Hines, Brandon - Can't Take This Shit Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Now it's 3 in the morning and I'm getting ready for bed here you come lookign crazy with scarf around your head so I say baby what's the matter you look really upset and less than 2 seconds later you jumping on the bed. cussing fussing screaming shouting talking about what you heard, how you know I'm sexing sherri and listening to 3rd, what happen baby this shit sounds absurb... na na na this is for the [?]

I can't take this shit just leave me alone I'm sick of it I can't take no more we need to quit we do too much cussing fussing and fighting oooooh I can't take this shit just leave me alone I'm sick of it I don't want you no more we need to quit we do to much cussing fussing and fighting

[Verse 2:]
We use to make love all the time people use to lie to you but you know you were mine now you acting crazy every chance you get you clown you then you think I'm shady when I don't come around you know you know I held you down gave you all that I could give now I'm irritated just please let me live ooooh there nuttin we can do if I stay you another day then I would be a foooooool...


When I say there's no one else but you you say I'm lyin when I know I'm tellin you the truth you say can't wait for losing the way out this is what I'm choosing there's no doubt that I can't love you anymoooore...


There's once was a time where were we use to run town time where you trusted me and you held me down... oooh those were those daysss... [fade out]

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Hines, Brandon Can't Take This Shit Comments
  1. PaDiLLaIGoDI

    @Phexism mw3 is alright in my opinion they had a lot of good ideas like the moab and specialist and how to get gold guns by levelin up ur gun

  2. Jus Sinner

    Cant wait til I get back and try this game out....I can see me raging already

  3. John Jones

    That's clear bull SHIT

  4. Mr. Spiteful Presents...

    Ops 2 takes a different approach which I love & hate, slower paced but strategic. Treyarch needs to fix the ridiculous lag first then clean up the unbalanced guns & headglitch spots (which is damn near everywhere) then I feel justified in paying $60

  5. Mr. Spiteful Presents...

    Its in my opinion based on how you play COD. MW3 is straight gun on gun does it have problems um hell yeah but is it consistent a lot more than Ops 2.

  6. MrTjack10101

    hey this game is great dont get me wrong, they just have alot of shit that they need to take care of

  7. MrTjack10101

    that is true the main thing they need to do is at least attempt to try to fix the lag first because nurfs and buffs are pointless

  8. MrTjack10101

    oh i prage off and play zombies all the time its so fun with friends

  9. trautsj

    i realize it takes a while im just saying they seem like they are ignoring it and trying to pawn it off on everyone's own personal internet which is fucking ridiculous plus they havent done anything to address it in anyway so far and its such a widespread problem its just BS to me as a consumer and fan of cod to be shit on so badly

  10. trautsj

    yea see but i could give a fuck less about gun nerfs or balance because if you get fucked by lag comp everything is unbalanced and you die in 1 bullet anyways so i cant tell if anything is OP, so until they fix lag comp and this artificial lag bullshit whatever they do to me personally is fucking pointless end of story

  11. Sorinho

    Von ''i dont see the problem....''

  12. allen davis

    MW3 blows this shit game out if the water any day. Trey arch designs games off of community complaints. And this is the end product. A shitty laggy fucking game. MW3 is better than ever now that everybody is on blops again lol.

  13. Owen Koning

    People say mw3 sucked but while everyone said it sucked they kept playing it i hate bo2 online so i don't play it stop complaining and go play or zombies or campaign or quit

  14. Lowentz felix

    lol i got killed like that once i shot him wiht the whole clip and then boom

  15. THG Assassin

    That happens to me too

  16. Serious J

    lost count damn like 17 hit marks

  17. Oussama Yousfi

    IDk I'm facing lag sometimes worse than this but I just can't say I hate the game anyways have you tried to play zombies? I never been a zombie fan but I have a great time plying it if I get sick of lag

  18. Xiesyn99

    @jamin988 jaja mw3 was shit

  19. Soren's Channel

    Did you consider that the suppressor reduced the damage of the Vector? And it was at a longer range therefore the bullet damage differed to the previous kills.. You should have dipped out once that guy didn't die. You were always gonna die once those guys had you in their sights and you hadn't moved.

