Hillsong Live - You Are Faithful Lyrics

Lord of all the earth
how You care for me
You have made me
You will save and carry me always

You are faithful
You are faithful
You are faithful
Your joy is my strength

Lord you are my God
I rely on You
I put my hope in things not seen
Your promises all true
Always you're with me
Your hand will lift me
My trust is in your hands
Always you're with me
Your hand will lift me
My trust is in your hands

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Hillsong Live You Are Faithful Comments
  1. Treasure Mamba

    Tehilla worship( highest level of worship) indeed

  2. Constance Ncw


  3. Cristina Gansas

    The true Amen God is the God faithfull God

  4. Cristina Gansas

    God faithful the promise

  5. Cristina Gansas

    The true AMEN

  6. Cristina Gansas

    Yes Lord u a faithful God promise

  7. Therezinha Laitano

    "Your joy is my strengh"

  8. niyonkuru maxime

    Holy spirit u are welcome in this places

  9. Praise & Worship Songs

    Miss the old hillsong

  10. Bwalyakennedy Maipambe

    One of the most inspiring worshipers in the world

  11. rabika saha


  12. Jenny Olsen

    I really don't have any hope on this world.

    No family no friends .
    But I do have my wonderful son and church..
    And most of all I have Jesus then I will have everything.

    You are my hope and my perfect peace.

    Today I will lay my bed and worship him all night long....until tomorrow 🙌

    Raffaela Turchi-Gazzola

    Jesus will surprise you if you put sll your hope in him!! Dont worry, dont fear HE is with you!!

  13. Ugochinyere Ogbonna

    God you are always faithful!

  14. Sipha Mutesi

    You're faithful always, I put my faith in things not seen. Oh how I missed this song

  15. johnsun john sun

    How to receive heaven God in our life,keep your heart clean

  16. Daniel Martin

    Poder !! Poder !! Viva Jesus !! Viva Darlene !!! 2019 !!!!

  17. Ramonito Ugdamin

    I'd like this song pls. Put the lyriks

  18. Grace Rdw

    Amen 🙏

  19. beatrice wanjiru

    You're faithful your Joy God is my strength..... My trust is in your name. Thank you God, whenever am so done you came and uplift above the storm.

  20. Dian Merdekawati

    I miss the old Hillsong

  21. Ali Aladin

    You are faithful Lord, JESUS.

  22. Hassan Andrew Sesay

    Thank you my God u are faithful u never given upon me,

  23. Vivian Carvalho

    Linda canção

  24. Rubeline Gloria

    you are Faithful o God im not faithful but you still love me Thanks Father God thank you Jesus ,,,,,

  25. Michael Murton

    Father, Great is your faithfulness, each morning new mercies I see

  26. Michael Acosta

    Amen! Believing Gods promises will come to pass in my life! I will look back at this declaration of faith someday, and tell myself " God is faithful.."

  27. jenelyn santiago

    miss the old song of hillsong and also darlene.... 😭😢

  28. Iaishah Warbah

    keep it up Hillsong God always with you all .for your song touch all hard heat people 😍😘😍😘😍love you all

  29. Constance Hauya

    It amazes how You care for me Father, Your promises are indeed true....Amen

  30. Ken Flores

    Even in my darkest days, YOU ARE FAITHFUL!

  31. Antonino Minutoli

    Continuate continuate a far alzare le mani hai figli di Dio è sarà la gioia nei loro cuori

  32. Helen Tuiavii

    ilove this Song

  33. Хасанчик Хасанов

    Мне всегда нравится как она поёт!!!

  34. Хасанчик Хасанов

    Аминь аминь аминь!!!!!! ИСО МАСИХ!!! Jesus Lord!!! My Savior!!! From Uzbekistan!!!!!)))))

  35. Leonardo Campos de Souza

    The faith in God moves mountain 👐🎻🎵🎧

  36. michael olweny

    God you are surely faithful..............

