Hilary Duff - The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room Lyrics

Welcome to our tropical hideaway
You lucky people, you
If we weren't in the show starting right away
We'd be in the audience too

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
All the birds sing words
And the flowers croon
At the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
All the birds sing words
And the flowers croon
At the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room

The bird Paradise is an elegant bird
He loves to be seen and loves to be heard
Most little birdies will fly away
But the tiki room birds are here everyday

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
All the birds sing words
And the flowers croon
At the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
All the birds sing words
And the flowers croon
At the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room

Da da da da
We're singin' in the tiki room
Da da da da da da
Crooning in the tiki room

Da da da da
We're singin' in the tiki room
Da da da da da da
Crooning in the tiki room

The show is delightful
We hope you'll agree
We hope that it fills you with pleasure and glee
Because if we don't make you feel like that
We gonna wind up on a ladie's hat

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
All the birds sing words
And the flowers croon
At the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room

In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room
All the birds sing words
And the flowers croon
At the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room

Da da da da
We're singin' in the tiki room
Da da da da da da
Crooning in the tiki room

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Hilary Duff The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room Comments
  1. Megan Behnke

    Watching The Imagineering Story on Disney+ and they were talking about The Enchanted Tiki Room and it took me back to when I would listen to Disney Mania on loop, especially Hilary’s Tiki Room, so much growing up so I just had to look this up

  2. まるかえち


  3. Jonathan Dimmick

    The enchanted tiki room was my grandmother's favorite attraction at disney world in Florida. Rest in peace Nana.

  4. Andy Sorrentino 1600

    This should be playing in the tiki room quenes at Disney World and Disneyland

  5. Janay Taylor

    I love this version better I want to download it

  6. Throwback Channel

    I love Hilary Duff!

  7. Josie Johnson


  8. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    HILARY 4 EVER 💕💖

  9. Carmine Crincoli

    There should be an Enchanted Tiki Room spinner ride with a catchier, runner and upbeat version of the Tiki Room theme song like this Disney Mania version I’m hearing right now!

  10. Carmine Crincoli

    *Finn enters a Tiki Room and he sees Flame Princess dressed as a bird singing the Tiki Tiki Tiki Room theme song with Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess and BMO also dressed as birds along with the Tiki Room Birds*

    Finn: Oh my Glob! *sees Flame Princess dressed as a bird* Flame Princess? Is that you dressed as a bird singing the Tiki Room theme song?

  11. The Disney Expert Of All Time

    is it just me or is this song not that great its not a bad effort but its not great and also is anyone else annoyed at the people saying i love the tiki room or disneyland and they know nothing about the history and arent interested in learning about walt disney or the hardships he took or the amount of work and money put into it and that it didnt just like come up and its something absolutely beautiful *gasps for air* that was a true run on sentence in the flesh

    Katie Cochran

    The Disney Expert Of All Time It’s just you dude.

  12. AwildJOEY


  13. Patrick Flores

    I went to Disneyland 2 months ago. I went have breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen Disney Mania songs are playing in the restaurant!!!!!

    Jeshire Katt

    Man, this makes me just stupidly happy to hear. I'll have to see if they're still playing them next time I go.

  14. Stephanie Cabrera

    Disney Mania Song The Tiki tiki tiki Hilary Duff Grome And Juliet

  15. Indica Rose


  16. CJ Conder

    i miss the tikki roommmmmm

  17. Sasusaku4Eva!

    Am I the only one who likes the version better? I can't stand Hillary Duff, but this song rocks!

    Carmine Crincoli

    Sasusaku4Eva! I agree! This should be a theme for the Polynesian Village Resort at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!

  18. Katie Cochran

    All the birds sing words and the flowers croon
    In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room! 🌼🌸🌺🌷🌺🌻💐💐💐

    Carmine Crincoli

    Katie Cochran 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

    waylon lewin

    love the song and miss the song from enchanted tiki room in wdw i know many fans miss this song and it doesn't sound the same.

  19. Brendan evans

    I Love the Tiki Room Song

    Victoria. .Tessin.

    Brendan evans only if duff sings it.

  20. nom nom

    I love the tiki tiki tiki room video

  21. Marisa Ledesma

    I want to go to The Tiki Room because of this song. I'm a mother of a Hilary Duff fan who became one because of her

    Mama Snake

    Marisa Ledesma that’s a good place to go to in Disney I’m not sure if it’s still open but definitely try to check it out

  22. Random Person

    I missed this song so much! I used to love it so much!

    Marisa Ledesma

    Random Person I used to replay this in the car all the time.

  23. Jessica Mohler

    How do i purchase this song?!

    Alex Klepp

    You could check Itunes.

    Tammie Page

    Itunes has it

  24. Daddy- Agario

    I just LOVE this song!!!!!

  25. Kim Willbee

    I soooooooooooooooooooooo ♥ this 1!

