Hogan, Brooke - Uh Oh Lyrics

We're inches apart but are you miles away from getting what I want?
With so little time and all these feelings for you it's unexplainable

Don't you feel like having me
Take on you a ride
Doing this of syncronize, body touching mine
Arch your back let it flow
Take me where I wanna go
Just take your time and put your lips on mine

(Oh oh) I think I want you now
(Oh yeah) I think I'm goin crazy
(Oh oh) gotta have you now
(Oh yeah) I want you so bad lately
I want you so bad lately

Pushin the limit and were breakin the tension
That used to hold us back
It's not overrated it's what we created
You're an aphrosisiac

Don't' you feel like having me
Take you on a ride
Doing this of syncronize, body touching mine
Arch your back and let it flow
Take me where I wanna go
Just take your time and put you lips on mine

(Oh oh) I think I want you now
(Oh yeah) I think I'm goin crazy
(Oh oh) Gotta have you now
(Oh yeah) I want you so bad lately

I don't wanna push the subject baby
But I just want your lovin
This harmony we cans set it free
All we need is you and me
I want you so bad, so bad

(Oh oh) I think I want you now
(Oh yeah) I think I'm goin crazy
(Oh oh) Gotta have you now
(Oh yeah) I want you so bad lately

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Hogan, Brooke Uh Oh Comments
  1. Thiago Souza

    put it on spotify

  2. Lalita Krasavyca

    her voice is so like britney spears how is she not as famous? 😮 love from 2017! 😂

  3. futureshock

    Shes fucking hot

  4. NMachiela

    Are you posting that to all her videos? Interesting

  5. charanjit1974

    marry me please

  6. samifer

    i really like Brooke but i honestly think she should wear less make up, on some pics she looks a lot older than her actual age :/

  7. Tee Ay Kuh

    this was me and my ex's song ha

  8. szabina98

    Brooke 4ever!!;)

  9. nogoing back

    she has huge hands! I would let her grip me with them though!

  10. Caroline Wallbom

    love this :)

  11. Signe Jeppesen

    Thank you :D

  12. Signe Jeppesen

    Does anyone know what the song is called that is about having a boyfriend AND being daddy's girl?????

  13. 6870t


    so agree with u
    she sucks

  14. Amy Bunyan

    she is acctually shit
    she sounds like britney but what britney sung like in the year 2000 |-)

  15. Melissa Marie

    i think she should look at doing something different. her music is honestly just BAD.. O wow

  16. Liz C

    i thought this song was called lately well whatever its a good song

  17. Shannon Cusitar

    Nice pictures... I bet daddys so proud. BAHHAHAHHAAA

  18. FMAiscool

    i was expecting the sealab version with brooke hogan

  19. Bridges93

    haha you wish!

  20. Brittany Gower

    good singer, better model

  21. Julia

    Brooke is amazing !

  22. battle1798cat

    what do u expect, their both white girls, nothing wrong with that!!! Im native indian and we have our own way of speaking and so do mexican, chinese, white and so on and so on....Brooks just doing what she loves!!!! Its all good

  23. daisyduke1980

    Fantastic voice, I wish she did a vid for this and For A Moment (my fav)

  24. Ferr Remy

    i really like her voice coz have similarity to britney...and the song too...but of coz britney far better..

    she got ashley tisdale and ashlee simpson looks...
    and britney's voice hehe

  25. ed sauls

    when are we finally going to see the bi-yatch naked! her singing sucks so the only thing left it to show off that big ole ass

  26. Bridges93

    she's way far from that.

  27. Jolo8986

    love it!

  28. Smyrah Jan

    Shes Soo Beautyyfullll Soo Luckyy....xx :D

  29. Olga Sophia

    i am with you emmahobb

  30. EmmaHobb

    wow talk about a cheap knock off of brittney spears... without her dad this poor excuse of talent wouldn't be anything ;)

  31. Olga Sophia

    i like her she is very very good the new britney spears

  32. ZlovesAxx

    I love this song. x]

  33. Lexi I

    in the fhm pictures it just looks like they have stuck her head on someone elses body. so much airbrushing - its just unreal.

  34. MDproductionSS

    She's nothing special.. I mean her voice, just like any other girl who can hold a note..but I like her cause she has great songs and she's sooo sweet as a person!:)

  35. asian90cuttie

    LOVES IT and she is such a nice person so real

  36. YmkeK

    daddy's little girl .. stupid blonde -_- she can't sing and i can't see why she is so special.. just a girl..

  37. adiogurl405

    Some of those photos og her body are def. touched up, she has a bigger build.

  38. Scott

    "Had not even MEET them?" I think enough has been said here. LOL!

  39. Le Marie

    bitch stfu with your dirty shity ass! What kind of person has the nerves to call someone stubid if they had not even meet them? How about you stuff them question marks up ya ass biatch!

  40. Jun Lin

    the slut doesnt have any talent,and everything on her body is fake

  41. Scott

    Get anymore question marks in there you stupid ass?

  42. Le Marie

    ? lol are you calling me stubid ass? ??

  43. Scott

    One of her many idols...stupid ass...

