Hiss Golden Messenger - John The Gun Lyrics

Though I'm torn and tattered
I'll abide
Baby, I swear I'll abide

I may be bruised and battered
I'm a beggar
I'm a real good dog

Yes, I was down in Bristol
Well, I was an angel under the law

Yes, now I'm outside Hazard
Where they learned to call me
John the Gun

Will you come and see me
If it's all the same?

Fading like roses
I've got so much love in me

And oh, the Sisters of Mercy
They were singing
Singing my song

In this deeply gone world, babe
I'm singing
Singing my song

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Hiss Golden Messenger John The Gun Comments
  1. Topher Vanous

    TASTY groove!

  2. Geno Seale

    I feel as though I’m responsible for at least 10k of the above views. Simply incredible!

  3. jim Hornsby

    Love this...the obvious pleasure the guys get from playing..that kit sounds amazing,reminds me of a time way back...love the cymbals,and im a guitar player....

  4. Daniel van Horn

    Love it,like it

  5. Thibaut Vandame

    I love heart like a levee but bad debt literally stole my heart. Which reminds me actually the extended version of heart like a levee is literally an entir other album as good if not better than the original- esp seeing as it includes this track!

  6. William B

    this is criminaly underviewed

  7. Galvatraz

    What HGM album do you recommend I start on?

    dan skakich

    You can't go wrong with the latest one. Heart Like a Levee

    Ross Jay

    I discovered him through Bad Debt but he has so many good records

    Corey Whitely

    Bad Moon is my favorite, but they're all really good. Phil Cook's "Southland Mission" is also a great album. I think these two are the best writers and musicians anywhere right now, and the live performances are where you can really feel that.

    Timothy Viard

    I agree. I saw them in Nods, a hip 36th street area of Charlotte, NC. This band gives their fans a tremendous helping of good music and special performances. They are making records great again.

  8. William B


  9. wes bledsoe


  10. 54Kustombelair

    my favorite version of this song, LOVE IT!

  11. Sophie Evelyn

    Such a beautiful song