Hogan, Brooke - Birthday Sex Remix Lyrics

[Brooke:] you know what today is?
[Fabolous:] Of course I know what today is
Its your birthday, I bought you a gift
[Brooke:] what?
[Fabolous:] Me
Look what I got you
[Brooke:] oh my god can I have it

My shawty called me like you know its bout to come (come come come)
I said your friend shit let me come get some (some some some)
She said your stupid boy I'm talkin bout my birthday (day day day)
I need some good dick in the worst way (way way way)
Its going down, No hesitation
Its time to eat, pussy reservations
Them chocolate lips got me wanting Hersey kisses
Come blow my candle girl, then make your birthday wishes

It's my birthday, so you know you want to hide out
Wanna stay inside with you even if its at my house
Sip that southern boy dont spill it on my couch
I feel good but I want you to make me cry out

You know I want action so boy get ready
I want pleasure and passion we building steady
Your so in to giving and so profounded
I'll tell you where to put your gift boy

Boy you know I-I-I, Boy you know I-I-I
I've been screaming caught up in the late night
I'm dreaming about you in me
Boy you know I-I-I, Boy you know I-I-I
I dont need candles and cake
Just need your frosting on me
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
Birthday sex

Feel the tension pull my shirt over my head
Get on me and now we begin
Boy I wont give up I love the state I'm in
You almost lose it when I back begins to bend
We grinding with passion cuz its my birthday
I want satisfaction so please dont hurt me
You love me so sweetly so please dont hurt me
I'll tell you how I want my gift boy

Boy you know I-I-I, Boy you know I-I-I
I've been screaming caught up in the late night
I'm dreaming about you in me
Boy you know I-I-I, Boy you know I-I-I
I dont need candles and cake
Just need your frosting on me
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
Birthday sex

Dont stop give it to me
Dont stop give it to me
Dont stop give it to me
Dont stop give it to me

Boy you know I-I-I, Boy you know I-I-I
I've been screaming caught up in the late night
I'm dreaming about you in me
Boy you know I-I-I, Boy you know I-I-I
I dont need candles and cake
Just need your frosting on me

Girl you know I-I-I, Girl you know I-I-I
I been feelin,
Wake up in the late night
Been dreamin bout your loving, girl
Girl you know I-I-I, Girl you know I-I-I
Don't need candles and cake
Just need your body to make...
Birthday sex...Birthday sex

Birthday sex
Birthday sex
Birthday sex
Birthday sex

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Hogan, Brooke Birthday Sex Remix Comments
  1. EJ Baker

    And you misspelled candles pffft!

  2. EJ Baker

    Say you do know you misspelled passion right LMAO

  3. Blizz Green

    I still think brook bodied this track

  4. milyundlrsmile

    Oh my god...can i have it...yaass

  5. Ricardo O.

    Fab really bodied this shit

  6. Justin S

    None spelling ass mother fuckers... smdh...

  7. Joey Laureano

    Does it worry anyone else that this person can't spell? 😂😂😂

  8. Anariah R

    That awkward moment when Fab say “Them chocolate lips got me wanting Hershey Kisses " but Brook is White 😂😂😂🚮

    evelyn parker

    He was referring to her saying that to him

  9. brian pimentel


  10. Hateful Witch

    Wow whoever did this video misspelled CANDLES SATISFACTION.. And I had to turn it off.

  11. julia

    She sings really. really. bad.

  12. Javier Martinez

    Best version of this song ever

  13. Savannah Blackbird

    Haha. Oh My God. <3 

  14. Smooth Sage Master

    So damn hot... 

  15. Sean Lapuz

    Love it :))

  16. sekeyt232

    ur so fucked up dude

  17. Dare Bella

    its dreaming about you "in me" or "you and me"

  18. 49stilldill

    LOVE TI SEX SSSSSSSSSSS[email protected][email protected]

  19. nickolas352

    oh alright

  20. Lexii Kidd

    Brooke Hogan ..?!?!? I had no fucking idea !!!

  21. watdoejebigtime

    fabolous killed it

  22. Travis Haley

    shit i'll be to afraid of Hulk walking in

  23. madXtremo

    Omg...does that guy know whos Brooks dad ?

  24. Malorie Fougere

    @agynessfitz It says right in the description box, that they couldn't find the lyrics anywhere and that they spelled words wrong.

  25. Juarez Warchief

    "just need your frostin' on me"

    Best part

    A Moment with Devan Meeks

    Juarez Warchief agreed

  26. 2012kayluhh

    why do you canre so much if the lyrics are wrong they tried dammn. if you dont like it dont look at the frickin lyrics or go find another video .. i think she did just fine i knew what she meant even tho she spelled things wrong. o well.

  27. Alan Lopez

    great remix

  28. johnnyxcasanova

    @LiLMUSiCGEEk dude you know how to use a computer obviously.... look up the lyrics, spellcheck and google are your friends.

  29. agynessfitz

    are u dyslexic or something? so many spelling mistakes lol

  30. sierra jade

    I LOVEE this!! Brooke did good :) this is the perfect song to have Birthday sex To ;)

  31. Aditya YepYep

    Where can i download this one?

