Hiss Golden Messenger - Like A Mirror Loves A Hammer Lyrics

Yes, in the dark of the day
I want to give it all away
Tear this high mountain down
And keep nothing for myself

If you go - go by
Build a wall I cannot climb
Fix a lock I cannot break
Oh, a mirror loves a hammer

When the river's running backwards
Do the dance of many colors
They call us to keep moving
Yes, babe - I can feel it

I'm watching your dark legs
Flashing like some battlefield
Should I drown in the Atlanta rain?
Yes, babe - I can't stand it

In the dew of the dawn
I want to call and blow my horn
Yes, beat this mountain down
And give nothing to myself

Yes, one more time around
Tell me that you need me now
Tell me that you love me still
Like a mirror loves a hammer

I'm gonna run to the city of Refuge
See the spirit in the water
Now the servant calls the master

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Hiss Golden Messenger Like A Mirror Loves A Hammer Comments
  1. Suburban Behemoth

    JHS brought me here.

  2. lanier1000

    Boring song b/c it never goes anywhere -- just does the same thing the whole way through. Yawn. Be more creative please or just be boring like many who have already passed before you.

    Jordan Warren

    your IQ is likely below average.


    What scientific method did you use to determine someone's IQ is lower than average based on whether they like a song or not? Maybe you should rethink this and realize just how stupid you sound writing that..


    Apparently minimalism, droning and riffs are unknown musical elements to you.

  3. Medine Dilencisi

    Mine tugay dan gelenler?

    Mi Ra

    Medine Dilencisi me 😂

  4. Sara Wall

    Just realized that’s Amelia Meath from Sylvan Esso in the background - awesome!

  5. Brock saltsman

    Love you guys saw ya in Buffalo 2 years ago been a fan ever since

  6. jerlexico

    Can't believe this vid flew under my radar for over a month

  7. Jemappellemathieu

    JJ Cale vibe

  8. Miss Understood

    Cool stuff dude

  9. unread

    This is goddamn sublime.

  10. David Blakeman