Hogan, Brooke - Strip Lyrics

I just
I just wanna see you strip
yeah, just strip for me
Uh huh

Welcome to the freakshow
Thanx for comin joinin me
I'll just show you what I want
Let just repeat after me
If your feeling kinda kinky
I can really turn you on
All I need is your co-operation come and play along

You know that I love you babe
Come on, lets take our clothes off
We can be together baby
I can make your dose off
If you get freaky with me
Theres nothing wrong with that
It's beautiful naturally
But first I gotta say

I wanna see you strip for me
Take it, uh, off, honey
Wanna see your body
Cause its only for me
I wanna see you rock it off your body
Put a show on for me
Come and put it on me
I wanna see you strip

I wanna see you strip
Baby would you strip
I wanna see you strip

Gettin down to nothing, I can see it coming
I have waited for you
So know that I'm turnin blue
Spiritual, our connection
Deeper than the ocean
I'm 20,000 leagues in heaven under the sea



I wanna see you strip
Ohh baby please let me, strip
Baby I can barely handle that
Connected by the second
I wanna see
Show me just a little
Baby I'll show you more
Strippin is my ultimate
Strippin is the goal


For me

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Hogan, Brooke Strip Comments
  1. M S

    We should do song together ....
    Dont worry about the haters ....Thyyy hate real talent

  2. David Hays

    Hi Brooke

  3. Trey Johnson

    Yessss this is so britney spears i fucking love this song