Hines, Brandon - When A Girl Cries Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Are You Afraid To Love Her?
(When you come on home and sit quietly in the dark)
You Woke Up in bed with another
(you looked all right and you constantly played with her heart)
Your never there to hold her
(She lays alone and pleases herself at night)
Why Cant You See Shes Urning For Your Attention But You Rather Make Her Cry

It Wont Be To Long Before She Cries Out all her Tears
Then you will be all alone

Cuz When A Girl Cries
Her Tears Never Lie
Maybe She Wants You Outta Her Life
Or Maybe She Hides What She Feels Inside
It Hurts So Bad She Feels Like She Could Die
Why When A Girl Cries If Theres A Smile
Maybe She Wants You To Stay In Her Life
Cuz When A Girl Cries You Must Decide Are You Really Treating Her Right? O When A Girl Cries

[Verse 2:]
Are You Afraid Of One Love?
(You Keep Plenty Around But They Don't Mean Nothing No)
Shes Missing Your Love And Affection
(Staying Nights On The Town With Some Help From The Other Homes)
OO Nikka What You Be Thinking
(You Know She Holds You Down)
Why Aren't You Willing To Make It Last
Its A Major Mistake You Making
(You Know Shes The One)
But Your Ganna Let Her Pass

It Wont Be To Long Before She Cries Out all her Tears
Then you will be all alone


She Might Be The Most Important Part Of Your Life
But You Can't Even See It Cuz You Ain't Treating Her
Right You Needa Treat Her Better
You Needa Treat Her Sweeter
You Need To Hold On To Her Cuz When A Girl Cries

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Hines, Brandon When A Girl Cries Comments
  1. De'Shaunna Matthews

    2019 and im still here

  2. Jewel Santana

    December 2018

  3. Tanvi Pathania

    2018 still listening.

  4. rayShell EMPRESS DANiels

    DAMN THIZ IZ ME NOW#RESCUE ME😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  5. Lamarr Washington

    One of my favorite songs. Sometime we as men. Don’t see the damage we create in a woman’s life. Whether we see it or not it means a lot to keep your woman happy. There’s nothing like having a woman that’s only for you

  6. doner ae86

    2018 still here listening

  7. 1st Lady Phynyx

    I love you Brandon and I wish you so much prosperity and many blessings! You make amazing music King

  8. ChristinaaK

    Omg after how many years? For some reason his name came into mind. This was my song back in the days. 😭😭😭

    De'Shaunna Matthews

    Real shit I think the same way he comes to mind after forst hearing this in 2010

  9. Chelsea Burns

    does anybody remember a song by him called 'Relapse'

    Kaysha Broussard

    That was singer boy who made song

  10. Doneshia Leonard

    This is my home boy cousin. Talent at it best

  11. Tay Williams

    Gosh when he holds that note coming closer to the end

  12. Nelly Joy

    beautiful... some men should take time out to listen to it

  13. Setya Resmini

    i looooove brandon hines.. :*

  14. Dennis Grant

    Yearning* lol spellcheck.

  15. FMOT: IHaveNoCakezz__

    ya'll still dating now? :O

  16. dcharmainew

    i went to school with his cousin and omg i wish i couldve met Brandon

  17. Bubble Key

    Wow im lovin this guy

  18. yungtwixx

    My songs

  19. ShesDanni

    aw thats cute :)

  20. deborah bakalli

    not fair.this song should have more than 126,203 views :/

  21. Tracie K-Turner

    This song is pretty. I love my boyfriend! 08.08.09 ! Still strong!

  22. hayitibeauty209

    @503cute! my bf needs to listen to this...specially right now!

  23. star_81


  24. Sarah Rucker

    my bf told me tht he wud never leave me and that he wud always be there to wipe away my tears he told me to listen to this song and it made me cry he was right next to me and he told me baby its never gunna happen i got half way thro ths song b4 i had stop it i was cryin so hard

    jacquella jones

    Sarah Rucker w

  25. Mariel Vb

    I agree, but I doubt it will make a difference with some guys.

