Hill, Becky - Gecko (Overdrive) (Radio Edit) Lyrics

Take a moment for yourself
Get close with the lights down low
You and I, and no one else
I got the feelin' that I wanna explode
Baby, you grab my attention
Tension burnin' fever
Take me to another dimension
Tonight the rules do not apply
Oh, oh, oh

I can't stop this feelin', baby, only you can make me come alive
When we're crashin', let's have passion, boy, you got my heart on overdrive
I can't stop this feelin', baby, only you can make me come alive
When we're crashin', let's have passion, boy, you got my heart on overdrive

This is where I wanna be
Hands up, feel the bass in my heart
Gimme faith and I will leave
I'd take the risk 'cause you're never too far
Right now I'm drownin' in emotion
Caution rides right out the door
Baby, you're pushing this devotion
I can only ask for more

I can't stop this feelin', baby, only you can make me come alive
When we're crashin', let's have passion, boy, you got my heart on overdrive
When my head is spinnin', both hands to the ceilin', I begin to come alive
When we're crashin', let's have passion, boy, you got my heart on overdrive


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Hill, Becky Gecko (Overdrive) (Radio Edit) Comments
  1. ItsVortex?

    Came here because the music video was messed up lol.

  2. WegameZ Gaming

    I didn’t know this existed in 2014 I thought it was a new release

  3. Lewan

    any songs like this one?

  4. Aidan McElhannon

    Girl Justin Bieber

  5. Eva Stood

    0:50 running on the treadmill at speed 10 for 30 seconds and taking a 90 second break 8 times is such an amazing HIIT workout 🙌🏽🏃‍♀️

  6. Frankie Eisenberg

    Forgot about this gem

  7. AkisTracky

    Good old days of British summer 😂❤️

  8. one love music

    So love this ❤️ pure classic ❤️💕❤️

  9. Instrumental

    Sick jam! 😃
    Check out the Instrumental here! 🔊


    im here for that

  10. About It

    Still absolute fire!

  11. Ainergis


  12. Echo Maddrell

    This song was played on kiss fm today this morning

    ray clark

    and again today

    Magnus TV

    Echo Maddrell literally nobody cares

  13. Mileine Ulrich

    Leoni und Milene ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  14. Distortion XoX

    Still gd in 2020 👋

  15. Creamy PinkSock

    6 years late guys ffs

  16. Stanley Peart

    After listening to Macky Gee Tour, this seems really tame.

  17. Kamil023S

    Mega 😍

  18. Spicy Lemonz

    2020 this is still a banging tune

  19. Arcyan

    Still hiding here from the music video that has scarred me.

  20. Brandon Now 48

    Friday 3 April 2015

  21. Squirtly Dude

    Normally songs start slow

    But this song starts already 🔥

  22. Brain AFK

    2020 this Song is legendary


    We agree 😃
    Check out the Instrumental! 🔊

    lush life

    Omg yasssss

  23. Oscar MOSS

    Love it

  24. Alan

    Dad: Myśl!!!
    Me: Krysl ??!!!
    Dad: We have got bigger bakilas there !!!

  25. PurposeInObscurity

    This is the song when this one dude who only listens to black music joins you at the house area!

  26. Zammii

    me when taking eccies

  27. Rhyanna Walsh

    2020 anyone ?

  28. Spider-Man 2099 Channel

    I'm praying that there are no people on this earth that enjoy the Official video!

  29. Stillchill ingo

    0.25 speed is the best
    ngl i hear some demonic shit from this speed

  30. Lewan

    Wich type of music is this? I love it

  31. Ambipie

    is that a man or a woman ive heard conflicting accounts

  32. Robin/ego

    ballert bössss

  33. Ria Mondair

    It sounds like a girl cus probably Oliver Helens made the beat and Becky hill sang

  34. Sebastian Angrisano

    y friend is a dj and uses this song

  35. Macie Turner

    Who’s listening to this In 2019 lol


    Steel dancin'on'it! Clearly 8)

    Evgeni Gitelman

    Almost 2020 tomorrow is 31/12/19 😅

  36. Jamezdin Kurtoivic

    Go and replay.. Over and over...amazing...

  37. Truevol Heath

    Big tune 🔥🔥💯

  38. MANUel

    Kein Memhet zeigen

  39. Boneless Pizza

    Twizzled to this 🤪

  40. Dj Osvald Official

    great work, congratulations!!!

