Hillsong Live - Hosanna Lyrics

I see the King of Glory,
Coming on the clouds with fire.
The whole earth shakes,
The whole earth shakes.
I see his love and mercy,
Washing over all our sin.
The people sing,
The people sing.

Hosanna in the highest.

I see a generation,
Rising up to take their place.
With selfless faith,
With selfless faith.
I see a near revival,
Stirring as we pray and seek
We're on our knees,
We're on our knees.

Heal my heart and make it clean,
Open up my eyes to the things unseen.
Show me how to love like You have loved me.
Break my heart for what breaks yours
Everything I am for Your Kingdom's cause,
As I walk from earth into eternity.

Hosanna in the highest.

Hosanna in the highest.

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Hillsong Live Hosanna Comments
  1. Debbie Leigh Icoy

    Break my heart of what break Yours💜

  2. Best Praise & Worship Songs


  3. Amos 'e

    every time I play guitar with this song ,always feel Jesus with me ,Amen

  4. Nadz. xD

    al akhbar

  5. Putra Mahesa



    This song is ncredible just like my heavenly father

  7. Nikki Silvane

    Im truly touched by such beautiful music. When are you coming to Africa!!!

  8. Sammy Crespi

    amen amen

  9. tattleofgaminguk

    This could be last decade before end of tines

  10. Gesslee Gebb Gayam

    Heal my heart and make it clean, open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love like you have loved me. Break my heart for what breaks Yours, everything Iam for Your Kingdoms cause. huhu

    Hosanna in the Highest!! <3

  11. Malya Raja

    Christ change our lives this year! 🙏❤️♥️💖😍

    Malya Raja

    Pray! 🙌

  12. Randy Albarico

    the singer is so beautiful Im inlove <3

  13. LennetteTVDiaries

    It feels so good. Singing your heart out to GOD

  14. LennetteTVDiaries

    It feels so good. Singing your heart out to GOD

  15. KaliYapa3 Root

    My Only GOD

    I give YOU my heart,
    my soul,
    my life.

  16. Acel_pardede24 Boy

    Praise the Lord Jesus! How great is out God, Bigger of all allah 😇🙏👼

  17. Becky Morales

    I'm from Guatemala City 🇬🇹
    Blessings 🙏❤️
    Hossana Hossana 📷

  18. Brening sangma

    I like to song,,,,God bless you n always

  19. dj frankie

    Im not into this kind of gospel music. But this one has such a power in it
    And freedom sends shivers down my spine..godbleess everobody! And godbless hillsong for making such a powerfull whorship songs..

  20. Jeymasa yobin

    I need my jesus u my life i

  21. realcindy dadrana

    Help the philippines oh LORD

  22. Soy Dexque

    2020 anyone



  24. Gifty Tenewaa Nkansah

    Over 4k disliking this video
    I hope Christ touch them one day to see Him

  25. timothy kabaaho

    Am from Uganda. God is the highest of all

  26. jhon surender

    Hosanna King of the King

  27. shaun van Rooi

    Abide in me and I will abide in u a promise u can count on hosanna in the highest .

  28. Megan Julies

    ✝️💕😭🙏Need to repent all I get from reading the Bible is to repent. Turning away from God once bring me nightmares (my bad habits) what I wish to break by being closer to God in Jesus's name ✝️... I need to be because living without him bring me sad high key or / even low key depression which I don't know how to react to, I don't know how to move forward so I will have too move closer with hope hopefully I do a great job at it than how I perform in my life which I always wish is different💕💕.

  29. alcaisland a


  30. Iron Ballz

    Because if you explain everything... it’s not worth the trip and the journey...

  31. Kitione Wara

    Bula from fiji,love this song blessed year to all christ believer....TO GOD BE THY GLORY......Amen!

  32. Kawana Kawana

    I love this worship song hosanna in the highest may the Almighty God bless u continue with the same spirit team Jesus

  33. Allieyah Tiu

    You are the highest of everything JESUS. ILOVE YOU

  34. Erivan Rodrigues

    Que o Senhor Jesus abençoe a vida de quem está aí escutando essa linda canção de adoração.

  35. Bondiblu2

    Best line: 'Break my heart for what Breaks Yours'. Love in its truest form. Love to all.

