Hillsong Live - I'm Not Ashamed Lyrics

When You found me
my whole world changed
I'm redeemed by Your life
let the earth sing
You are freedom
turn my darkness to light

You welcome me in
with open arms
into unending light

I'm not ashamed of the gospel Lord
Your power Your love
You saved my soul
now I'm alive in You
I live in the risen Son

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Hillsong Live I'm Not Ashamed Comments
  1. RamMark Ligalig

    Who's still here at 2020????

  2. Rafaeala Estrella


  3. Kyriee.TV

    We danced it in the anniversary of the church. Missing that time cuz I am overseas worker in the middle east. It was year 2009 and still know the step <3

  4. Christian Hymns

    I love you so much Jesus💕💕💕.For you are my everything..


    Why marty sampson left?

  6. Katherine Bingcula

    2019 Still listening 😘

    Jesus Follower

    Every day 🙌

    junile lasco

    first praise and worship that I know when God introduce Himself to me and accepted him
    , still giving me goosebumps

  7. sading rome

    Marty Sampson RIP you will be remembered

    Elizabeta Kirkland

    He's not dead, he is leaving the Christian music industry

    sading rome

    Elizabeta Kirkland Savior king album is his last performance in hillsong band . This was 15 years ago

    Broann Roblox

    @sading rome No, his last performance is in "Elohim", but according to Wikipedia, he appeared in the Peace Project, singing "Peace Upon the Earth".

  8. Josue Silva

    Pray for marty

  9. Cristian Zalazar

    Could you mame a spanish versión of the song? Thannks!

  10. Cristian Zalazar

    I remember muy first christian days.

  11. J P

    marty left the group😩

  12. Amanda Marconi

    I love you song

  13. Christian Thornton

    First song I ever learned on bass guitar.

  14. Daniel Mendoza

    Confessing you’re sin it’s the only way to be forgiving ✝️

  15. Lapynsuk Lyngwa

    Thank you Jesus.....

  16. Ninjapie_0

    Terpujilah Tuhan 😀😇⚡⚡

  17. Ian Dela Cruz

    Who is the bassist of this song?

    Michael odede

    The drummers have their own bassist
    For Rolf Wam Fjell his bassist is Ben Whincop for Paul Marbury his bassist is Matt Tennikoff

  18. Arnold Machalaga

    I love this song

  19. jesus alejandro González Vázquez

    I miss the rock N roll of hillsong. Brings back this music.

  20. Fran Kobi

    Cristo es Rey.

  21. Cheena Moscoso

    Romans 1:16 ☝🏼

  22. JB 150 Team JurBox

    Praise the Lord

  23. heady

    underrated song by hillsong.

  24. Jojo Aba

    Marty Sampson is the best worship leader compair to Joel Houston , he really mean to worship God not only to perform


    stop comparing. they both good.

    Jojo Aba

    @heady bro. I'm not comparing them I'm just observed them


    @Jojo Aba ok fine.but just keep it for yourself.

    Jojo Aba

    @heady why are u affected? It's just a simple comment,


    @Jojo Aba ok then

  25. Julie Bela Wamona


  26. BMENG

    Old hillsong was the best. Felt more genuine and straightforward. Endless memories of singing these songs at summer and winter retreats

  27. Entrei pela porta Estreita

    2019 ? Alguém?

    Lucas Farias

    Sou yo varão

  28. cade wille

    Praise the Heavenly Father in his Heavenly Son’s Name!

  29. kyle yasha

    we always play this song back in 2009 with my fellow youth.. and we dance i love the old hillsong ..

  30. Mel Mejia

    2019 😇

  31. Wiedya Paramita

    Aq pgn motorny

  32. luis miguel pinto cabrera

    Que seriamos sin DIOS .. de donde vendria tanta belleza

  33. Angel Boy Castro

    Hi brothers and sisters :) God is smiling on us 'coz of this song.

  34. Katherine Chacòn

    Me transporte al pasado jejeje :) en mi iglesia la tocaban en el grupo de jóvenes :) Dios es bueno!!

    Débora Rayces

    Tenés la letra en español traducida?

  35. Mat Ziah

    Hillsong songs is my alarm clock

    Aaron John Sabu

    Agreed - "What the world will never take" and "Wake"

    The Randomist

    Same; Adonai and Break Free

  36. Imaobong Akpan


  37. Maria Oh

    Why did darlene left hillsong?

    Elizabeta Kirkland

    She and her husband are now the senior pastors of HopeUC, was diagnosed with breast cancer but survived and released two live albums. She is now a singer in her own right. I really miss Darlene 💖

  38. Patricia Rodriguez

    Awhh Is this song based off of the movie “I am not ashamed” the columbine shooting tragedy 😓

    Culture Dan

    me too babe !

  39. Kiran Bhagat

    This was the first song I heard of hillsong

    american dream

    Me too 😃😃😃

  40. Harry Kim

    “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”
    Deuteronomy 31:6 (KJV)

  41. Steve Reynolds

    Wow! Great song!

  42. Diane Zak

    AWESOME! Thank you 🙏

  43. Mary Bacani

    amen 🙌

  44. oky_deh


    filipe antonio

    oky irawan mantap 😄

  45. isha lucia

    Praise the lord alellluia ❤

  46. Archana Fereira

    I love this worship leaders. God Bless them all


    marty simpson

  47. Janet Fogarty

    We Are Taking All The Kingdoms Of This World !

  48. 4bigface

    the camera angle's are so 2000's LOL


    Love it

  49. Harry Kim

    O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but I have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me.

    And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.

  50. ya gitu deh

    nice beat one the best of hillsong

  51. Dila Drum

    Rolf the best 💪

  52. Andy Kinser

    Love that wah at the beginning riff

  53. Lucy Gichuki

    Beautiful praise... amen

  54. Josue Bogran

    Haha I always love this song. I appreciate Guys for uploading this videos.

  55. Elías González

    OMG I remember when I was 11 and danced alone in my bedroom with that song.

    Abner Juarez

    Dancing and nodding ☺


    Elias LIVE same!

    Nicksar Patoc

    what a good remembrance...

    Eliseo Andrade Cordero

    So did I. I was 12 back then. Now I'm 22 and when I listen to this song, it gives me so much joy deep inside. How wonderful were my 10s with that song. Greeting from Mexico, Elias. You made my day with your comment.

    Classical Musician

    Even now I still do that whenever I hear this song.