Hollister, Dave - Keep Lovin' You Lyrics

And I'm a keep loving you,
And I'm a keep holding you,
No matter what the, sit-u-a-tion is, I'm for you,
No matter how hard, I have to climb,
No matter how low, I have to go, I'm gonna love you, (I)
I'm gonna love you, (This is how I feel),

[Verse 1:]
Baby you're my love, my everythang,
You are my soal, the only thang,
That can make me feel the way, I do,
Like I ain't Got noth-ing to loose,
I ain't gotta care in, the world,
Cause I know I'm your man, you're my girl,
They can say what they wanna say,
Cause I know it ain't gone change a thang,

I'm a Keep loving you (o no question),
I'm a keep holding you, (baby no doubt),
No matter what the sit-u-a-tion is I'm for you, (for you, yea),
No matter how hard I have to climb,
No matter how low I have to go, I'm gonna love (I'm gonna love you yea),
I'm gonna love you,

[Verse 2:]
You're the only one I need in my life, (My life!),
Loving you is wrong and I don't wanna be right,
Best thing that happened to me, Everything about you girl is made to be,
(You're like my sun my rain), My Rain! (You're like my joy my pain),
Girl it, can't get better than this, it can't feel no better than this!
Cause I, (I can't let you go) o no, no, no,
(I don't care who knows) I don't care who knows, (don't care what it is), don't care what it is,
(We gone handle it) We gone handle it, (cause you're number one, for me girl you're the one)
For me you're number one, and I'm a keep on looovin' you, yea,

And I'm a keep loving you, (mhhmm)
And I'm a keep holding you, (I'm a keep holding you, yea)
No matter what the sit-u-a-tion is, I'm for you, (for you, No matter)
No matter how hard I have to climb, (No matter)
No matter how low I have to go, (baby I'm gonna) I'm gonna love you, (gonna love you)
I'm gonna love you, (somebody say!),
I'm a keep loving you, (girl keep)
And I'm a keep holding you, (ooooo)
No matter what the (baby) sit-u-a-tion is, I'm for you, (no matter what the situation is)
No matter how hard I have to climb, (I'll climb)
No matter how low I have to go, (I'll go) I'm gonna love you, (wohohoho yea),
I'm gonna love you, (can I get my brothers to help me say I'm gonna, (I'm a keep loving you)
Through the storm and the rain, (I'm a love you)
Through this secret campaign (I'm gonna love you)
Everyday of my life (I'm love you), 'till the day I die (I'm a keep loving you)
No matter what it is, (I'm a love you)
No matter where it goes (I'm a keep loving you)

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Hollister, Dave Keep Lovin' You Comments
  1. Pyp Fidda

    Still don't believe about "All the nights he used to beat it up"🤣🤣🤣 Dave is the man. 1❤

  2. Omayra Lara

    I love his song Real Talk deep, & One woman man

  3. harleiux12

    That beat is fire

  4. Mishae Bethel

    I'm glad she dropped the "0".

  5. Rashawn Woolard

    The voice of blackstreet

  6. Rashawn Woolard

    Dave where at miss those hitters 🙏🔥🔥🔥

  7. Chelsea Chamblee

    i with do music with u

  8. Tracia Henry

    Still loving this song in 2019!!!

  9. reggie Hill

    Make more realistic videos dude your clothes do not go with the video

  10. Vanessa Frazier

    This is my boy from backstreet keep on blowing d.h he went solo and blew up bless you dave.

  11. Ricky Johnson

    This man voice is soooooooo Real From the 90's Even now in Today's Real Life . Go Dave

  12. Monica Jordan

    Love this! Timeless musical vocals!

  13. Theodore Cruz

    ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ DAVID HOLLISTER chi most 🎵 man RnB done right ✔ ♠

  14. David Lowery

    Probably one of the most underrated artist of this era period! My man gets it in and people don't give him the props he deserves. Sing on my brother!

  15. clive Ryu mgc

    late 80's, 90's early 2000 hip hop and Rnb = Priceless

  16. Dewayne Campbell

    Keyshia Campbell I'm going keep loving you 16 years in counting

  17. Danny Ramon

    Keila this for u baby no matter what when how ima love

  18. Martin Williams

    Swanky ,baaaddd music luv it

  19. Quinta Seagle

    He is so underrated

  20. Elle Class

    Nothing better than that special 1! 👄

  21. inesha pendergrass

    I keep reading great song best [email protected] album. Love this song but not once did i hear legand. What do i mean? What does legand mean well!!!!!! I mean does it stick out in your head? Does it make you think? Well, and legand is something or some one that makes you remmber a person that kept making hits. Somthing that kept you intrigued. Dave hollister legand.

  22. Dee Bee

    I like the original song better.

  23. whoryder

    She so cute with her lil toothbrush 😂

  24. Ms. Hagins Only

    Still boppn to this song 2019

  25. Jeremy Mason

    The melody and the feel this song just make you wanna love your woman even more 💯

  26. teresa Singletary

    Love this song

  27. ChaCha W.

    Before Steve Harvey had money...

