Hines, Brandon - The Breakup Song Lyrics

Now that we know that it's over
We need to talk about the end
Don't let ya emotions control ya
So don't u start with that crying
Don't act like I don't know what's on ya mind
I know what u tryna keep
But girl it's fine
U don't have to be sneaky
Ain't no need for that
All u have to do is tell me
And I'm a make it easy

You can have the house
Keep yo jewelry
I dnt want the dog
I just want my things
Like my powder blue
Bentley with the roof top gone
I'm a need that
This is the breakup song
And baby you can keep the clothes
Keep them credit cards
I'm a keep the black one
The black ones hard
And my wrist icy I think I'll keep it on
I'm a need that
This is the breakup song

Now how many times have I told ya
There ain't no use in tryin to be friends
I let it go
I ain't tryna hold ya
Girl this is the beginning of the end
And even tho it's clearer out of time
All I wanna do is claim wats mine
So I'm a go into the house and pack up all my things
And since we breakin up girl
What u think that means?

You can have the house
Keep yo jewelry
I dnt want the dog
I just want my things
Like my powder blue
Bentley with the roof top gone
I'm a need that
This is the breakup song
And baby you can keep the clothes
Keep them credit cards
I'm a keep the black one
The black ones hard
And my wrist icy I think I'll keep it on
I'm a need that
This is the breakup song

After all we've been thru
Y u gotta do me like this
When u knew that I'd be here
Shulda let me know
Instead of runnin round hoein
Don't act like ya love me
Girl cu zthat's not showin
You should've known that wed be breakin up

You can have the house
Keep yo jewelry
I dnt want the dog
I just want my things
Like my powder blue
Bentley with the roof top gone
I'm a need that
This is the breakup song
And baby you can keep the clothes
Keep them credit cards
I'm a keep the black one
The black ones hard
And my wrist icy I think I'll keep it on
I'm a need that
This is the breakup song

This is the breakup song
This is the break up song
Break up
But not to make up
Ain't gon be no makeup
Girl go fix ya make up
Time to get ya cake upwnt be here when u wake up

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Hines, Brandon The Breakup Song Comments
  1. Mona Guerrero

    Daaamn I Flippin Love MGK I’m Having My First Born With Him!

  2. tamara throssel Knowles

    He is way better then m&m you can acculy under stand his word btw love yh mgk

  3. Agustd Singhi

    Best break up rap song😁

  4. han prince

    Can't believe Slim betrayed him like that

  5. Og Chiiiraq

    why am I listening to this now?

  6. Salome Nyambura

    How do you say sorry to your ex

  7. Angel Blue

    I'm gonna come back on Valentines day!

  8. Salome Nyambura

    That its I'm aplayer

  9. Trouxa Por música


  10. abu yeasin

    People needs a perfect brain to rate him. So he is a bit underrated. . Est guys.. never stop listening to him❤
    He is perfect to me😌❤

  11. Sarahi Calero

    I really Love this song like a crazy 🔥

  12. Tim Sturgill


  13. Nathan Park

    MGK I'm you're biggest fan

  14. Railey Cavener-Garman

    I'm dedicating this song to someone very not special..

  15. VIBE official

    i love this guy

  16. Katie Chase

    Wish I had discovered this song when I went through my last breakup. LORT he's perfect! ❤😍

  17. Dinah B.

    My valentine anthem ...😘

  18. Cristopher Alexander

    I heard this song back on late 2018 and now I noticed that it came out in 2018 I miss 2018 I'm depressed.

  19. Sugandha Nirmal


  20. Layken Jones

    He’s a good rapper my dads biulding a studio to rap.