  37. E C

    YOu are so faithful oh God because you never leave those who put their trust in you and you always hears prayers.

  38. jocey stear

    YOur JOY is my STRENGTH...thank you FATHER GOD!

  39. Cristina Gansas

    Faithful you are faithful king of king lord of lord you are faithful amen

  40. Unique Ulrique

    The old hillsong is the best compared to the recent hillsong team.


    Dont watched the new one caused one time i comment to them the one who reply to me almighty beast the united hillsong avoid to play thier song

  41. Marygrace Galano

    When people try to screw you, when people try to steal the joy within, when people hate you even if you did nothing..... despite all these things Lord you remain faithful and You're bigger than all these. Your joy is my strength! What a timely message ☺ Thank you Lord!

  42. Jean Nambassa

    Glory to the king.Our saviour

  43. Julio Cadena

    Amén. You're faithful

  44. Gabriella Caroli

    Bellissimo spero che vengano in italia

  45. yoli garcia


  46. cade wille

    We praise you Father Lord God Almighty, in your Only Son Lord Jesus Christ’s Name we pray!

  47. Martha Ng'ambi

    Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to me... I'm really grateful.

  48. The chapter and verse

    This song helps me to remind always that God are faithful.thank you all

  49. kan Jantasan


  50. rkamsav saviour

    King Jesus you are faithful

  51. Selma de assis


  52. Virginia Moreira

    Jeremias oleiro 18 💦💦💦💦💙💙💙💙💙💫💫💫💫💫💦💦💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💫💫💫🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️ meu pai Petrônio Moreira da Silva 💂💂 Antulho Moreira da Silva 💂 lei de Moisés honra pai e mãe amar nosso próximo como a ti mesmo 💙💙💙💙💦💦💦💙💙💙💫💫💫🕊️🕊️

  53. Pragati Vaish

    Awesome really feeling Blessed beautifully worship God bless ur team 😇🙏

  54. praise song Amaya

    I love this song

    Karen Gregory

    Me to . Praise him 🙏

  55. Rhoderick Ballesteros

    Please bring back the old hillsong. Nothing like it.

  56. Gloria Mugarura

    The original Hillsong is UNMATCHED!!!

  57. Yaks N

    For your love for us, your joy in us, how you care for us no matter the circumstances we declare Lord God! You are faithful!

  58. Yaks N

    I woke up to this song! Indeed Jesus our Lord God has been faithful. He has been faithful to me (us), to generations past and to the future generations!

    The same God! He is faithful.
    Thank you Holy Spirit!

  59. Lubna Weshah

    I cant even tell how God is faithful to me glory to u might Father

  60. Evodia Tueri

    Yes Lord you are faithful! 😭😭😭

  61. Patrick Kelly

    Pipo ov God l have a dream to worship in this church wiz this team before ma death since am n Uganda , Africa l hav that wish to God

    Once l enter into diz church it's OK for me to die

    Lubna Weshah

    Ugandans we should also pray to God b gifted as westens spirtually

  62. Virgie Lao

    Lord thankyou kc inabot mo parin ako,napakabuti mo sa akin slamat po ama

  63. sangeetha mg

    S Lord ur faithful God iam always thankful to you Lord u Jesus Amen hallelujah

  64. Lee Grace

    ​does somebody know when it was? I want to see full concert..

    Arlene Wu

    Album is Saviour King, year 2007

  65. Jesuraj RS

    i put my hope in things not seen

  66. Mary Ann Robles

    Lord Jesus thank you for your faithfulness ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Melanne Pacheco

    I always see in our channels(the ones that worship the Lord)messages and comments full of loving,friendly and peaceful words!Look at the diference it does when we are servants of the Most High,Almighty G-d!Meanwhile,the world is full of hatred,fights,death,robbery,empty hearts and sadness!Look how awesome and kind is our G-d!!!Let us spread His LOVE and WORD always and forever,amen!