  20. The Great Dansby

    mw3 on release had lag as bad as this for me. I have a 45 up and 45 down I'm in nyc and can ping to LA in under 50 ms and on local servers under 5 ms. I would get hose every game Like I do now on blops 2 and i'm at a monster disadvantage. Mw3 became playable for me in about may or june. I'm hoping they can iron it out or it will be another cod I play sparingly.

  21. Michael Ownz

    that was like 7 hit markers

  22. Wilky810

    Get a better connection then. I'm not gonna agree with some person that says IW was better because they lowered MY connection to someelses shitty standard trashy connection. That's retarded.

    You can gladly go back to MW3 if you wish. I'm sure you'll have fun getting constantly killed by retarded deathstreaks.

  23. Wilky810

    Oh yeah, Infinity ward is great at fixing stuff, 9 months for a deadmans hand nerf. Goodjob Infinity ward.

    I like all the ACR nerfs they put out too. Oh wait.

    Treyarch has done already more with 1 patch that they released today/yesterday more than IW has done since CoD4.

  24. MrTjack10101

    @TheStyluz this is a every game thing for me this cod is the most connection based cod, worse than MW3

  25. MrTjack10101

    @LAMOtyler I also enjoy the game the game don't get me wrong but there are lots of things that need to be fixed

  26. MrTjack10101

    it would be a 1 hour montage @LTGanGGreen21

  27. Chris041098

    Ok that was gay

  28. TwomanID

    It takes a while to fix Lag comp. there's a lot of code and other stuff needed to be put in to make it work. I don't see why they don't just use the old lag system. Host had advantage and if you had bad internet you got a bad connection. It works easier and you can just copy and paste it from the older games.

  29. MrTjack10101

    I use a silencer because I hate muzzle flash not to stay of the radar, and your right just because it's not a AR I have to empty clips to get one kill

  30. DeathBringer9216

    0:03 I can't take THAT bullshit. You're using a silent SMG. Don't complain if it isn't acting like an Assault Rifle.

  31. trautsj

    and at least mw3 didnt act like something was wrong with our internet and actually released patches to address lag comp unlike treyarc who are just seemingly ignoring the shit like nothing is wrong when there clearly is a MAJOR PROBLEM

  32. iXouroborosXi

    @hotshot123187 Thats where you are wrong. MW3 was never this bad. IW may fuck up gun balance, but their servers are marginally better.

  33. Hayden

    You should make a "bullshit montage" lol

  34. michale swift

    the lag is ridiculous in this game

  35. darkNfamous

    That right there destroys the game by itself.

  36. Ricochet1814

    yes that shit pisses me off a full clip in someone and they turn around and kill you with 1 bullet


    shit happens all the time I just got off bc of it lol.

  38. Msabb1r19

    Wow, that happened to me all the time. I really hate that.

  39. LAMOtyler

    You got the good and you got the bad. I love this game more than any other cod. I've never been able to get high streaks, but I got a swarm the other day and I was so happy. Playing Hardpoint.

  40. TheStyluz

    I counted 19 bullets, unfortunately this bullshit happens to me multiple times every night, specially when some how out of gods hand himself i get host.

  41. Perry

    This game is broken.

  42. trev_utd

    i stepped away from ufc and beer to watch this and support the most underrated commentator on youtube. aaannnddd this game sucks

  43. MrTjack10101

    i shot second dude with half a clip and he is still bunny hopping around and shit

  44. Sorinho

    be happy that u got the 1st 3 kills

  45. itszaaaamzeh

    Tjack you should've called the video "Only 11 more months of this shit" lol

  46. itszaaaamzeh

    Clearly got outplayed your bad unsubbed lol

  47. Zach Fizer

    Definition of one shot ! Lolol

  48. I wouldn't have even beaten the first guy...