Hippo Campus - Warm Glow Lyrics

Smoke-swell haze on the hill over Tennessee
Leaky churches
Honey-burned tobacco leaves
Girl, teal-eyed, do occupy this tree with me
Summer peelings

The rose-set road will bend around
The earth you knew is waiting for you, dear
Some wave-swept gold drips from your mouth
The hazel hounds move south
To meet you here
Sky gone a certain shade of blue
The kind that heaven's fixin' up for you
Boy, that sure-fire desire is true
Raw hands heart-beating to the smoky view

Warm glow morning soaked in pastel tea
Soulful, soulful kids stamped to the concrete
Tryna be a paintbrush
Searching for a better seat
Summer peelings

Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright
Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright
Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright
Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright
Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright
Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright

(Smoke-swell haze on the hill over Tennessee)
Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright
(Leaky churches, honey-burnt tobacco leaves)
Arm's length, shoulders wide
(Girl, teal-eyed, do occupy this tree with me)
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright
Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
(Summer peelings)
Peace sign, getting by
People, we'll be alright

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Hippo Campus Warm Glow Comments
  1. marty mcdemarco

    this song reminds me of american eagle. as in the clothing brand, like what the fuck.

  2. Sammy B

    the warm glow will follow me always until you come home

  3. ɪʏᴏ ᴋᴀʏᴏ

    o mundo inteiro deveria conhecer essa banda

  4. Donnie Denny

    Has this group ever recorded a bad song ? I can't believe I only began listening to them since they came out with their video South. That is the first time I had ever even heard of them. I love this group!

  5. StarShot82801

    This song gives me studio Ghibli animation vibes

  6. Astralis Lux

    That steel guitar...
    This song....

  7. Claire L


    Claire L

    ... yeah

    Claire L

    we’ll be alright!!!!!

  8. *Anne*

    Never thought that I was going to see these boys play live but after all these years it’s finally going to happen

  9. Brennan Cheatwood


  10. Molly Weaver

    This song gets me high

  11. Im2slick4u2816

    I am from St. Paul Minnesota and I'm proud, soooo good

  12. ronniebillhicks

    What's that melidy in the very beginning from'?,......live this shiz'

  13. JohnOosterMusic

    "Sky gone a certain shade of blue...the kind that heaven's fixin' up for you."

  14. Parry Ryan

    If puppies, kittens, hugs, and love could be made into a song; this would be it.

  15. Couldn't think of a username Lol

    how did I not discover this band sooner....this is amazing

  16. Moron TV

    People we'll be alright.

  17. finpin

    Aptly named song. I feel a warm glow whenever I listen to it... Makes me nostalgic, and happy.

  18. Victoria MM


  19. Erson Velasco

    The feels of morning wind on your face on hill top houses, sound of sea crashing into boulders, sun rays softly glowing your skin and all of these while with your special one...

  20. Raphaël P

    An ashtray in a field, to prevent litter and fire outbreaks due to smoking. How nice and responsible is that. Well done, good guys Hippo Campus

  21. Majestic TRex

    I listen to this if I wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare <3 Calms me straight away

  22. Your Brother

    Like a more simplistic Pink Floyd song

  23. sheep 08

    1:40 to 2:02 is the best part

    sheep 08

    I liked my own coment ohh yea

  24. Oh Boy Art

    This song sounds like growing up

  25. Oh Boy Art

    This song plays at the gates of heaven

  26. Stefan Marraccini

    Another sweet tenor/falsetto practitioner. Good stuff.

  27. Steven J Alligator

    Dude can sing!

  28. megan

    nathan 💓💞💝💕💗💖💝💘💞💗💖💕💓💕💗💕💖💝💘

  29. DrumMajor

    Always thought 'getting by' was 'getting high'

  30. Xenyx

    Is there any other song which befits watching the sun rise as this one?

  31. Matthew

    perfect to listen to on a hot and sweaty summer day

  32. B M

    I want to hear this for the first time again

  33. John Javier

    Im crying

  34. Jenna N

    I'm just blessed to live in an age where this song exists.

  35. John Hamilton


  36. Rachel Fish

    so good

  37. Dequan Davis

    This song is so fucking amazing

  38. Sonia Regina Francisca

    ah i’m in love with this song💕

  39. Charity Knudson

    1:40 to 1:50 is by far the best part of this ama song.

  40. Emily Ackison


  41. Hafshah L

    im stuck between the feeling of wanting them became a huge thing in the media and wanting to keep them as my little secret

    Not Honest

    ​@Derry Cabrera Sometimes the more popular the band becomes, the more they have to cater to their audience. They CAN lose that creative energy they needed to become popular and "groundbreaking" in the first place. Not that hippocampus has the most individual sound ever, but popularity and fame can do things to people that change what kind of music they produce. Staying true to yourself when you have millions of fans to please isnt easy. They are your paycheck after all.

    Not Honest

    @Derry Cabrera Dont get me wrong though, its not like popular bands cant still produce amazing music, look at the strokes or the beatles for example. I'd love for HC to get the recognition they deserve.

    New User

    i heard that more than 10,000 times. People said that to every underrated band.