    Angel Johnson

    ChaCha W. exactly

    Terrence Mccardell

    He always had money. Have you not seen those loud ass suits he used to wear? 👔

    bronx bully

    @Terrence Mccardell facts he had his own show already at this time own show equals millionaire off the top

  28. SweetAzzPie W

    Well dayyyyum

  29. Antwon Dudley

    Killing it

  30. Christopher Evers

    When people talk about who the best r and b singer was in the 90s and 00s ...he needs to be in the conversation... Best blackstreet songs were with him in it... Chicago 1985 one of the best CD's ever



  32. Brian Moore

    that's how it be sometime can't live wit out the one you truly love that's what he saying in this song teach em something Dave

    SweetAzzPie W

    Brian Moore
    substitute won't work..



  34. nadimabraham17

    steve harvey a fool



  36. Dewayne Campbell

    I love this song

  37. Megan Sanders

    One of my mothers jams she loooooves this we hear it over and over

  38. Tony Bartley

    Sleeper. Dave top 5. 90s duuude

  39. Dramahawk Promotions


  40. Mariah Craig

    The best

  41. Christina Landry

    Dave. keep. it. 💯 all. the. time😂🌷

  42. Andrea Peart

    i would love to see him come back😍

    Jerome Harris

    He have dropped two cd

  43. Rose Pitts

    70's-early 2000's best black music! SN: The Kent Masters King and Claudia Jordan was in all of the R&B music videos back in the day from Dave to Donell Jones...

  44. Darell Walker

    move on

  45. Loni197331

    Yes I just love his sound. Wish he would come back to RnB.

    April Pitts

    I do as well

    Taniki Lyons

    He did!!
    Chicago Winds


    His Gospel Is AWESOME Also!

    Taniki Lyons

    @SHALOM SHALOM yes it is.

  46. Stephanie Cobbs

    my music love it

  47. Summer Raine

    To my forever boo Rod Watts Sr

  48. Chuck Morgan

    This mansion is Jaime Foxx's home ironically

  49. Ton House

    prefiro a outra versão!

  50. jcm k Bree Stew

    Is that Claudia Jordan from housewives...


    No that is Kent Masters King

  51. Joselyn Bickley

    Sing that shit Dave....

  52. Radio Anime Mix

    ostentação extrema

  53. braulio granados

    what is the name of the cd ?????? because i can't find this jam please help

    C Bax

    The name of the album is The Best Of Things To Come. This is a Steve Harvey cd actually. Carl Thomas also has a nice song on it.

    C Bax


    braulio granados

    @Chris Baxter thank you so much, :)

  54. Bernice Smith

    Mr. Hollister IS my favorite singer. He got played in Blackstreet because T.R wouldn't let him do his thang on the tracks, so going solo was the BEST thing for him because he blew up, and T.R is no longer in the forefront of ANYTHING!!! That's what happens when you styfle real talent!
    So, where IS Teddy Riley now?

  55. Bernice Smith

    I have loved this song AND video since I've first heard and seen it. (Don't correct me!)

  56. G Mo

    Dave neva got his credit tha boy is badd

  57. gwen t

    I am going to keep loving you Rodney too 4ever baby. WESTSIDE 4 LIFE BABY!

  58. Rodney Little

    Gwen ! Look my man Dave made a song about us. SOUTHSIDE!

  59. MrHorusAde


  60. FWomack09

    this beat playa

  61. wr513


  62. Sheryl Mitchell

    Dave Hollister needs a new album out NOW!!!! I miss this man's voice, just raw and real!!! It's missing in today's music!!!

    Terrell Washington

    Don't worry. Dave Hollister is back with a new album called THE MANUSCRIPT.


    His Gospel Music Is Even More Beautiul! Dave Was And Still Is Cool...Even In The Pulpit! The Church 4 Me

  63. Nyra Talbert

    love this

  64. DrayDA

    @MrVoltron50 Her name is Kent Masters...she was also in Glenn Lewis "Don't you forget it" Video

  65. cmccloud38

    a beautiful song. More men should listen to real music instead mean mugging to derogatory lyrics and trying to "love on you".

  66. Code13

    LoL @ steve harvey

  67. Koan K


  68. kmatos4life

    That's NOT the cheerleader from basketball wives! Nope!

  69. kmatos4life

    Da bestest

  70. Chae O'Neal

    wat is the girls name?

  71. Ashley Guillory

    At the beginning of the video I was confused. She said "What do you think I'm doin Dave?" I thought she was about to go brush her teeth or something! Lmbo but I love this song!

  72. Magdiel Meme

    Nice song.... R&B nowdays are not the same

  73. Joe Baker

    this is a tune

  74. Fire Demon

    what is that girls name

  75. Shivice Brown

    Dave always sing the best of my situations!!