  26. Emily Gutierrez


  27. Anime~Angel

    I remember listening to this when I was younger. I'm surprised I still remember all the lyrics.

    waylon lewin

    do you wdw enchanted tiki room has a new owner you do not listen to this everyday now since 2019 now :) i wish i could still hear this song i never been to enchanted tiki room for a long time when i was in wdw through out the years now 2000 to 2019 now backlot tour one man dream and even light motor action disney quest are still my memories and i still cheerish it today now.

    waylon lewin

    wdw fans we wish we had this iconic original song disneyland fans we have the iconic and original song sorry wdw fans come visit disneyland wdw fans fine we will if we save alot of money.

  28. Thảo Phạm Thị

    Hay nhưng ko có hình ảnh

  29. Chris Serino

    i Miss Her Shows on Disney Channel i loved Lizzie i seen this Show such 2001 this Hilary she is young Little girl.

    Joshua Liu

    Me too, ever since I was 6th and 7th Grade, she was my Idol and my Dad knew she was a beautiful girl.

  30. Temmie


  31. PaulThePokemonMan

    Oh god...what have they done to the Enchanted Tiki room?

    Ricky M

    @PaulThePokemonMan Just covered a song that Hilary Duff pretty much enjoyed enough to sing her own version of.

  32. abbey roberts

    ive been in disney world florida when they played this in MGM i was dancing love this song by hilary duff :)


    THey also played a song from HSM

  33. Tabatha Ackley

    what movie was this song from?

    Crystal Ledger

    It's from Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room show at Disneyland/Walt Disney World Resort, not from a movie originally. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walt_Disney%27s_Enchanted_Tiki_Room

    Tabatha Ackley

    Thank you. I don't think I've seen the show before


    The original version of the song is from around 1960..

    Tony parra

    It was from a Disney attraction, Enchanted Tiki Room.

  34. Shannon Abbott

    I love Hilary! I hear she might make more music but I don't know for a fact if that's true. But I did recently see a picture of her in a Studio, I think it was on her Instagram. She's too awesome!!


    It's true.  :)  She's coming out with a single this Spring.  <3

    Shannon Abbott

    Yay! That's awesome!

  35. Vesra

    she turned into a mother ^_^

  36. Dan's House

    What happened to her? She's one of the few Disney stars who turned out pretty normal when she got old, I'll say :)

    Megan McKnight

    Dan's House:she became a mom

  37. PirateMaster45

    I had this CD back in the day. This was one of my favorite 2 songs, the other being Under the Sea by the A*Teens

  38. PeaceLoveDeathWar

    She got married and had a kid

  39. MINAxxxCHAxxxxHOPE

    and had a kid.

  40. PeaceLoveDeathWar

    she got married

  41. Flandre Scarlet

    I used to listen to this all the time when I played RCT2...as a result this sig reminds me of the whole game.

    Carmine Crincoli

    Flandre Scarlet I AGREE!

  42. 846cookie

    This just popped into my head at the most random moment, I wanted to see if it was an actual legitimate song.

  43. cammio99

    My childhood right here

  44. Ichigosistershadow1

    On February 19, 2010, Hillary Duff and Mike Comrie announced their engagement,The couple married on August 14, 2010 in Santa Barbara, California,and Hillary gave birth to their first child, a son named Luca Cruz Comrie, on March 20, 2012.

  45. Just Hincapie

    why isn't the tiki room birds are in epic mickey or even the hatbox ghost

  46. Alphonso

    My mom had this CD and everywhere we went i bugged her to replay it.
    It just makes me cry to see what kind of shows and music that they used to play than all the bullshit/brainwashing crap their playing now
    RIP old Disney

    waylon lewin

    how is it old disney crap? if the celebrity are singing their favorite disney song from the old original disney movies now? when i was in art of animation resort they had some good song like little mermaid aladdin and even lion king lilo and stitch welcome and even its a small world enchanted tiki room and even bearnasisities and even i wanna be like you even cinderella sleeping beauty tinkerbell fly to your heart touch the sky brave immortal burn em up fall out boy big hero 6 emotions from insideout you got a friend in me nobody got a friend like me pocahontas mulan and even princess and the frog snow white.

  47. truejaggededgefan

    omg i love her version of this!

  48. braeden david.

    This song is part of my childhood.

  49. christmasmatt21

    Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. It's at both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland :)

    waylon lewin

    wdw used to have the same song and not anymore now potc and haunted mansion has the same audiomatronic and same audio voice record from the person who passed away now and he is a true legend 107 happy haunts and even yo ho yo ho a pirate life for me song and i still wonder what will disney do with the existing song refurbish it brand new or abandon it in 2023 now.

    waylon lewin

    wdw doesn't have enchanted tiki room song anymore cause their underneath new ownership and we got iago and zazu and goddess now which doesn't match disneyland enchanted tiki room cause their not underneath new owner ship now.

  50. Manda SMITH

    "we hope it fills you with glee cause if we don't make you feel like that you're gonna wind up on a ladies hat"=if you're not happy you die, and "wind up on a ladies hat"

    taylor marie hayton

    Manda SMITH it's we're

  51. BreXIzaya

    i love this song:)

  52. psr

    She recently had her first baby ;)

  53. Alissa Tam

    i love this!

