Hilltop Hoods - The Return Lyrics

Duck and cover, cos when you fuck with Suffa it’s like the bombs dropped,
You spit like Bon Jovi, we spit like Bon Scott,
We got it on lock, deadlock, non-stop, head-nod,
Even when the song stop,
Step in the cipher and it’s danger,
I’ll set the Pressure on you like a hyperbaric chamber,
And he don’t fuck around, we’ve gained such renown,
For this state of the art custom sound,
For them custom built rappers with under skilled narratives,
The good die young, me and Suff are still bad with this,
Rhyme style it’s lethal, prime time the sequel,
Ain't got a single fan just like minded people,
I told you from the start, I’m a soldier of the art,
Effortless, take every breathe and hold it to your heart,
With Debris and my brother Suffa, so watch another sucker run for cover,
It’s the return of the motherfucking motherfuckers

Obsessive compulsive, repulsive, insulting,
Offensive like feeding a vegan some dolphin,
Assaulting the system, a system that’s broken,
The cistern is broken, the shit is just floating,
I spit till your open underground,
P-Dela-Ressure and he don’t fuck around,
Now Album number five, worked hard to earn that,
No doubt it was a fight, too far to turn back,
I step in the sun, take the weather however it comes,
Although I’m a second son I’m second to none,
Lesson is done, what goes around comes around,
Suffa’s down, and he don’t fuck around,
The Hood spits the news like Wolf Blitzer, crews,
Fear the pit bull in the pulpit, yo it’s the,
World War Three in a whisper – the Mr Suffa,
And Mr Pressure, we rips it rougher/we spits it fresher

Your nemesis on verses, the desperate and worthless,
Try and flame the name we can wrestle in a furnace,
Never came half-hearted, never came last started,
Everyday like it’s my last till my craft’s mastered,
And we can get it on,
I’m at peace with myself cause there’s a piece of myself in every song,
I don’t just write rhymes, I spent a life time building,
A life line accommodating night times children,
And now they love the sound, play me with a,
Gravyspitter and he don’t fuck around,
Ain’t no stepping to me,
Cos P and Suffa bad mutha’s like Treacherous Three,
So feel the heartbeat, feel the heartbeat,
You feel your hearts weak cos still you can’t beat,
The Hills and aren’t we just still too rugged?
I can feel you love it, we the real blue blooded

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Hilltop Hoods The Return Comments
  1. xXJ3DL33Xx

    this is my childhood!! original aussie hiphop

  2. Luca Ronja

    Can´t believe this song has only 184.207 hits

  3. Jdm262

    Reminds me of 90's rap.

  4. gas gews

    5thousand BOOMING WATTS

  5. Aaron_Attel_official

    such a quality song! hilltops always. bringing the sick beats

  6. Era

    Even the beat is enough to make any man erect

    Max Edwards

    not any man. any man or woman. DUMBASS. 😂

  7. Gold Lion

    Haha "You spill(?) like Bon Jovi, We spit like Bon Scott" gotta love Hilltoppa's rock n roll shoutoutz... !!!

  8. apathy1991

    artwork is great

  9. lance tong

    Hilltop...Adelaide....Hoods Isn't that where the cop shop is ??????
    FTP Hilltop Hoods AWESOME you were wroking it years ago and you rock now......

  10. Joe Advins

    grimm season 1 episode 12 11:30 min brought me here


    +Michał Płoszczyca Me too.

    Julien Jerry

    buff black guy running in the forest and got captured by the horse men. just saw it

    Kingsley De Botte

    Me too 😭😭😭 I heard it was the hoods but had Never heard the song

  11. 5treefrogs

    saw these guys on 17th October in Cairns... worst performance ever...
    the volume drowned out anything they were singing, the lyrics were muffled and the tempo of every song was reduced just so they could spit the lyrics... $70 for 80minutes, very disappointing


    that's cairns for ya

    DJ Spuddzz

    Cairns must be pretty different to Melbourne. When I saw them, they spat every song just like they do in the studio except with a bit more energy. Plus they had fireworks and shit like that.

  12. louie ferris

    every day i wake up to hoods loud as fuck on my stereo  

    Bryan Clark

    +louie ferris doing that now!!

  13. mrjsv25

    Laughing at how Alec McDonald used the classic generalization of "American Gangster Rap" and the fact that he included Eminem in that list. Obviously you only listen to what they play on the radio and don't look up other songs. Tyga has a song named "Love Game" that's completely different from that "American Gangster Rap". There's plenty of new songs that don't sound anything like what you stated. I mean Dre doesn't even rap anymore. "American Gangster Rap" is not all there is. And although I love Hilltop Hoods (Nosebleed Section was the first rap song I ever listened to) and although they do have a cool sound, they aren't as special as you make them out to be. I understand Aussie Pride and all (I was born and raised there) but learn your shit. American rap isn't "recycled". Expand your selection and put some effort into it and you'll find some damn good American rap.

  14. Paul Morton

    love how they use a bit of wu tang in this song xD 

  15. rycs16

    Any one else find this song after hearing it on Grimm?

  16. Dakar12

    Nah. Just auzzies in general

  17. Isaac Mendoza

    its like punk and rap mixed i like it

  18. tygermad

    No i never said it i typed it and why ask me if you have already read it fck me

  19. 16thlevel

    defiantly inspired by that one rage against the machine song

  20. Rolid McSolid

    Did you really say Jay Z is even close to tupac? And ice cube was just as good?

  21. Gorgi C

    You do realise that there are 193 countries out there, 'now-a-days'.

  22. tygermad

    The difference is that you have heard of them and not many people have heard of the hoods, They arent doing anything different at all. They are not ground breaking tupac was and so was ice cube. Jay Z is just pure genius at times. Time will tell they may be able to join those ranks i hope so because they definately show promise. The light you burned is an amazing tune and shows what they are capable of

  23. tygermad

    What a stupid comment

  24. Poulin La-Terreur

    lol why is the clip image "State of the Art"? That song is from "Drinking from the sun",,,

    DJ Spuddzz

    No, this song is definitely State Of The Art.

    Kyle Boorer

    100% from state of the art haha

    Its the first track on the album

  25. Atomhuzat

    Thumbs up if you came from Grimm..

  26. Matt Mc

    i dont give a god damn.

  27. Alec McDonald

    They're not ice cube, public enemy, nwa, naz, dre, kane, and and eminem?
    That's a pretty fucking sad list of rappers you've got there. Hoods make something NEW, something with a new side. American gangster rap and hip-hop hasn't changed at all in the last 30 fucking years. I like those rappers, seriously I do. But they aren't bringing anything new to the table. It's all old stuff being recycled. Not like Hoods.

  28. tygermad

    Basically kids its because you know nothing about hip hop, Hilltops are talented and i think they are quality but tupac, ice cube, public enemy, nwa, naz, dre, kane, and even eminenem there not.
    Talented tho i will agree i have all there albums and although a couple of them are solid the rest are patchy and not consistent. Time will tell they may make a ground breaker one day but unlike the ones previously mentioned they havent managed it yet

  29. Colton Hale

    cause it sounds like yall got a mouth full of shit
    still the shit though aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

  30. paco98752

    @jackisdaman What.

  31. Jack Dean

    @paco98752 no u

  32. paco98752

    Why the no comments? this is a fucking awesome song

    DJ Spuddzz

    ...then the comment section turns into a big argument.

  33. nonamerus

    Wu tang in the last part!

  34. jamie dempsey

    south auzzies FTW!

  35. rockfloor

    Gotta love Hilltop with their beats and words.. Waaaaaaaaaaay underrated.