  21. Alina Gabrial

    That last part is like 😍

  22. John Ussery


  23. Aymen Boussouar

    Take a moment and feel sorry for who doezn’t listenin to mgk

  24. kunisha samunathan

    Any platinum life ppl here? #aliciabella

  25. Tenny JS

    But you’regone so it’s fuck u🔥🔥

  26. The gUnnEr

    I am here after my breakup lol 🙂👍

  27. Danny Zehnder

    HONESTLY, you need to make sure you're happy before worrying about your fan's! IMO

  28. Hurricane Nura

    This is a great song!!!😻❣💗💌💟🖤❤🧡💛💚💜💙💖💝💘

  29. Make Them Cry

    Reminds me of old Nickelodeon

  30. Doll vs Poetry

    Best pop ever https://youtu.be/39XJctBzJl8

  31. Ketra Molwane

    love how he dropped this on valentines day💀

  32. Kieran Moraes

    Tik tok?

  33. cakcun kudon

    i love you mgk

  34. mollie mcgrath

    I swear he can wear anything and make it look good

  35. Savannah Garcia

    Dam I'm single and never had a ex but I'm feeling this super hard

  36. Joshaun Walker

    I wish I can say I love you

  37. Sarah Thomsen

    ok he's 10x hotter now just gotta say

  38. juno

    my ex just sent me this

  39. KingJayOfDMV

    im late but omg this song is dope lol

  40. gothfruit

    why am i so attracted to this

  41. JEC JONA *


  42. James Benjamin

    Is this even Mumble ,huh????

  43. Art blender

    My boyfriend made me pause this video and he called the number they dialed and it plays the first 30 seconds of the song when you call it, did not expect that from a 2018 song but damn, that was kinda awesome..

  44. Danielle Dorman

    I know this isn’t related but anyone wanna talk on Pinterest

  45. Cody Eubanks

    Shes breaking up wit him god dam

  46. Blonde Creature

    His face 😍 his attitude 🤮

  47. Marilyn Monroe

    I'm everything you wanted but you were scared

    Felt that

  48. RA Riszza

    I want go break up but dont know how 😟

  49. D • R • E • A

    He HELLA cute ❤️🥴🤤 HELLA underrated 🤧 and just the MEANING of perfect 💎

  50. Slimmy Hendrix

    CRAZY how often U can see him in front of Most Banks, Most Car Lots and Most OilChange Spots still just WAVING his arms around like he's CRAZY

  51. Lucatiel Amen

    Eminem: mgk is a mumbling rapper
    Me: understands every songs mgk make


    Accurate. Eminem isn't the most intelligent person in the world lol

    Josephine Walter


    Rohan Bora

    But this ain't a rap song tho

    Nathan Park

    For sticking up for mgk

  52. Sophia Velasquez-Boden

    Watching the vid right now and decided to scroll through the comments to see if anyone mentions about the phone number he gives at the beginning... like is that a real number or a random??? Lol

    Sophia Velasquez-Boden

    @Danielle Dorman 😲😲 ohh ok

  53. Alex Medina


  54. Carbon 24

    he released the song Break Up on VALENTINE DAY , Lmao

  55. Slimshady R6s

    2020 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

  56. Mordrakə's nightmarə

    Fuck I am in love with your music Machine

  57. Carol Fultz

    But where's blue

  58. Indigo Person

    This song is fire

  59. BABYGIRL 567

    The only reason there are dislikes is bc MGK dropped the beat so hard they missed the Like button😂

  60. Reem The best

    Thanks for dropping this song i was really sad 😂

  61. Nicole Mitchell

    Whatever lol

  62. Salome Nyambura

    Thanks I'm gonna send this to my x

    Salome Nyambura

    I regret everything

    Savannah Garcia

    Lmfao Imma write down the lyrics and send it to them especially FUCK U IM A PLAYER

  63. Jessica Nicole


  64. Lady E

    Is that the girl from euphoria at the end?

    Jessica Nicole

    No that’s not Zendaya. Lmfao. They don’t even look the same ya racist.

    Lady E

    @Jessica Nicole before u call me racist know your shit. The girl at the end in mgk's lap looks like Alexa Demie, also from euphoria. Zendaya is not the ONLY actress from euphoria.