  41. Reallarsnoah_ 001

    it was the favorite Song from my girlfriend it was our song not she is away.......

  42. Μαρία Π.


  43. Jack Douglas

    Dad. stop
    Me why
    Dad. We have bigger speakers downstairs

  44. something

    my fingers are starting to hurt from pressing the replay button too many times, could we get a 10 hour version? thanks.



    Well, +9999999 x)

  45. Stephanie Roberts

    2019. Still here . Any one else listening in?

    Amber Howard

    Stephanie Roberts yessss🥰🥰



    Iligy Fantáácskaaa

    Suuureee m888

    Liv H

    Stephanie Roberts 2020 bish

  46. Alix-Anne Robert

    2019? ♡

  47. Robbie Stevenson

    best beat in any song ever not stopped listening since 2014 never will

  48. Lachlan Lord

    Fuck if I show this to my kids in the future and they don't like it, I will honestly never talk to them

  49. Laura Davies

    I remember watching the music video back when I was 10 and it fully traumatised me. Love this song but I still cant watch the video due to ptsd.

  50. Carmine LoCasto

    Subwoofers: Shaking
    Headphones: Busted
    Neighbors: Quaking
    Cops: Called
    Weave: Snatched
    Hotel: Trivago

    Cai Hilton

    Carmine LoCasto 🤣🤣

  51. Ivory Vaughn

    And I’m here just to be here again

  52. Darby Collins

    Yes flex on the virgins

  53. Issy C

    2020 anyone? 😜




    Issy C

    @SNY funny

  54. The Playlists - Home of random YT videos!

    I hate the official video for this!

  55. Mark Ass Brownie

    Hell yeah, good old Forza Horizon 2 vibes

  56. Alexander Eklund

    very good song , ledgendary song , leave a like

  57. Adam Marszalek

    Let's make this a tradition...
    AnYoNe 2019? 🤣

    NotHere4Nothin' Official

    november 2019 here :))


    Let’s fucking not.

    yeet me

    I’d rather die


    Then, December anyone? Hhhh

    Iligy Fantáácskaaa

    2020 mate🌚🌚🌚

  58. Lewie Jones

    October 2019 ??

  59. Tweed Ghost


  60. deejay Spaks

    Stickmen brought me here!

  61. Jack Rosenberg

    Fh2 brought me here, was playing fh4 earlier, anyone else?

    bad biscuit

    Nah my sister just found it and thought I would like it

  62. Eoin Coughlan

    This is some fucking tune when your off your game

  63. Vanina Palleres

    Veri gud

  64. kicikicimiau


  65. Chloe Meredith

    Love this song so much

  66. Melynarkas

    2019? BIGGEST DROP!!!

  67. Vladil Baldepina

    Forza Horizon 2

  68. What's The Use People Don't Listen Anyway

    My new anthem for Kim Jong-Un. He should remix this.

  69. Charly Nezzar

    Forza Horizon 2 🏁🏁🚗🚗🚗

  70. florine peyer

    Très bonne musique je recommande fortement

  71. ruks

    Anyone listening in 1982?

  72. Cock

    Anyone else watching in 20XX

  73. Mr. Stano

    Take a moment for yourself 😉

  74. Jesko

    Incredible song!!!!
    Anyone here in September 2k19?

  75. Very Aesthetic

    Ml7 olafpls

  76. RosiePlayz YT

    Me : *plays this while scrolling down youtube cutely*

  77. Minnie_ Xox

    I used to think that this was a guy singing this

  78. Autofreak 350

    Oliver is the best. Who is here in august 2019? 🤪🤪✌

  79. jacfel

    Forza Gang

  80. Snupe Daniel

    My fave song right now 8.24.19

  81. Snupe Daniel

    I want to feel this wayyyyyyyy

  82. Georgiana speaks

    the lyrics are a bit mucky for an old bird like me!

  83. ImRazed

    Very good sound 💪🏼🔊

  84. Macauey Griffiths

    Hi I love dis playing in house watch friens play top tramps lol #fuckbrexit #ketleg

  85. Ygames_


  86. Hélder Gedião

    muito bom show
    não sei nem explicar quando escuto essa musica top de linha

  87. Ceeleee _

    Aaah I love this♥️

  88. Meike L

    Awesome. Love this. I love this song since 5 years :D

  89. Julien Trgn

    Original is destroyed XD

  90. Danilo Ramos

    Muito bom esse som ^^