Hogan, Brooke - Falling Lyrics

Yo baby wassup?

I've been around him and I know what hes about
Shining those fancy things but its not what hes made out of
He takes good care of me and loves me when I'm down
He's my best friend and damn he makes me proud

[Verse 1:]
Now I'm feeling like I'm choked up
Wrote you a text now we broke up
I tried to settle some thangs
But now that games done
I see ya face red
You gettin' wasted
You play with fire it'll gecha like you k-fed
We on a record baby
You got a second maybe
And you dunno who I am
Sorry Chelsea lately
Lets teach it as a lesson
Man you fall from heaven
This redention is not the only thing my mind is stressin'

[Chorus: 2x]
And I'm fallin' for him
I'm fallin In love
I never though I'd fall in love in
I never thought of fallen

When life is hard for him he wants me by his side
When I lye next to him he holds me through the night
I'll build a life for him ill keep him safe and warm
When he comes home to me ill be right at the door

[Verse 2:]
And now I'm knockin' acho door miss
Open up lookin' gorgeous,
Fly from head to toe
She smile is metamorphous
Sunshine shine the clouds can run they course
When we set sail everything is in orbit
Fight but never forfeit
Who knows you best
Let's take an overseas trip
On my private jet
And like that we connect
Eyes and spirit
I'm fallin deep for your love
And I don't care who hear it

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

And baby you don't know how much I need you
You know id give up everything to be with you
Got me crazy wanna break you off some time
Baby I love you and I don't deserve you

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

Who'd ever thought that this would happen?

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