Hillsong Live - How Great Is Our God Lyrics

The splendor of the King, clothed in majesty
Let all the earth rejoice, let all the earth rejoice
He wraps himself in light and darkness tries to hide
It trembles at his voice

How great is our God, sing with me
How great is our God, all will see how great
How great is our God

Age to age he stands and time is in his hands
Beginning and the end, beginning and the end
The God-head three in one, Father, Spirit, Son
The lion and the lamb, the lion and the lamb

Name above all names, worthy of our praise
My heart will sing how great is our God

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Hillsong Live How Great Is Our God Comments
  1. Abrhm Wonka

    merry christmas all god bless you all ❤

  2. Inia Tuqiri

    Love to say that this is the best version Of this song HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD

  3. Q Louis Mendoza

    Beautiful. Just too beautiful. Our Lord is great. Thank you Heavenly Father.

  4. Ashlyn Ashlyn

    Hallelujah amen please don't stop singing

  5. Ashlyn Ashlyn

    God your greatness is never going to stop and doesn't have a ending. amen. Father this is one of your children speaking, Ashley.

  6. Amilia Robles

    God is good, my provider my refuge and my salvation Amen🙏🏻😇♥️❤️

  7. MHT

    What’s so great about this God please?

    Kelsey Derrick

    @MHT Jesus died for us and He loves us even though we have absolutely nothing worthy to give Him back in return. Even though we were sinners and rebellious He still loves us with an unconditional perfect love so much to die for us, take sins punishment of hell away from us if we believe and belong in Him and offer His free gift of grace to us unreservedly. The Lord is God and He is so unfathomably great in every sense of the word!


    @Kelsey Derrick - Thank you for your response. I still have a myriad of questions, but it’s a start. Thank you.

    1) In what way am I rebellious towards God?
    2) I heard that some Christians don’t believe in an actual literal place called Hell and that Hell in itself is just a separation from God. Therefore, what are people saved from? Death? I’m quite happy not living forever and not knowing about it.
    3) There seem to be a lot of moral obligations and regulations surrounding being a follower of Jesus, so is the relationship really unconditional?
    4) Is the greatness of this God all about what Jesus did on the cross? I would love to believe, but this just doesn’t seem to affect me at all.

  8. Christian Gospel

    for those who disliked this video know that Jesus still loves you. God is good

  9. Mr Tings

    Thanks God....
    I blessed with this song....

  10. Boodhooritesh Boodhoo

    My life without hillsong Jesus is nothing

  11. Boodhooritesh Boodhoo

    I want to be there

  12. Pranseda Johanes

    yeaterday, i feel so crying😭 after listen this song😭😭 thankyou jesus for everything

  13. 어으어으에이아

    How great is my size.

  14. 어으어으에이아

    Wtf is that??

  15. Justin Kyle Garcia

    God is great save me the aksident.🙏

  16. Jhen Demz

    God is Great.. The Alpha and Omega

  17. Cintia Moreno

    Cuan grande es Dios 🙌🕊️🙋

  18. Cintia Moreno

    Sorry my traduction

  19. Cintia Moreno

    Beautiful song god live my heard 🇦🇷

  20. Lenny Yohana

    Lord Jesus is great❤️

  21. Rasco rjhane

    God is so great. Give me strength 😊🙃

  22. Francisco Colon

    This song brings tears.

  23. Christian Hymns

    may all who have heard this praise have a day blessed by God !!!

  24. Jaquelyn Tabontabon

    Iloveyou God

  25. Caldonia Lewis

    How great is our God? I love Him so much. Jesus is food, when I was hungry. water, clothes and whatever the body needed He supply. What a great God I invited into my heart. Thank you Jesus!

  26. Zoe David

    Jesus, you are my everything now and forever.

  27. stephen ford jr

    I remember me and my mom used to play this on Sundays from 7am till we got home from church and sing with it..

  28. Efendi Lubiz

    Idk why im cryng when i see this worship😭😭 lord i need you now 😭 i’ve so many problem that u can fix it😭🙏

  29. iiranibby


  30. Alan Wilson

    How great is our JESUS
    Who is here in 2020


    He is great every day

  31. Sarah B

    Psalm 111:7-10 "ALL God accomplishes is flawless, faithful and fair, and His EVERY word proves trustworthy and true. They are steadfast forever and ever, formed from truth and righteousness. His forever-love paid a ransom for His people so that now we're free to come before Jehovah to worship His holy and awesome name! Where can wisdom be found? It is born of fear of God. Everyone who follows His ways will never lack His living-understanding. And the adoration of God will abide throughout eternity!"

  32. Clash Bayors AIX

    27 10 2019

  33. Jeremy Stone

    Jesus the Christ , worthy is the lamb. Get saved ,TODAY,! There is going to be a great feast and you are invited.

  34. Damanbha Muksor

    How great is our God

  35. Windy Brunolien

    I Feel it🙏

  36. aimee sanga

    Yes lord i love jesus

  37. Andrian Tbn

    Jesus love you guys:)

  38. AXEL LAH

    I love god

  39. maRzenn Alzuelo

    Thank you Jesus, how great is our God!

  40. Francis Yana

    God, I pray you bless me before I go to sleep and for the coming days of my life. I know you have plans for me, and I trust in all of you. I feel bad most of the at work but i know you have plans for me and for my family, you are truly my loving God. Bless me with your powerful hand, I love you my God.