  36. Hazel Turner

    last year was tough, praise be to the Lord for helping me through it 😘

  37. Md Md

    Prayer for my family

  38. Joan Marie Alcazar

    This was the first video that made me fall in love with Brooke <3
    She inspired me to learn how to play guitar and be the best version of myself as a worship leader. Thank God!

  39. Joan Marie Alcazar

    This was the first video that made me fall in love with Brooke <3
    She inspired me to learn how to play guitar and be the best version of myself as a worship leader. Thank God!


    I love you Jesús....

  41. Reema


  42. andria mez

    Im from India ...proud to know that im worship the Living God...yes Hosanna in the Highest....God bless you all ...wonderful song ...love all your song it really lifted the spirit and touch my heart...Amen

  43. Titus Bawihung

    This is how many likes people are Christian

  44. Katuni TV

    I'm from Tanzania
    Hosanna is the highest
    Jesus is my saviour

  45. Sonia Urbano

    2020 I still listening this.really love this song

    anpan woman

    Have a great year ahead, God bless

    Sonia Urbano

    @anpan woman GODBLESS you too

  46. The Gaming Show

    A día de hoy tengo 25 años y en un par de días cumpliré 26 y es el tiempo que me tomo darme cuenta de que solo Dios podía hacer algo en mi vida y hacer que esta misma valga la pena, tuve y aún tengo una crisis nerviosa muy fuerte que hasta hace poco solo ansiolíticos y benzodiazepinas fuertes podían "controlar" luego de muy duras recaídas y noches con pesadillas sin poder dormir y tener la sensación de que siempre podía morir en cualquier momento podía venir una crisis y matarme volvi a los brazos de Dios, a pesar de que me aleje de él, lo ignore e incluso llegue a pensar que no existía el toco mi corazón y mi vida y atravez de la oración y buscar de el y esforzarme para vivir una vida conforme a su voluntad llegaba la paz que ninguna tableta ni ningún tratamiento podía darme, la paz que solo el espíritu santo de Dios puede brindar. Se que con la ayuda de Dios podre superar del todo esta crisis y que me sirvió como una prueba para no volver a alejarme de él. Si llegaste hasta aquí quiero que sepas que no importa que cosas dijiste o hiciste. Dios tiene un propósito para tu vida solo tienes que buscarlo de corazón. Un abrazo y que Dios te bendiga

  47. 래빗꼬마

    무슨 말인지 모르겠는데 마음이 슬프면서 행복한...😢😢😢

  48. emanuelle sa

    hosana nas alturas, gloria Deus ouvindo em 2020!!!

  49. Ranjeet Singh Sehgal

    ” Matthew 6:9–10, NIV 
    This, then, is how you should pray:“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

    🕊️Prayer for All the Belivers🕊️

    Our Father in heaven!,
    may your name be honored. May your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as in heaven. May this continue to be our prayer in the new year, and may we find fellowship with one another in what is eternal and holy. Bless us on our way. Bless us on our earthly pilgrimage so that we may remain free from all bondage, able to thank you day and night for all the good you do, even when things look very dark. We praise your name and we pray as the Savior has taught us. Amen. 

  50. Anibal Velasquez

    Hosana Jesús

  51. Annie Hua

    Day 1 of 365 in a new decade - 2020s? Who are listening to it now?


    My favourite hit of all times. Listening in 2020

  52. NNN NNN

    I am Muslim and word Hussaina ❤️ always makes me cry. 😭😭😭

    Denin George

    Its hosanna brother😍


    @Denin George Hosanna or Hussaina 😊 both are Right
    Like Ali or Eli❤️❤️

    Denin George

    @NNN NNN 😍



  53. OnDemand PowerWashing

    This is the year 2020 and still desperate for you Lord Jesus.

