Hillsong Live - Here In My Life Lyrics

I have never walked on water
Felt the waves beneath my feet but
At your Word Lord, I'll receive Your
Faith to walk on oceans deep

And I remember how You found me:
In that very same place
All my failing surely would've drowned me
Still You made a way

You are my freedom
Jesus you're the reason
I'm kneeling again at Your throne
Where would I be without You
Here in my life, here in my life?

You have said that all the heavens
Sing for joy at one who finds
The way to freedom, truth of Jesus
Brought from death into His life

And I remember how You saw me:
Through the eyes of Your grace
And though the cost was Your beloved for me
Still you made a way

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Hillsong Live Here In My Life Comments
  1. Paul Lee

    one of the greatest worship songs ever created all glory to king JESUS

  2. Sopa do Macaco

    Essa canção tem mais de 12 anos, muito linda

  3. Cilla Cassidy

    This song carried me when i lost my mum in 2018 and I'm still listening to it today. It brings me to tears and too my knees every time.

  4. Randall Camburn

    Really great worship songs like this one are hard to come by.

  5. April Nelson

    And I remember how you saw me through the eyes of your grace 🙌 I'm all healed from an immunity disorder that had trapped me since last two years. Hallelujah all glory n honour n power n might n Thanksgiving be to the Lamb who took away all my disease. I love you Jesus You are Mine and I'm all yours. He is life, only He can give you life! Thats my testimony to share with you all. May you all grow in faith n love in Christ Jesus. Amen. Blessings 😇

  6. Liam Canham

    This song makes me cry cause this describes how I feel about God

  7. UpsetKid Panda

    From what album is this song from? I couldnt find it

  8. Boster

    2019 and still love it

  9. Ricardo Lugo

    God bless this ministry Hillsong United. The letter of this song increases the faith and anointment to those who believe in Jesus; in spirit and thru.

  10. Mukbang Legends Bang Bang

    Anyone in 2019? #GreetingsFromPhilippines

  11. Chrisjonpane Lazaga

    2019. :)

  12. Brittany Wu

    You are my freedom, Jesus you're the reason.

  13. Tarek Grez

    2019 and listening to this one!

  14. Thales Torres

    "Where would l be without you, here in my life....".

  15. Chris Naguit

    I know my god and, my god knows me

  16. Eli Levi

    I love ❤ Jesus. I also love humanity.

  17. sarakcoconutboy


  18. Junver Sobrecarey

    2018 suicidal person here...pls o need help...im Catholic..

  19. Drss GTR

    Jesus you the reason ❤

  20. Ana Karollyna Andrade

    Linda essa música

  21. Christine Joy Pama

    Jesus you are my reason I love u

  22. Flemático Reformado

    Anyone forgets the day that the words of the I Am conquered our lives.

  23. My Name

    In october 2010 i had an accident and it broke my leg. Everyday i listen and sing this song, i cried unto God... and miracles happened to me 6 months later.. i can walk again normally without a walking stick.. until now Jesus strengthness my legs so i could work as usual.. almost 8 years pass away, i crying again when i hear this song, and i feel how great Jesus loves me.. and He love you too.

  24. Annie Nankumba

    Jesus I need more and more in my life

  25. J KN

    My favorite hillsong😍😍

  26. Jerome Lanting

    Jesus is the reason why people change her life and bad attitude.

  27. Andrew Yeo

    Traumatise no more.

  28. Congregacion Abasolo

    🎱 Katy Perry Sex Video http://videorec.tk/3FTmf

  29. NYCjg 84

    Yesterday, today, tomorrow! We change! He never does! Thankful for grace and mercy father God!

  30. gusthavobp

    17.11.17 still here

  31. Fionna The human

    How can anybody not like this?????

  32. Rachel Paloyo

    God is love,God is life

  33. JET Pangan

    All time favorite song in hillsong

  34. Darlton Rui

    Thanks Hillsong United
    God bless y'all

  35. zs med

    This was my favorite song when I am playing keyboard at the church :*

  36. The Greatest

    I find myself coming back this song quite often lately.

  37. Karla M

    "And though the cost was Your beloved for me, still You made a way."'

    Thank You, Father for the salvation.

  38. ketsia Ricco

    Yes Jesus you are my freedom, you're the reason that I sing...this song make me realise how far God has brought me..nice song be BLESSED hillsong

  39. Naomi Philo

    Bless the Lord.....this song bless my life Amen

  40. Alejandro De Anda

    The Lord has found me in that very same place and I know that I'll recieve the faith to walk on waters, The violent sea that I need to Cross The sea I tried to Cross years ago, the sea of homosexuality that drawn me in other time. Thank you Jesus for give me other opportunity, for let me to be kneeling again at your throne Give me the faith that I need, give me a new hearth, a new life

  41. Faith Great

    Jesus is God.. no other God besides him.. all other gods are man made. useless, unmerciful, powerless,and dead..
    but Jesus is king. rock of ages. cornerstone. fortress. love. justice.
    may you reign. you are good. there is no comparison to who you are. I love you, because you first loved me. lord you stunningly awesome to how every knew trembles in your awesomeness.... I love to call you my daddy more than anything because that is who you are my FATHER

  42. Anita Fernando

    If not for Jesus I would not be alive.He is the God who performs all things for me

  43. Elida Silva

    te amo meu Deus!!🙏🙌💓

  44. Kazuhiro HItoshi

    Jesus You are the reason. You are my freedom.

