big break hit with Not Fade Away. That awful plane crash robbed the world of a great melodic musical genius and at the very tender age of just 21. There are many great pictures in the above and I wonder the one at 0:48 was taken, was it by any chance during his trip to London? Photos of that tour are rare.

  8. joetake holly

    the music master again }

  9. SLD

    57 years today.

  10. JustoNe Voyce

    Thanks so much! My dad, Weldon Myrick, wrote this song with his life-long friend, Ben Hall (Benny Hall Trio).


    Hi - A DJ I knew from Midland, TX said he knew your dad and Ben Hall, the DJ was Keith Ward at KJBC

  11. T manni

    B U D D Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Xequ

    The third Buddy Holly song this evening that I don't know...how is this possible! Thank you!

  13. Karl Mezansky

    amen retro girl. i say that also

  14. Michael Walker

    Think there is a longer version of this on the "Ace of hearts" album.....

  15. RetroGurl73

    Will there ever be a Buddy song I dislike? ... Nah! Not a Chance! XD :D
    This is awesome!
    Thanks for uploading! :) :)

  16. richard hutchins

    I remember the Saturday morning when we all heard the news of the plane crash, all the teenage girls were crying................. A true Genius for sure! love this song ,simple and to the point, very dancebly too! :)

  17. Max Grande

    Like it? Absolutely. This is one not often heard and I really appreciate the upload.

    Well done.

  18. Ray Broneske

    haven't heard this one before.......not too bad!!

    Frank McHale

    Not so bad

  19. Kevin AQ

    Where did you find these pictures? I have never seen them before.

  20. breezebro

    He sounds a bit like Roy Orbison on this one.

  21. faustus999

    buddy was a genius,,,, so many great songs in such a short time.

  22. algywatt

    I love it

  23. Dusty Beers

    @ 0:34 it looks like he's playing at the gates of Heaven. God Bless Buddy Holly!!


    Gary Busey looks young in these pictures

  25. cheerydavie

    Superb!!! Superb!!! & Superb!!!
    Thanks for the memory

  26. stacyblue1980

    I dont think Ive heard this B4. Whew! thanx.