  32. Kr1snal

    waste of my time..yuk

  33. Vesperia

    @rawkcandi23 No she doesn't, "flossing on me" makes no sense. She says "I want your frosting on me." If you don't know what that means, you probably shouldn't be listening to this song.

  34. Brady2k10

    allow it, looks like a female hulk hogan... yuck

  35. P Cho

    I think this song very sexy and hot ! !

  36. Ababy123

    This song is ok it could be better though rt

  37. d pat

    Looks like I am going to have to show up at Brooke's house on her birthday.

  38. Coral2020

    I wonder what her dad thinks about this song :)

  39. jamie g

    now that is what i am talking about...lol

  40. Dee double u

    This is cool . Brooke did good ..fab should have went in harder ..But the people who killed this song is still trey songz version and Teairra Mari version ..Damn .. them 2 did it the best so far..I think i just like teairra's version because she say " boy ill tell you where i want your kids now." lol Then she says "Ive been dreamin// for a late night seimen " .some shit i dont know I just know i was at the gym screamin damn.. they should make a remix with everybody who layed vocals on this song

    A Moment with Devan Meeks

    Dee double u daaammn?! I didn’t know there was another version besides this one

  41. Pangea Soul

    Its cool but Mike Posner KILLED it on his version "First Date Sex"
    check it out on my page :)

  42. memphis belle

    i use to hate brooke,not anymore :) r0fl

  43. InuyashaThaGreat

    xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Hulk Gonna Birthday Wax Her Ass For This

  44. Tony Brown

    Brooke Hogan did her thing on this joint

  45. Mykaila Potts

    @wwedude1987 lolsz wow.!! smh..

  46. chrisbrwnsshawty

    well if hulk didn't she;ter her so much when she was younger thing would be different for her

  47. PinkyovMervo2012

    ayee i like it lls

  48. MadKaine

    wow this is a good funny song!

  49. Doeswhatitiz

    LOL @ this song!

  50. TheDesial58

    dont belive this is brooke she went hardd for a white girl haha i would put frosting on her...YOUNG MONEY

  51. Jeff not Marc

    bitch track!!!!

  52. Serenityblu23

    @Rachelleamphetamiine , it could be worst it could be a mom singing this. A very non milf. gross lol!

  53. Kay Elliott

    who sings the original? jeremih? let's keep it that way.

  54. canthelpu4441

    llol wow i love this song its so funny and its got a gud ring to it lol but yahh gud job brooke u killed it on this track

  55. Pamelao045

    brill video its a great song

  56. Zoey A

    The best of brook hogan (:

  57. Anna Li

    Lol frosting? o-o

  58. Tamia Preston


  59. Stacy Yang

    this doesnt make sense...
    she cant sing for some reason...

  60. Rafael Diaz

    yeah they do

  61. Naksi247

    Brooke's vocals sound awesome...

  62. Taylor Okdie

    oh yea i love this song

  63. sha1money

    fridgin" shweeet

  64. Banana B

    ill tell you where to put ur gift:)
    haah love it<3

  65. rubyredchan

    Love this version!!

  66. Sarah Smith

    what did I just listen too?

  67. Nanami Kamisama

    always knew she was a lil skank lol

  68. Martha Cordova

    i luv this song lol>>> ;)

  69. Luciano Ramadani

    hahahahahaha Nice:D

  70. cess cortez

    love it as my ringtone ..^^

  71. Denise O.

    Hahaha, I soooo not did expect this from Brooke, it's very good though

  72. Dennis Ferguson

    bro ur a killer:D

  73. Janice Nelson

    looooooooooool wow.

  74. Scodashia Ross

    luv diz s0ng

  75. AndrewWolfPro

    Brooke says, ''just need your frosting on me''? haha wow Hulk must be proud lolol

  76. S5BEEZY

    i love u brooke!! damn she is good

  77. Tandra Simpson

    gOOD jOBB ;;

  78. luvbex777

    brook DID kill it!!!

  79. peta breadd

    brooke hogan's shit was on point

  80. wrath231

    cream filled , apparently

  81. CaribeLatina-TV

    i know fore shore hulk hogan most have trown a fit when he heard this song damn girl.keep up the good work brook we love ya

  82. Zhania Kyre

    lolsss this is mad freakn gansta

  83. pacmanfever100

    Tight version. One of Brookes best.

  84. Vera Kriek

    Oops, I read the other reactions after I placed mine.

  85. Vera Kriek

    I'm wondering what the Hulk thinks about this.

  86. xblgator2009

    what a fucking whore

  87. Queenmadame

    lol @ I dont need candles or cake I just need your frosting on me wow if her dad heard that one but i guess everybody has to grow up sometimes anywayz this version is way better than i expected good job brooke

  88. Logan Notyourstar

    HAHAHA brooke hogan is a smutt

  89. wrath231

    "Just need your frosting on me"?

  90. FlyForM3

    MMM Had to Listen to this SONG LOL=)

  91. Charlotte M


    This Is A Good Remix


    But Makes Me Laugh!

  92. carol deliz

    wow you messed up those words so bad. learn how to spell haha