  44. Le Marie

    hmm no offence but she kinda sounds like briney spears lol XD

  45. Katie Stanley

    shes not fat i think its just muscle.
    she has a really good body.

  46. ali baba

    shes too faaaat

  47. Toxikica

    britney has talent you moron!

  48. zombiielover498

    0:09 is best

  49. tabarreda

    1:56 probably the best picture out of all of these :),

  50. Emanuelle T.

    I dont think that shes so pretty but I like her songs

  51. MisterJambone


  52. orlandoboi258

    i saw her once in her car! she was next to me at a redlight! she was drinking a big gulp!

    shes seems cool! i like this song!

  53. Joseph D. Martínez

    lol my life is rather dull.. grad student on summer vaca :-)

  54. Joseph D. Martínez

    and who said i knew her..... Because I said she appears genuine... toolbag101 say what?

  55. Joseph D. Martínez

    hmm its taped in florida...and being a fan of terry *the dad i obviously follow the family and am up to date on them... and the fact you had to be a last word freak is just pathetic enough... lol like i said what a tool!! 17 or 18? lol

  56. Joseph D. Martínez

    Um yes.... and the fact that I have been a fan of her fathers from his wwf days... And if you have half a brain you should see what I see if you watch her on her show.......such a clever wit you have..... tool.....

  57. Joseph D. Martínez

    omg i want her to succeed so badly..... she is so fucking likable and genuine!!

  58. Nicolerulezlife

    good job brooke and like ur song.

  59. Giuliano Martino

    she not britney!

  60. siobhan holroyd

    great job, beautiful pics, brook is awsome xxx

  61. Vaultboy101

    She is a very handsome woman, or a very pretty man.

  62. Erica Morgan

    shes butchy , she should wear more clothes she would look more sexy .. shes not fat , but she does look like an alien kinda LOL ..

  63. tay k

    she isnt fat ^_^

  64. Jostefelia

    She is so pretty. I love the fact that she's healthy and thick and still beautiful! She doesn't have to starve or vomit to impress people.

  65. LittleMiss0007

    She is fat :|
    but her face is cute ^_^

  66. Laura Huertas

    this song its supose that it was a demo of britney¡¡ jajajaja i love it¡¡
    sounds really britney¡¡

  67. Peter Stroud

    i love this song,,
    cant stop listening to it!

  68. itsasin702

    this song is so BRITNEY. I love it ha ha.

  69. itsasin702

    ha ha anyone can write a song. this song is really cool. but lyrically it's nothing special.

  70. panini800

    lol not even her song, writers write the songs then give it to singers to present, deliver and sell them

  71. Emma Lyng

    She is so Damn pretty C:

  72. mellove85

    WOW she looks just like her mom, btw if i had a body like that u better believe i'd b dressing that same way! shes hot (n no im not a lesbian)

  73. tracer42

    the airbrushers hate to hav her for a shoot

  74. Bat-Dor Yarkoni

    omg all i could think of when i watched this was : BRITNEY WANNABE. all the way- her song, the way she dresses, everything. too bad britney doesnt look like a manly pornstar like brooke does. ew...she could be pretty if she was more modest.... and she's not fat but she doesn't have the best body to be showing it off like that. at least britney had a good enough body (amazing body actually) to be flaunting it. ugh this shit makes me mad she has like zero talent

  75. Hayley drofnud

    1.50 She looks like Cascada
    lool But u r pretty brooke :)

    :) x

  76. JDB

    you're right..

  77. Maria Shu

    she just need cloths on because she sings good but she is trying to hard to make it and she is trying to use her body

  78. Nicole Szatkowski

    i think shes really peretty

  79. Sandra

    I think she is trying to sounds like Britney Spears oO

  80. ndoor33353

    I would like to fuck Brooke doggie style with my big dick and get her pregnant.

  81. RHYMAN

    no that's brooke dude

  82. itzquiffer

    What's up Brookie? Can I eat your cookie?

  83. Rob Cha

    Lol,,, she got all the programs and studio to sound like britney ,, good for her. i hope she get some... just another wannabe

  84. Anna Nolan

    one of my fave songs go brooke! x

  85. NaughtyQueen

    is it really true that brooke hogan is pregnant?

  86. Nazy88

    you're right

  87. synthsnap

    I love this song! BROOKE RULES!

  88. malik simon

    i mean like on the show

  89. A Random Potato

    yea shes gonna turn out worse

  90. malik simon

    i don't get it, sometimes i would see her with alot of hips then in some pictures there gone

  91. supersmash29

    people thought this was britney but i learned that it wasnt the chorus sounds like her

  92. Leon DéChanel

    sounds like one of Britney's cast-offs...love it!!!!!!

  93. blueberrychessecake

    yeah she looks like britney even her voice ! can she try another stlye??

  94. ambi101

    i really like this song and i usually don't like this kinda music...*jammin*

  95. Amy

    riet but no

  96. supersmash29

    love this song it great sounds like britney for the chrous

  97. Simon Coates

    i heard she likes it in her ass

  98. muse fan

    i wish i could fuck her doggy style as she jiggled my sweaty balls and then i'd pull out my hard dick and spray my cum all over her hot big titties and i'd fuck her more and more work her hot pussy