Hippo Campus - Bubbles Lyrics

You could call me irregular
I'm a busy fix for a better man
Seasons change I'm a maniac
For a better known with a bitter end
If you say you're a chicken now you can live it down
We can light the whole thing up

All the parts I fucked up with a tourniquet
I can light the whole thing up

You can say I'm a stranger now
With some falling down we can get it straight
Hazy days in suburbia
At your father's house we sub-medicate
Intertwined in my urgency
It's so new to me
I can light the whole thing up

Nothing else been impressing me but I gotta see
I can light the whole thing up

Burn the room
Oh, I hear it so well
Over soon
Oh, I hear it now

Once in a while I'll remember everything good

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Hippo Campus Bubbles Comments
  1. Mika • Rey

    Scary good and oddly exhilarating. Kinda freaked me out though, ‘cause it’s 3am

  2. Pistolshrimp 777

    this is the best song off the album hands down

  3. spacadet


  4. NormiefiedSitz

    my anxiety have just been triggered lmao ;-;

  5. SuperCableDawg

    Fuck the audiotune !

  6. De #

    omg I love this song

  7. FowardShift

    bridge gave me an heart attack

  8. Zoe 88

    0 to 100 real quick

  9. John Don Opina

    They now sound likr a hipster version of radiohead what with all the sounds they are currently playing with. Its great.

  10. joe mama

    Very nice

  11. stupid taurus

    I just wanna see a video of this song live!!!!


    i second this

    stupid taurus

    parapraxian nobody has recorded it live and put it on youtube yet

  12. Drew Davis

    This song was amazing to see live. Thought I was going to lose my hearing from how loud it got


    Drew Davis did nathan sing the bridge?

    Drew Davis

    @parapraxian part of it he did, but to be honest it was almost hard to focus because of how loud it got

    Henry Byrne

    It alternated between Zach, Nathan, and Whistler at the show I went to

    J Win

    Whistler is first, the more calm "in fucking sorry" part is sang by Zach, and the last screaming one, is, of course, Nathan

  13. Brayden Gonzalez

    A real spook at 1:23

  14. Preston Boling

    Thanks for waking me up there

  15. Virginia Goodwin

    I thought my headphones broke, I was so scared

  16. eden penko

    Omg the plot twist lmaoooooo

  17. parapraxian

    if you listen closely the bridge is nathan and i love that so much

    J Win

    parapraxian It's Whistler, then Zach, then Nathan

    J Win

    When it's live, at least

  18. sabletalt

    What a coincidence I was just looking this up and you happened to post it recently


    it was release quite recently not really much of a coincidence