  45. Endorphines 3+

    So amazing.
    Tks so much for sharing!!!

  46. abigail aguzy

    Jesus I need you in my life everything is you open my eyes and my heart to see you very well

  47. Jake Acoba

    where would I be without Jesus here in my life ..

  48. Dony Kogoya

    I love you Jesus Christ forever and ever

  49. Patrick Kitoko


  50. yiyi achodo

    Such a beautiful song with powerful lyrics!Jesus you are the reason

  51. Michael Hendershot

    Amen an Amen to the Lord who sits on the throne...

  52. lineker pedroza

    2016, and i'm still listening this song and get emotional like the first time i heard it :)

    Youshine Naara

    lineker pedroza same with me.

  53. kaleth valencia

    I love you my jesus❤❤❤👑

  54. kaleth valencia

    here in my life. you are my freedom

  55. jose andreano

    jesus is Good all the time!

    Ghie Bobis

    where would i be without you here in my life..
    thank you Jesus

  56. João P

    jesus my love

  57. Vell Baria Official Channel

    I would rather focus more on CCM than anything else!

  58. Elizabeth Pinohon

    yes,lord help me to solve my problem, because your the one can solve it

  59. Daniel Antioquia

    Thank you Lord God for trusting me this far. I love you Lord.

  60. alexandre leal

    I Love Jesus. This Song is very beautiful <3

  61. Angel Alatah

    beautiful song..!!😚😢

  62. Hyacinth Williams

    Living Europe I watch Hillsong channel everyday on TV, my soul is richly bless😇

  63. Axelle Moussounda

    jesus is the reason we lived

  64. mutto Grace

    really i feel it here in my heart

  65. rut Ma

    amen hallelujah💕

  66. Katsina Mercy

    All I need is You Lord through out my life's journey.Amen

  67. Jacob McCania

    Jesus is everything and everything is Jesus

  68. Paul MacDonnell

    This has 9.2m views. Golly!

  69. Ursula Psaila

    Always walk with JESUS !!!! AMEN !!!

  70. Kim Beryl

    I miss u Darlene. God bless u.

  71. Vanessa Alves

    Jesus lives in me, forever!!

  72. Jessy Kacka

    i love you God and need to seat colser and closer to you.
    my strength
    my healer
    my rock
    my King
    my reedemer
    my salvation
    my savoir
    my all in all is you lord.can't imagine my life without your help and blessings.get praise forever and ever 'cause you'are worthy.the one who was and is and is to come.

  73. Alex Velazquez

    I love cristian music god give me life thanks jesussssssssss

  74. Ahou Adangba


  75. Enderson Vividea

    Here In My Life

  76. Jessy Kacka

    song of my soul

  77. Akho Mabentsela


  78. Melissa Rodriguez

    Jesus you are the reason for me to serve you. you've done great things i can't live without you in my life, you are an awesome Lord thank you that i have a close relationship with you. thank you for blessing my kids we love you Jesus

    Rodrigue Nyamwoga

    Exactly. Be blessed, dear

  79. nelly dearest

    after all this years surely ill be damn if i dont believe that he is the only freedom

  80. Maria Paixão

    Amo esse grupo maravilhoso e essa cantora é tudo de bom tem uma voz linda aleluia!

  81. Ngalim Jean Paul

    Very uplifting song. Darlene is really an anointed vessel. Glory to God

  82. Xu MR

    Hallelujah i like the song

  83. paul francis josh Lopez

    that song is healing jesus Christ for is feedom

  84. antonio honorato

    Jesus you're the reason, I need you in my life

  85. Dhaniel Nani

    jesus is my great saviour, ,,,,


    All those rejecting Christ, all i wish is that you die and see for urself if He is real or not. so wait for your death chilllll

  87. Clay amaral

    a Ele gloria p td sempreeee!!!!!

  88. DiaMar ToCosta

    Hemosa cancion....

  89. Leizl Pineda

    you're my freedom Lord

  90. Leizl Pineda

    you're my freedom Lord

  91. NicholasP

    He who the Son sets free is free indeed.....Jesus You are my Freedom!!!

  92. Acel Ronda

    Its really amazing. Like what's in the Holy Bible: I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. Luke 15:7 :)



  94. DaniellA Potengy

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  95. K Łøvé Ťháwńgpù

    Yes I Love Is Jesus Amen

  96. princess oblefias

    Lord here in my life I surrender all to you. You hold my life in Your hand I will not fall.

  97. Wivine Muntu Ntoya

    What would I be without you?

  98. Jedi Santos

    We sang this in our graduation, and now I heard it again. It suddenly reminded me of God's gracious glory in our lives during our elementary days.