  65. Isabel Velez

    I went to mgk consert on October 25 and he came out just for me he said are you isabel so i said yes and he said you made me feel so much better and im 9 years old

    Isabel Velez

    Hi it is me comment enthing you want


    Bruh lucky ☹️😁

  66. zoro cozzz

    Iv been laying concrete slabs and stuccoing houses all day. Thank you mgk for the vibes got me thru another day!!

  67. Xi Yang

    Good to be back this how mgk deal with break up so i must too

  68. Mr Dusty

    Where did he get the n word pass 0:30

    Fátima Gutiérrez

    Mr Dusty he says nickel not n***a

  69. Tenzin Dasal

    Nice outfit mgk

  70. Annalynn Fowler

    Love this song symbolizes my love life

  71. Jerald Jeter

    Next eminem keep it up

  72. dead girl

    yo hellou

  73. Mckenzie Rigby

    Omg amazing

  74. Melissa Higgerson

    I love this song

  75. Jonny KingBlood Reese

    Y’all remember YoungBlood from the PT Freestyle? Must Watch

  76. K.A.A.N OK

    we know u a player i have been here sence u were nothing i kniw u be like a player im more of one rho and u probably dont remember me

  77. Toby Rens

    I need the red outfit mgk was wearing, it looks so good.

  78. Katheryn R

    MGK is super cute 😏 , pero like How can I get the Girls number in the video? Would Love to have a Smoke Sesh with you one time Gorgeous? 😋💃💕

  79. Kerryann Franklin

    Im not even going through a breakup yet this song is bomb to listen to 🔥🔥

    Edit : turns out I am going through a breakup which makes this song 10 times better 😂

  80. Ludd3N XQV

    About 1 year ago i hatet rap until i listned to mgk. Thats when my whole music stule changed

  81. Gary Cee

    I'm still trying to figure out how this dude has a fanbase is tempo flow voice everything is just off he sucks bad

  82. Sean Martin

    Gone off those norcos bumping this at 4 am drunk turn uppp!!

  83. Sean Martin

    Mgk why you diss eminem y'all both got major talent id love to see a song with eminem and mgk together.

  84. Trace Thomas

    I thought MGK career was over after Eminem killshot his career is still over.


    Didnt laugh

  85. Tiffany Mayumi

    lit music video doe

  86. MItchell Clancy

    My favorite song of MGK is burning memories

  87. Cody Eubanks

    My ex be like..." I cant even listen to mgk because of u...

    Your Grandma

    You done something right‼️

  88. Trishaa Reneé

    “gotta get high just to deal with you” I felt that one

    Akseli Anteroinen

    I hope all the good in life for you!

  89. Abhishek Sharma

    Now m happy that I had a break up few days ago😂
    Luv u #MGK

  90. Tuka

    Anyone else feel like they should hate this song but like it for some reason?

  91. Kevin Kerr

    Name a better break up song
    I’ll wait

  92. Frank 716Tank

    Must say though Colson your a younger version of Marshall , which is amazing em we love you but it's time to retire man mgk is now my son's generation you were mine and always will be my favorite, after all I grew up with you man now its time for mgk to grow and fued with a young guy that wants his title and can't have it later in life. Love you both great artists. Now it's time for both of you to release a album or song named father and son... Both of you on a track together not dissing each other damn that's some hot shit I must say Eminem & Mgk-Father & Son feat Murda Beats come one now! Anyone who wants to bash my opinions keep it to yourself

  93. Ebony Jeffcoat

    This song have so many colors I like wow😮

  94. SCREAM Łosik

    That first drop is PERFECT...

  95. gsd1504

    That face at 2:18 is Epic! Lmao

  96. John Jones

    fucking love this song so much

  97. Dan

    This be a mood sometimes

  98. Krystal Hromjak

    Love him 😍 so sexy and fire af , been a fan since wild boy