    Hafshah L

    @Derry Cabrera it's just a hyperbolic way to show adoration my guy, it aint that deep

    Dissociation Nation

    I wouldnt mind them blowing up and just playing on every radio station 24 7

    Best hip album of the year goes to...Hippocampus

    Best country album goes to....Hippocampus

    Best screen play goes to...Hippocampus

    Nobel peace prize goes to.....Hippocampus

  42. Karla Giselle

    I’m back again. This is heaven

  43. beann

    I saw this on a tumblr post to help people who struggle with bad anxiety and I cannot thank you enough for this relief😭💙

  44. jacqueline flynt

    cant believe i've met them

  45. Karla Giselle

    Wow.. thank you for this

  46. thewaywardpoet

    Their music ALWAYS puts me in a good place. When I'm depressed and everything seems bleak and dark, I put them on and I instantly feel better. When I'm happy, I listen to them and my spirit soars even higher. While there are a great many bands I listen to, I can safely say that few do what Hippo Campus does for me. Favorite band, hands down.

  47. Sophia thats me

    beautiful. absolutely beautiful. I was smiling with tears all the way.

  48. Abby Capannelli

    Jakes vocals.

  49. 95thefish

    gotta drop some hallucinogens and catch a wave to this song

  50. Jonathan Ponce

    Now I can tell this guys saved my life

  51. JamJam

    "We'll be alright"

  52. Hannah Michela

    im in love

  53. thrudewieyes

    omagah this is everything

  54. lemon and daisies

    kinda late but since the release i've had every song on repeat! i love this ep so much 😍😭

  55. lemon and daisies

    i love y'all so much ! thank you for this

  56. lemon and daisies

    this is art tbh

  57. Kasey-lee Twitchen

    Absolutely top class love this band !!!!


    I fucking love Hippo Campus

  59. Nya Lackey

    they do everything great but the songs

  60. Joanna

    I've been away for weeks with no internet, but you see *this* is what I will willingly use my data on, fuck it's beautiful, as all hippo campus songs are

  61. Jovi Limin

    Should have said this sooner but thanks to this release, I'm surviving my first sem in college. You fellas are the bloody best!

  62. Alonzo Sanchez

    I like 😆😎

  63. Chase Stone

    Am I the only one who wants hippocampus to become super famous but also keep them for myself

  64. J Pertle

    Another wonderful track from these guys. Great work gentlemen.

  65. Ella Sangster

    I have loved you guys for 2 years and will keep the faith that maybe you will come to where I live someday (or at least close enough that is isn't more than 5 hours flight)! Cheers from New Zealand, keep making music because to find another band that matches to you guys will be truly difficult

  66. Bagus Prakoso


  67. Ryan Boss


  68. Alejandra Arevalo

    love it

  69. Mario Terrazas

    Me and my girlfriend are seeing them twice next month and I can’t wait to hear this live along with baseball and traveler 😌😌

  70. ian natinga

    Hippo Campus
    Summer Salt
    Peach Pit
    Sticky Fingers
    The Smiths

    hot cheetos and depression


    Andres Perez

    How dare you not include Gothbabe or Sales

    Vicky Roba


    jesse galarpe

    @KJ ayt

  71. else elsewhere

    this is real goooooood

  72. else elsewhere


  73. Alexander McInnis

    I am sometimes worried when a band releases some new music, becuase I don't know if they are going to make some sellout pop. But, you guys just showed me that I've got nothing to worry about

  74. Mercedes Zemborain

    Thank you guys so much.

  75. Jessa May Hernandez

    I love you guys to the point that i wont skip ads

  76. buck

    I feel like I'm flying honestly

  77. gunjan solanki

    how?? so?? good??

  78. Taylah Gillard

    pls come to aus

  79. Sean Oneill

    @ the 4 people who don't like this


  80. 6erys syre6

    I'm only a fan of every song these guys make🔥😏

  81. Joshua James Julian


  82. Sam


  83. 90shackerlesbian

    my loves. this is FAB

  84. Grace Wu

    Warm and nostalgic--like riding in a car and closing your eyes and feeling golden under the sun.

  85. jillian frances

    oh my godddddddddd

  86. Steve Ferris

    This is a song that produces goosebumps. Beautiful song. Bravo hippo campus, bravo.

  87. Mauricio Câmara

    love to my underated band♡

  88. Stephanie McNugg

    Hey I just want to say I really enjoy yalls music and I hope you continue doing what you love! Glad I got to hear these songs

  89. Ethan Griffeth Music

    Really diggin' the new stuff, keep it up fellas

  90. John Frusciante

    Chile esta presente en esta maravilla <3

  91. PhireDawn

    I got into this band a year ago, and I've had amazingly high expectations for there next album. They haven't met my expectations here.
    Instead, they took my expectations, acted like old friends in the most calming beautiful way, and then made those expectations bawl out all sadness and anger that those expectations have ever had. Then I did the same and fucking bawled listening to warm glow after listening to the other two.
    It may be a cliché, but this music has made me feel peaceful, and has saved me from so much of my sadness and frustration. I love you guys so much, and I'm probably going to play your music at every big even in my life, weddings to funerals, so keep making this amazing stuff.

  92. Oliviagonerogue


  93. Lily Graves

    Please come to Plymouth England, or Totness, or Exeter !!

  94. Lily Graves

    Thank you. Thank you for making good, kind hearted music. You four do this because you love it, not for fame, not for money. I hope you all are doing just fine