Hillsong Live - Blessed Lyrics

Blessed are those who dwell in Your house
They are ever praising You
Blessed are those whose strength is in You
Whose hearts are set on our God

We will go from strength to strength
Until we see You face to face

Hear our prayer
Oh Lord, God almighty
Come bless our land
As we seek You
Worship You

For You are holy
For You are holy
For You are holy, Lord

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Hillsong Live Blessed Comments
  1. Adriana Giglioli

    Gosto da Darlene dessa Hilsong onde os conheci essa de hoje acho modinha e balada para jovens

  2. Jun Aligato

    Please bring back the old hillsong

  3. Freddie Capillan

    Hillsong inspired me to compose song for God. Please search "Batangas God is faithful". Kindly subscribe and comment. Thanks.

  4. Wesley Wsy

    Fez parte da minha adolescência, escutei muito esse álbum, época boa da música gospel internacional, de riqueza e diversidade dos campos harmônicos e das letras.

  5. Jeffrey Cabiles


  6. Olov Lenberg

    I remember this record. Very restful and worship and light/cheerful, almost every song is in major key. 🙏 I like hearing and seeing the choir, it makes it feel like a community. I also like seeing the church worshiping together.

  7. Best Worship Songs

    who love this song tone leave your emotions ?

  8. 공상원

    Melodic and singer's dress looks good.

  9. Powerful Worship Songs

    Hi brother

  10. Praise & Worship Songs

    How I miss Darlene in Hillsong🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  11. Best Praise & Worship Songs

    GOD knows my weakness and will keep me strong during this time

  12. Luana Silva De Souza

    Saudades do tempo que a Darlene e tantos outros ministravam .😍😍😍...

  13. Elizabeta Kirkland

    Back where Hillsong songs are God-centered, until Taya Smith and Aodhan King ruined it

  14. Hymns & Worship

    Bow down and worship him anytime🙏🏾 I lost my both parents when I was 2 years Lord I’m grateful for your love and mercy. Thank you for being with me I’m 24 years now🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  15. Andy Gayla

    This is one of my favorite song of hillsong,even use in my cellphone ringtone...Praise God..thank you Darlene and team.

  16. Hellen Majuí

    I want more. Best album ever

  17. Mutumba Markraymond

    Thank you Jesus

  18. Geraldine Gaggia

    Darlene I have loved you. Your voice takes me to the heavens.

  19. Geraldine Gaggia


  20. Aldretch Rendon

    Darlene is the most annointed worshipper unlike other worshippers sounds good but there's something locking and that's what i meant.


    You have blessed our hearts for years. May we praise our way all through to our fathers throne. Let's pray for Marti to come back into the peace of God

  22. imban magdalene

    inspiring song,, very well,
    i love it 🥰🥰😇😇

  23. Yaks N

    Lovely - always!

  24. Natannael de Araujo

    Aline Barros canta também! Muito lindo

  25. Joanne Lee

    Praise the name of the Lord! Amen 😌

  26. Melvin Pagunsan


  27. natasha musiimenta

    Beautiful song!!! Blessed are those who dwell in your house Oh GOD!!!

  28. michelle Ann O. Jaducan

    I miss going to church💔

  29. Carl Ricohermoso

    Iam still a lil girl when i started hearing this .. And till now i can still feel the goosebumps ❤️❤️❤️ God is always good !

  30. Jesus Follower

    Wow.. i miss a lot those days and songs.. wow.. i remember so many things.. little things that do not are here anymore.. like my mother.. But Jesus is my Cornestorne!

  31. Barbara Lopes Fonseca

    2019 🎵🎵Louvores que nos faz querer mais Deus!🎶🎶

    Rodrigo de Moraes Garla

    Me leva direto a uma época tão boa.

  32. santo defretes

    I hear this song when I was in highschool and i think Blessed, Hope, For all You've Done is the best Hillsong album for me.. i hope Marty will come back soon.. Merdekaaa!!!