  54. André Alves

    Louvado seja YHWH o verdadeiro nome de Eloim e seu filho Yhwsha... (Deus e Jesus nomes pagãos)

  55. albasha sattar

    I like this there is true believe in my heart December 2019

  56. Opemipo Ajibola

    Hossanna is thy highest, Thank you Lord Jesus for the salvation 😊

  57. Lord Khaled

    La ilaha il Allah Muhammad ur Rasul Allah 💯♥️

    Jo El

    Lord Khaled Hosanna In the Highest❤️❤️

  58. Michael B

    Everyone around the world please pray for me. I have a drug addiction that has cost me soo much more than money. I have put my family and close ones through soo much pain for soo many years. This year I had water baptism and publicly declared the lord as my one and only saviour. I have since struggled with severe anxiety and depression

    The lord has done wonders in my life and I pray he will cure me of my addiction and sickness. Amen

  59. Michael B

    May god touch each and every human being in 2020 and open their eyes up to worship him

  60. Maria Vargas

    I really like this a vid i liked it so much i showed my sister and she loved it even more!!!!👭👏💖📱

  61. Eric de Leon de Jesus

    Heal my 💓 ang make it clean.Lord Jesus🙏

  62. Chris William

    Don't even go there Jordana fe fi fo fan 🌬️🔥👩‍🔧👩‍⚕️👩‍🔬👩‍✈️👩‍💼👩‍⚖️👩‍🎨👩‍🏭e
    Is what to expect when you have one mother no father in about six goddamn daughters and where did your mother live and y'all where where where where where where where where where where where where where where where where La Prada their own mother taught them all to be trashy ass s**** that's the deuce and seduction two men such as teachers and just so they can use men people like this shouldn't survive shouldn't be in this goddamn country right here in America

  63. Jonto Junior

    Hallelujah,my sister in the Lord,
    More Grace.....!!!!!! hosanna.

    rijo merijo


  64. Kavi Fernando

    Im from sri lanka ❤❤❤❤ hosanna hosanna ❤❤

  65. Divine Richard

    Winning team gather here Jesus is the winner all the earth shall sing of his praises hallelujah

  66. Darren Coleman

    Merry Christmas to you Hillsong United I Love your songs so much. They are Incredible. God bless you always

  67. Sot 22

    Who’s hosanna

  68. star4861

    God bless you.

  69. Junior Agenda

    God bless you Hillsong, you're an inspirational to me

  70. Trifonia fista12

    Jesus Is The best
    God is good
    all the time

  71. kunal sahu

    ❤️ touching song

  72. David Houma

    As a Mormon, I discovered this song again after many years ago and it brought me to tears of joy and great love for my Saviour. Praise to him with all my heart and strength! I am because of you Lord.

  73. Anshu shishank

    Worship to jesus only😊

  74. Anshu shishank

    Hil my heart jesus luv u 😊

  75. Chloe Lauren

    So beautiful and touching

  76. Carlos Lara

    I am From Honduras Love You Jesucristo , Hossanna en las Alturas 💓💯💪💪

  77. Abigail Mutheu

    So excited to see Darlene and Brooke in this so beautifully done

  78. Grace P

    Praise the lord 🙏

  79. clive banks

    I love Disney music

  80. gloria lopez

    Before this decade ends, God heal our hearts and make it clean.

  81. Hotnida B

    Kemulian untuk Tuhan😇🙏🙏

  82. Blades 22

    Only brooke should sing this

  83. Alfredo Gomes

    God Blessing My Country East Timor.

  84. Domin Bapaimu

    I Love You Jesus❤🙏

  85. Janos Hegymegi

    Csodálatos bemeni az Isten dicsőségenek a jelenlétébe ,

  86. Gabriela Škodoňová


  87. Anibal Velasquez


  88. Thulmwfm BBomas Maleakhi

    This year 5 million subscribers

  89. Eric de Leon de Jesus

    Hosanna in the highest ❤️🙏

  90. Lucas Packness

    Aqui para os brasileiros parece que ela está cantando Rosana , que é um nome próprio.

  91. Rubas Rabuni

    Love you so much Jesus Christ

  92. Abigail Zimba

    Hosanna in the highest...I bless your name Lord Jesus🙌

  93. Cute Dolly

    God is my saviour 😇😇

  94. Lord Khaled

    The Only lord is Allah 💯
    Muhammad is his last prophet 💯
    Jesus christ is prophet and servent 💯
    Salvation is only through Prophet Muhammad 💯
    Jesus christ will Return only to preach ISLAM 💯
    ✔️Muhammad is the Prince of God's whole kingdom and Owner of the paradise 👑

    Queen 1975

    I hope you will know the truth...😄

    Lord Khaled

    @Queen 1975 I'm living truthful life as a Muslim 😊👍

    Jo El

    Lord Khaled Even after thousands of years the effect of Ishamel is still continuing on the sons of Abraham