  26. Mariel Vb

    Yes it is.

  27. ThePrincessMoonbeam

    My great love is a street kid that never went to school long enough and dilligent enough to lean how to read and graduate I think or assume because of the life choices he made.

  28. Michael Johnson

    You sinigin what I feel after a relationship.....from harmony

  29. Michael Johnson

    This song is the truth ...keep it movin .........from harmony.....

  30. brwnsuga181

    love this

  31. tsubomi090991

    Is this brandon of yes you are ??? ???
    answer me plz everybody

  32. themikowithflare

    To be completely honest i say all guys are whores and when you actually come across a good nice one who you know wouldn't hurt you and actually can trust it's rare.

  33. tjfarri1

    This is my life...............

  34. Tanisha Olmo

    that happened to my friend peter i told him to stop and for once think of his actions finally his gf couldnt take it anymore and she left him and thats when he realized how much he loved her.......guys are so stupid

  35. TheTiffers26

    THANK YOU! omg Thank you!!! someone finally understands what it is when a woman cries!! Such an awesome song!

  36. Dalida Rakic

    A few hours I'm listening to this song. Over and over again. It's amazing! And so true!

  37. Leyla Üsküdarli

    I need the instrumental of it :( where can i get it? :(

  38. AleksandraRS


  39. rafael vasquez


  40. Kayla Lance

    i Sentt This To myy Ex, I hope He Understands I Sent This To Hurt Him &'d Let Him Know All The Damage to Me.. ♥

  41. Leyla Üsküdarli

    it makes me cry... <3 this is so true i'm in love wit that song <3

  42. Leci Lee

    Well... its so true!!!

  43. alhely sanchez

    nice song.

  44. Kim Mantsur


  45. Candace Sidbury


  46. Jessica Davis


  47. Thien Leela

    When a girl cries........

  48. Beau Warner

    Beautiful song :)

  49. Rudy Haido

    I like his voice

  50. NapturalBeauty

    @lozzymagoo Ikr!!! "urning" wtf???? but great song!

  51. Lai Saephan

    Raping the REPLAY button and I'm a guy.

  52. Gina Abbo

    love it!!!!!!

  53. cbame09


  54. ChanginFacesz

    this makes you understand the reason females act the way they act an feel.....

  55. MeishaXx

    This song is amazing and soo true! And his voice :O Amazing <3 .. Meisha xx

  56. lilbickiebub

    Being in love opens you up to the most terrible hurts you could ever experience in life or the most amazing highs depending on the person it is you fell with. You can't really know if a person is going to be able to keep you happy till you wait for their curtain to fall away and they act like their true self .

  57. shalon Jackson

    @doramoua ha bullshit, a lot of shit you "GIRLS" cry for, you put yourself in that predicament, we would act right if y'all act right, and y'all can start by usin' some common damn sence, this is jus a song ladies.

  58. Tiffanii Burd

    I Freakin Love Dis Song.... I Dang Near Cried Wen I First Heard It.... N It Still Has Da Same Effect To Dis Verii Daii :')

  59. Wanda Carr

    I have fallen deep in love with this song deep.

  60. lissahxox

    wow. usually i don't like this kind of music, but this gave me goosebumps

  61. Flyestangel31

    @MusiqSoulchild17 Thats a comment worthy of a real man. Good luck with loving ur girl :). Thats all I can say, cuz it's enough what u said :)

  62. Flyestangel31

    its strange that all the girls(including me) understand this song perfectly, but not one guy commented here to say "oh man!!! finally !! i was soo blind now i have to do something about it!"
    is it not clear enough for u guys?...
    it is soo fucking hard to find a man willing to truly love a woman these days.. the world will be crushin if love gonna end i'll tell u this.

  63. Evonne Chester


  64. Brianna Moore

    this song is soo amazing !

  65. Elisha Chestnut

    wooooow this song really tellin how i feel!!! love it

  66. NailsbyKenya7

    This is my song!!!!!