  33. Maria

    Come Heal our land Lord

  34. psicodelik leprechaun

    Hello I am from Mexico I attend a church I would also like to meet friends from all or different parts of the world 18 years I am a man God bless you ^ - ^ I want some distance friendship

    psicodelik leprechaun

    @Love Love hello friend and sister in Jesus

    Love Love

    @psicodelik leprechaun hello brother in christ 😇☝️🙏🙏🙏

    psicodelik leprechaun

    That country is always a sister and wanted to meet many people from other nations who also look for Christ

    Love Love

    Amen brother. Me too hope we meet someday in conference or concert for christ😇🙏GODBLESS U

    psicodelik leprechaun

    I hope if I am from Mexico and I like to meet people, you already know work and school sometimes there is no time to socialize very well but then let's keep looking for the truth and the rest is added

  35. Nenita Herrera

    Hi friend i finish visit u

  36. ben alphas

    Darlene needs to be paying visits at Hillsongs Conference

  37. Julio Sprovieri

    Muy buene

  38. Jin Young Kim

    0:45 the guy made me cry

  39. Midiã Lima

    glory glory glory the Jesus Christ ❤🌹💎🔥🎶😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Olivier Mwamba

    Oh my Lord...Bless your servant Darlen. You alone know how she blessed us.

  41. Ejie Boy Montecalbo

    Jesus is with us😍😭 We love Jesus

  42. Leonardo Campos de Souza

    Dios los bendiga

  43. At Mat

    Yes Lord, Bless and Heal our land, South Africa.

  44. reksubbn

    This was my first Hillsong conference. Great memories.

  45. SLIME KING !!!

    god is giving us a good song

  46. SLIME KING !!!

    god i love that song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. lhaica p.

    Fave Song ❤❤❤

  48. Leonardo Campos de Souza

    She's a woman a lot blessed for God ❤🎤🎷🎵🎧🎻🎸📯📣

  49. Hyper Bananas

    I really miss this kind of music by Hillsong with Darlene. I really don't know what happen to Hillsong nowadays.

  50. Zilong Payong

    Sana naging JMCIM na lang din sila

  51. Phl. P

    this song is anointed, timeless , classic , refreshing.

  52. Kondrepally Manoj

    Really all r Blessed this song " Amen

  53. Elsie Gomez

    Highly recommended by God

  54. David Hsu


  55. Matthew Wright

    Thank God for Hillsong, and pray that they keep their eyes fixed on Jesus!

  56. Harry Kim

    Happy easter. God bless you so much. Good evening. I also have one more prayer about my evil friend. Would you pray for my evil friend kim dong rip? He hate christianity and have afflicted me so much. I scare him so much. He will visit 5.8 at my working place. I am worrying about his harassment for me. Would you pray for him not to torture me anymore?

  57. Rashid Sandhu

    Darlene please visit Abudhabi church miss you

  58. Rashid Sandhu

    Very blessed song

  59. Nishanchi Momin

    I love dis song God bless you all

  60. james karuga

    Luke Munns is a fantastic drummer his drum fills and ghost notes, and back beat are just otherworldly in many Hillsong songs. His drumming has soul and sauce. Nonetheless its for the Glory of God not man.

  61. Sandile Mutasa

    Darlene Zchech
    Marty Sampson
    Miriam Webster
    Reuben Morgan

  62. Jireh Oracion

    Was that Rolf Wam Fjell in the choir at 0:37 ?

  63. Sergio Murilo


    Hillsong Worship

    Blessed are those who dwell in Your house
    They are ever praising You
    Blessed are those whose strength is in You
    Whose hearts are set on our God

    We will go from strength to strength
    Until we see You face to face

    Hear our prayer
    Oh Lord, God almighty
    Come bless our land
    As we seek You
    Worship You

    For You are holy
    For You are holy
    For You are holy, Lord

    (Kisses from Brazil ♡)

  64. Frida Njiriri

    Back when hillsong was real worship I miss Darlene. I remember I used to get all the album's they would release yearly.

    Don't know what happened along the way.

  65. Kenyan Food

    How awesome! Great song. Psalms 84.

  66. Ruf shamiso

    For you are holy Lord !!!🙏

  67. Natalia Procopio

    lindo demais!!! inesquecível!!!

