Hill, Dan - Dance Of Love Lyrics

You are the love of my life
And you are the reason I'm alive
And baby baby baby
When I think of how you saved me
I go crazy

I've never known love like this
And it fills me with a new tenderness
And I know I know I know
You're in my heart you're in my soul
You're all I can't resist

And I need to tell you
The first time I held you
I knew you are the love of my life

I spent a lifetime waiting
Always hesitating until you
I was lost so deep inside my shell
'Til you came and saved me from myself
Now all I really know
Is I need you

And you are the love of my life
All the joy and tears that I cry
And baby baby baby
You don't have to say a word
I see it in your eyes

As we stand together
I promise forever
'Til the day that I die
You are the love of my life

I spent a lifetime waiting
Always hesitating until you
I was lost so deep inside my shell
'Til you came and saved me from myself
Now all I really know
Is I need you

You are the love of my life
You are the reason I'm alive

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Hill, Dan Dance Of Love Comments

    Alhamdulillah,,bisa kutemukan lagi lagu dance of love..luar biasa ..like

  2. Sandy Sullivan

    Jamie I think of You everytime I hear this song. I dream of us dancing and holding each other forever.

  3. Celso Henrique Mota Sodré

    Belissima música cantor com voz maravilhosa.

  4. Phil Jon

    Nice. 🎶🎵🎼☺️

  5. myrna paz

    Imagine daming babae sa Philippines tumatawag sa kanya, mga pictures sa mga hotel, ibat ibang babae kasama, every year nag hoholiday, pag bumabalik sa Australia ibat ibang babae ang tunatawag sa telephone at kahit sa kapatid doon pina dadala ang mga sulat ng ibang babae, kong umuwi galing sa trabaho mag uumaga na tinatawagan ng mga babae sasabihin nag sesex daw sila nina x, pati pantie ng babae niya nasa headboard ng bed, at pati iyong ibang babae pinag tatayo ng tindahan at may pictures pa sa kanya, buti nga nagpakasal na sa bagong asawa otherwise ibat ibang babae,totoo po ang Scriptures, the love of money is the root of all evils. God bless you all, sharing lang po.

  6. michelle pulsifer

    Holy. A real sweet song, I can hear you in this song. If you can dance, it must be something as cute as you are. Thank you for the fuss. I hardly know what to think...from my first step bed side to the door of the hospital, I never thought ..Not in a million years that Jesus Christ would use me twice to help in a video he was making for his church that are regarding me dancing Danny. I am so excited for us..love always, Michelle

  7. myrna paz

    You can sing personally with your love ones isn't it. I got it.

  8. Creole Gal

    i love your songs Dan Hill, i love listening to love songs, but some of your songs speaks to my heart. especially the one Can,t we try.

    Kelly Mark

    +Sunshine Clarke Glad you enjoyed them all :) Dan Hill Is A Great Songwriter!!

  9. Timothy Wiggins

    I would love to meet both Dan Hill and Mariah Carey someday; maybe even work with them one day! I love their music and wish to God I grew up on Hill's music as well as I did on Carey's music. Unfortunately, not only am I an American, but I was born in 1991, which is coincidently the same year as Mariah Carey's "Emotions" and Dan Hill's "Dance of Love," and I wouldn't even be able to find some of Hill's music in stores or even hear his music on radio stations almost at all unless I was in Canada, where Hill is from. Thank God for the internet! Plus it would be nice if all of Hill's music, especially from the '70s and '80s, were reissued on CD, because certain albums of his never really made it to the CD format, for all I know, and for those that did, they're expensive as hell, even for a used copy online, so you know how much it'll cost for a brand new copy on CD. I hope to be as good a singer-songwriter as those two, seriously!

    Kelly Mark

    +Timothy Wiggins Well i have all Dan Hills Music on my channel here is a link if you are at all interested .. it is every CD and LP

    Timothy Wiggins

    @Kelly Mark Thank you! I have already listened to just about everything of his and I'm still mesmerized by it all! I even have his book and I'm currently reading it with my mother!

    Kelly Mark

    +Timothy Wiggins Well you are most welcome .. just thought i would let you know ... I need to get his book and read it as well :)

    Timothy Wiggins

    @Kelly Mark Speaking of the title of his book, "I Am My Father's Son," if you could please upload the guitar version of that song when you get the chance, I'd appreciate it. 😊

  10. Шавкат Айходжаев

    Super x 1 000 000 ! Long life Dan Hill.

  11. Florieben Bell

    Hon I want you to dance of love soon...i lov you...

  12. fabian cayuleo

    hola kelly....me gusta mucho este tema. tengo el cd. desde argentina. un abrazo

    Kelly Mark

    So glad that you liked it fabian :) 

  13. The Spirit of AOR

    Man, I shared "I miss you still" some time ago. Do you know where to find Dan Hill entire discography?

    Kelly Mark

    I have 99% of it all here on YouTube. Go to my channel and go down 5 playlists there is only 2 LPs missing that i will be uploading soon :) 

    Martin Smith

    Kelly Mark How about Longer
    Fuse ?? Harder still to find !!

  14. Kelly Mark

    Well you never know maybe t=you will be able too! It is amazing song so i think as well. So glad that you enjoyed it :) 

  15. Sung Kwang Fat

    I wish I can sing this song to my love one, one day.

    The Spirit of AOR

    Yeah, man. You never know. Keep trying :)

    Kelly Mark

    @Icelake84 Glad that you enjoyed it :) 

  16. Kelly Mark

    So glad that you enjoyed it! Yes i would have to agree with you it is a perfect song for that :)

  17. The Wiz

    This song my husband used as our dance as husband and wife 18yr ago this coming Sunday. Just the perfect song for that special day.

  18. Kelly Mark

    Well that is cool as you picked a great song to use! So happy that you enjoyed it :)

  19. Michael Burgoyne

    This song gets to the soul...what real love is....this is one of the two final songs my fiancee and I are choosing as the the first dance as man and wife.....

  20. Kelly Mark

    Glad that you enjoyed it :) Amazing canadian artist so i say!

  21. Sung Kwang Fat

    my favorite song forever ^^