Hines, Brandon - Ur Man, My Friend Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I knew it from the beginning the way you looked at me
It was obvious that you were into me (into me) but I never thought
You'd be the type of girl, acting stingy wantin the best of both worlds (both worlds)
but I can not let you get me like this cause you're the lady of my best friend (best friend)
I know that there's an attraction that exists but this opportunity I have to miss.

Girl we both grown (we grown, we grown, we grown) and I know you got feelings for me.
But they are not enough to deceive your man my friend.

[Verse 2:]
I just been thinkin bout this situation my mind is racin DAMN I'm contemplating but what I'm facin is two people in my life.
between temptation and self-control which is wrong which is right.
now I'm tryna figure out where I went wrong.
could it be all the talkin on the phone (on the phone).
all these times we were in your house alone.
I don't mean to come on strong but...

Now we both know (we know, we know, we know) that girl you got feelings for me.but are they enough to decive your man my friend.

[Verse 3:]
It's 4 a.m. I just woke up my head is pounding I'm looking around an I see panties on the ground and I look to my left an I see you layin in my bed.
you can't imagine all the things going in thru my head.
but basically I just wanted to have some fun.
girl now that we're done.
you need a man and I ain't the one...

Now you so drove (you drove, you drove, you drove) and I know you got feelings for me.
but were they enough to decive your man my friend.

You drove [x9]

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Hines, Brandon Ur Man, My Friend Comments
  1. Sentara Mcdowell

    this song is so tuff

  2. LaLaDaPoet20

    This is real life .... Situations be crazy

  3. Vette

    What's the name of the song at the end I forgot


    Vette caught feelings

  4. ThePrincessMoonbeam

    Answer; your friend was never my man he was my owner and I was the slave he sold and abused. You endangered my life by permitting him in our life and I really could not understand that you where not able to remember that he is the person that shot you when you tried to defend yourself from his raging violent attack for drugs and control. I was a child not able to understand you did not see that I was property and not staying out of choice but out of danger for my life. Perhaps we mistake people.

  5. Big TeeTee

    This song is really hot !!!!

  6. Garisha Warren

    @MrLoveLounge meaning mad

  7. Kenji Takanawa

    what he means with, now you are so drove?
    you drove you drove, at 2,46?

  8. Nichelle Miller

    @TheAveon20 Damn lol

  9. E Smith

    Damn this remind me of my girl. An her best friend an me

  10. KeiOnna Craig

    this is ma new song

    this happend to me i feel bad too ma ex-boyfriend ! :/

  11. D Jacobs

    nvm i already found it...

  12. LalaizSoRandom

    Yeah this song is so sick

  13. LittleMissAndy21

    I love this song!
    i kno all the words, but thats beside thepoint!

    thanks for posting ths!! (:

  14. LalaizSoRandom

    Man it do...