  68. Christopher Kitto Utama

    One of the best hillsong’s album till now

  69. Caleb Haokip

    I ♥ Jesus

  70. puka ka


  71. Elizabeta Kirkland

    We need more viewers to reach 1M

  72. Red Borja

    I miss Darlene in hillsong... together with the old team ☹️ not this previous... i love darlene ❤️❤️❤️

  73. Baby Jane Capones

    i love you so much darlene and also hillsong worship

  74. yuanita Hermanus

    Ohh darlene .. ❤

  75. John John

    Aline Barros - bem aventurado

  76. John John

    Aline barros

  77. Benedick Bono

    Blessed are those whose strength is in You! 💪

  78. Phenyo Sako

    Brings back good memories from Hoerskool Noorderland

  79. Jean-Samuel Gagnon

    Haha seeing Nigel play makes me remember how much I wanted to play electric guitar back then. It seems like the new Hillsong stuff seems easy compared to the cool stuff this guy was adding to worship back then.

  80. Joram Aturinda

    I love this song so much but Christian women, obey scripture and avoid wearing trousers

  81. Crispy Godwin

    Maintaining a large choir, practicing nights after nights, the orchestra too.....O My God....this is soo beautiful....lots of commitment, practice and effort. even their dressing is very great....not casual like the current hillsong singers.....very standard...thanks for technology, at least we gt to listen to all these great worship songs...old is better

  82. The One

    The amazing song

  83. Alex Alonzo

    Gloria a Dios

  84. Debbie Anderson

    Love this so much ! Saw miss Darlene in 2012 at Joyce Meyer in St Louis. So amazing and beautiful!

  85. santo defretes

    pertama kali dengar lagu ini pas waktu SMA dan sampai hari ini selalu gue putar di rumah dengar bareng anak gue... lagu kerennn main gitarnya juga keren... be blessed... Jesus love Indonesia...

  86. Alex Alonzo

    Gloria a Dios por los dones y talentos que EL ha dado a sus hijos he hijas

  87. Rob Brown

    I miss this. There’s a pureness here that I can’t put my finger on but at the same time it’s completely evident. Many Pentecostal churches these days have become performance focused without realizing it, relying on backing tracks and loops and whatever else...on Sunday morning! I feel it’s because there are more worship ‘singles’ than worship ‘songs’ being written these days, needlessly overproduced and many of them ain’t really that congregational. It’s time to ditch the backing tracks in church and get back to free, unconfined worship.

  88. Keziah Moncy sam

    I miss the good old days of this type of worship and Hillsong...
    I know Hillsong only because of Darlene and her worship!!!!

  89. BisayaBiker

    Bring this type of Hillsong Back!

  90. Fidel Espiritu

    People need God and having not much time left, its best to tell them, those not yet born-again in Christ or still UNSAVED, about (1) God's Free Gift of Eternal Life (Romans 6:23 & Eph 2:8-9) , that (2) its free because As Sinners, WE CAN NOT PAY for the Penalty of our sins because God requires SINLESS Perfection if we are to enter His Kingdom (Romans 3:10, 3:23, Matt 5:20,48, & James 2:10) and that (3) God is merciful but is also JUST , therefore He must punish sin - Deut 4:31, Exodus 34:7 , that (4) this dilemma of sin in us & its punishment, putting us, sinners, in harms way of God's judgment, was settled and paid for by no less than God's OWN BEGOTTEN SON - John 1:1-2 & 14 , 3:16 , Isaiah 53:5 and the best of all, WE CAN RECEIVE this Gift of Eternal Life NOT BY OUR GOOD DEEDS nor anything that (5) we could ever do (Isaiah 64:6) BUT ONLY by TRUSTING CHRIST ALONE for our eternal life - John 3:15, Acts 4:12, NOT MERELY BELIEVING (James 2:19) but having FAITH in his FINISHED Work of redemption - Romans 10:9-10, John 19:30. ALL WHO TRUSTED JESUS CHRIST for the forgiveness of their sins were given the promise of a place in heaven with God - John 14:2.

  91. Kevin Panlilio

    Classic Hillsong. I grew up in Hillsong way before Brooke Fraser (Ligertwood) came around in 2007 onwards. I missed this!

  92. Isabelle Hagonao

    I love darlene 😍 I hope someday I will meet her