  68. Pablo Gomez

    God is Good.


    To My Faithful Creator Forever thank you for everything.I believe in YOU. I trust everything in your most holy Name. Pray For Us,Hear For Us and Answer Our Prayers. Amen! Jesus!😿🙏🙇❤😭🌠✨🔥

  70. Aerol Paulo Arbues

    You are faithful... Your joy is my strength. :)

  71. Poonam Singh

    So beautiful song always God bless u always Sis

  72. Susan Daria

    Lord you are Faithful ....Love u so much !....

  73. Lauren Hughes

    i love jesus

  74. Philips D Barma

    Praise Jesus

  75. Jericho Nolasco


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  79. Mary Crish Calban

    How come this song has only more than 200k views?
    Singing the faithfulness of God will always get me on my knees. And indeed this song is so beautiful. This song will never become old to me. The anointing carries this song forever to the glory of God!

  80. mono komo

    God created us all and read your bible everyday coz it is the truth..The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdomProverbs 1:7/ Mateo 6:33/ Romans 13:1/ Romans 1:25/ John 14:6/ Acts 1:8/ Exe. 36:26/1 cor. 3:16/ 1 cor. 6:19/ Life and death is the power of tongue. Think good,speak good and do good in your life coz it is your own life. Everyone of us individually will surrender ourselves to our Heavenly Father..God is love and you love our Almighty Good deep inside in your heart not to people who abuse us..To God be all the glory!

  81. Agnes Dwi 27

    It's my favorite song

    Banter shaphrang Wahlang wahlang

    Ban wahlang, u blei u long bakhraw ia baroh

  82. Marisha Halli

    Thank you Lord for using these people to remember your faithfulness to us. Help me to draw myself back to you.

  83. สุนิสา มินไพร


  84. Kaelo Modikwa

    Your Joy is my strength

  85. i love you always f4 muahhh

    Thank you for faithfulness to me god and i need you always by my side for anything strubbles in me your always of me thank you and i love you so much papa god need more blessing and him

  86. Thalia Rose

    You are always faithful dear Lord God. I Love you Jesus Christ.

    Theo. Onyechere


  87. Gary Amor

    Yes oh Lord God you are Faithful.
    Thank you for your life to save my soul.
    Praise you oh Lord God Jesus Christ.
    Halelujah in the Highest Lord of All

  88. Kim Valdez

    In Jesus Christ Name Amen 🙏

  89. manu rukta

    love u jesus..

  90. Marites Gomez

    amen....always...You are faithful...

    Piter Subba

    Marites Gomez THAN YOU LORD

  91. Victor Jr Fuentes

    Darlene is truly an Angel sent as a gift from God to us... how lucky are we.

  92. Maria Verónica Sandoval Rodríguez

    🌍Houston,Texas & Sydney Australia unidos en amor de Cristo Jesús📖Amen📝🎼🎵🎻💙💚💛)

    สุนิสา มินไพร


  93. Wilma Decoy


    humphrey malama

    God is faithful truly 😍

  94. Harry Kim

    O love the LORD, all ye his saints: for the LORD preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer.

  95. Anick Assonne

    Mon Dieu que serai-je sans Toi..où en serai-je aujourd'hui sans Toi mon Jésus...ma sans Toi n'est rien. Je sais que je m'éloigne mais mon coeur est et reste attaché à Toi Seigneur☺☺☺☺😍😍😍😍

  96. Karen Gregory

    You are faithful. Amazing worship . Amen

  97. adelfa Tan

    Sana hindi domating ang araw ng.mondo bad hindi niyon alam kaya ako nag pray si lord nag sabi sakin nito para oki ang boo mondo piro sa tingi ko wala ang pag pray magolo din alam ni lord hindi ako himigi ng tolong gosto oki ang mondo thank you kay lord may domating man poudlima na ayos agad walang namatay marami sana maisip ng mondo yon thank you