  41. Abimbola Olusegun

    This is heart 😘😘touching

    Abimbola Olusegun


  42. Reza Fauzi

    tuhan selalu ada disetiap langkah ku
    kuyakin tuhan pelihara aku


  43. Pierrot Andreville

    Jesús is very good every day & eternely

  44. jhonpaul rulie

    How great is our GOD🙏👼

  45. Inong Oscar

    Sumpahhh suara penyanyinya bagus kali waakkkk !!!!!!!

  46. vika koroi

    Yes our GOD IS GREAT

  47. Kim Valdez

    In Jesus Christ Name Amen 🙏

  48. Oliver D'mello

    Jesus is not God,God doesn't exist!!!

    Marlon White

    Prove it.

  49. Oliver D'mello

    Fuck you Jesus Christ!!!

  50. Oliver D'mello

    Fuck this band!!!

  51. Oliver D'mello

    Fuck you hillsong worship!!!

    Javier Cercas

    I know deep inside you're sorry

  52. Babey Jayy

    Amen 🙏
    In the name of Jesus ❤️ god is good.

  53. victory victory


  54. Torvic Ricohermoso

    God is a great healer,, I'm Heald, stroke

  55. Rudy Rodriguez

    god screwing up and making the internet slow again.

  56. Brenda Glast

    Love this song make me cry God is great

  57. marsya fika

    yes, Jesus is so great

  58. Kathy Moreau

    Krystal how great is are god

  59. Kathy Moreau

    How great is the God

    Rudy Rodriguez

    not great at all sorry

  60. Luc Des


  61. JBH

    The Best ending of Hillsong Worship

  62. Charles TV

    God please heal me from my anxiety 🙏😔❤️

    David Quintana

    Charles TV when your anxious pray brother claim him talk to him. Cry if you have too but talk to him. And he’ll let you know everything is going to be okay. Stay strong Jesus is with you!

    Carmela Luca

    Charles TV he will. He is so wonderful!! Ask and receive your wish ♥️

    Bia Vianna

    Charles TV Amém 🙏

    Maui Bejar

    1 Peter 5:7 cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you ♥️ God bless bro

    vania d

    Ive been healed when I was surrender to Him.. sometimes I still anxious but its much better now.. I hope God heal your anxiety too 🙏🙏

  63. 韋華許


  64. Jess Me

    God is above all else

  65. Jane Khumalo

    he sustains

  66. lm16basketball

    I don’t see this song on the mighty to save cd

  67. K-TO Maa BOY

    jesus is my life

  68. Destiny Bowens

    Great Forever & Always Jesus 🙌

  69. Gygf Gyyg

    Why I solve them them all

  70. Philip Mulenga

    How Great is our God

  71. Georga Aldo

    Love jesus 😍

  72. Matthias Rambally

    Love you Jesus
    Ps Hillsong was on a totally different level back then wow ....I hope they come back to that place where holy spirit always leads and Jesus is at the centre of everything 😌

  73. Mas Berto

    God Love Indonesia.
    My heart will sing...

  74. Luc Des


  75. Anjana Roche

    Darelne is got amazing voice.. she leads beautiful worship

  76. Dion Aru

    Holy is the lord

  77. Bethy Mamagirl Kondolo


  78. Simian Unlucky

    Where was the location for this 2006 performance?

  79. emerson damires

    Everytime i sing this song.. i cant stop my eyes from cryin... How great is our God, i found and know him in muslim country.🥰 my heart is full of gratitude. He is a truly living God, who is loving and forgiving and he hears our prayer. Praise God!

  80. Chenka Thevenin

    My JESUS is ready of all praises
    He is great, greater than all
    He is above all
    How great is our God.

  81. Jeremiah Gathara

    If people can praise this way..what about the Angels?Lord may I not miss heaven.

  82. Gygf Gyyg

    Madero I order ten thousand trupe or u suffer send them fully armd I won't save your life again

  83. Desti Yanti

    Amennnn Thanks God ,, you so much love me . Beautiful voice

  84. James Toussaint

    please subscribe me

  85. Broann Roblox

    Isn't there more lyrics?

  86. Tevin Arnold

    Lord you are great. You have done so much for me and you are worthy of my praise, worship and my life. I love you Lord GOD, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit

  87. A. Randolph

    Darlene Zschech was a Rockstar to me when I was little.


    God is Great!

  89. Севдалина Янчева

    Да хвалим Господа постоянно и винаги,защото Бог е велик!

  90. Dewi Ratna

    How great is our GOD. To GOD be the glory... shalom from Indonesia

  91. Santy Me

    JESUS is GREAT 💗💗💗

  92. Love The Modest dress

    girl who use to wear a modest dress are all beautiful! Godbless you all!!!

  93. Kenny Keffer

    God comes and gets me and takes me to heaven

  94. Rob Zdziebko

    He sent His only son to suffer for our sins. That alone tells you how Great our God is. Jesus died to be my Savior but He lives to be my King!

  95. Devorah Mae Doce

    He is Great!

  96. Ignasius Nugroho

    I feel the spirit. Yes, I feel a great love from Him. It feel so strong. Thanks for a great song. Thanks God, Thanks for everything. Jesus bless us.

    From Indonesia

  97. Yvonne Wapperom

    God is great ❤ he heals me from cancer 🙏

    Madhumitha Mk


    Home Tone Fitness


    Abi Oke

    Congratulations darling, what a mighty God we serve!

    Bia Vianna

    Yvonne Wapperom Amém 🙏

    bheki vilakati

    Yvonne Wapperom amen

  98. Cristina Gansas

    How Great is our God Amen i really i like this song To God be the Glory from Philippines