  54. Allison Nicole

    What movie was this?

    taylor marie hayton

    Allison Nicole it's from a disney attraction

    Megan McKnight

    Allison Nicole:it's for a Disney attraction/show thing kind of like does live action versions of the lion king ....etc... as a play for Disney goers to watch The tiki tiki tiki room is one of those

  55. Rocky T

    Um she was never on the hills? @TheLastCurlbender

    Megan McKnight

    Rocky T:I think they meant either gossip girl or Casper meets Wendy

    Victoria. .Tessin.

    She was in, raise your voice, a Cinderella story George.Lopez, and cheaper by the dozen.

  56. Daddy


    waylon lewin

    i still believe hillary duff should get a nomination award in 2020 now cause i still believe she could sing new song and disney song.

    waylon lewin

    i am always radio disney fan when the disney celebrity get older they have their own song own movies and their own life now.

  57. FlamingCows13

    I was obsessed with this as a kid eue

  58. Ejm Chin

    @TheLastCurlbender She got married and pregnant.

  59. Kirby118H

    When i was little i listened to this song all the time and i still know every word :)

  60. maik g

    happy song

  61. Gayle McKennon

    Sorry your bird Tiki died, Merisue! You should re-view the post of the early, original show posted by ru42. It made me feel al warm and fuzzy!

  62. Meri G

    This is the song I named my bird Tiki after...she died yesterday:(... I like to think that after 9 and a half years, she's finally flying free like the birds in this song:) RIP Tiki<3

    Alin Leonhart

    I adopted a stray kitten and name her Tiki bcuse this song too..

  63. mimigirl1245

    i love the tiki, ti...

  64. Aleyah S

    she's married with a kid :)

  65. Devan Allen

    This song was my childhood. I used to have the cd, but I lost it :(

  66. EpicStudiosUSA

    @MsCutie181 Not from a movie, it's from "Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room" at Disneyland

    Victoria. .Tessin.

    Also Disneyworld.

  67. gems101

    @jump4jessica well i was gust saying that if thare was a small world horror film disney wud sponser it,

  68. jump4jessica

    @gemiemma it is sang in the tiki room at walt disney world

  69. jump4jessica

    @gemiemma it is in the tiki room at walt disney world

  70. zac613

    @gemiemma i was saying that small world would be a good horror film.

  71. xxliveyourlife22xx

    It's so hard to believe she's all grown up and having a baby! She was my idol when I was little!

  72. gems101

    @zac613 whats the name of the film becase if thare is a film like that disny whod have sponserd for it?

    Megan McKnight

    gemiemma:it's for a Disney attraction/show kind of like how Disney does live action versions of the lion king as a play for Disney goers to watch.

  73. xSiliconKnightx

    this fucking sucks

  74. zac613

    @TheAnomenis2 lol. yeah same here but not as bad as Small World. I hate Small World, i'm scared of dolls thanks to that ride. there is a good horror film, basically the Small World dolls come to life after the park closes at night and drags anybody that's still in the park and make them a doll too. (Screams like a girl) i scared my self. lol

  75. Gabriela

    omg i know this song from Disney land! aw now i want to go back there >.<. she sang this pretty well

  76. TheLastCurlbender

    WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?!?!? SHE WAS ON LIZZY MCGUIRE, THEN THE HILLS AND I SWEAR SHE JUST VANISHED!!! XD She was the only one that I actually sort of liked as a kid. Nice song btw

  77. em ster

    hey people careful what you say ..there's kids that look up these songs...

  78. Amelia O


  79. stellalice3

    troppo carino ♥

  80. Koi Leenay

    one person couldnt get to the tiki room

  81. Emily House

    my aunt made me a cd of a bunch of different songs when i was little, and this was and always will be my favorite one!

  82. winxsnow potter

    thsi song is so awesome lol

  83. lord shen

    wait i was wrong
    it is from a ride at disneyland

  84. lord shen

    this is from a mickey mouse eprisode
    dut I don't know which one

  85. real213

    @orangePUSHUPpop Nigga u gay!

  86. lucky333123

    I like this song. It is a good remake.

  87. SummerFields433

    This song makes me wanna have a pool party with tiki torches! :D

  88. Queenofawesome25

    Such a fun version! :)

  89. Amelia Nichole

    Ahahah I remember listening to this all the time when I was little

  90. Chelsea Gorman

    @dimestarr91 Did you really just say "This is so gay"?
    @MsBrunomarslover Did you just say "This is retarded"?

    The both of you should be ashamed! Sure, the mentally challenged aren't offended by saying "this or that's retarded". Though, when those of the homosexual community hear someone say "This or that's gay", it's offensive. Some of my best friends are gay; my uncle is even gay. So is my hair-stylist. Think twice first; then, you won't piss off people like me that actually give shit.

  91. MsBrunomarslover

    This is retarded

  92. jau1ane

    she's good at disney songs

  93. dreamershavemorefun

    I actually got to go to the Tiki Room at Disneyland last summer and I was so happy omg it made my life

  94. NotLoo

    @JasperHale7 Disneyland, not from a movie.

  95. NotLoo

    @SatouOkashi I love your Disney geek moment. ;)
    I must become one of you I'm totally into Disney stuff~

  96. SatouOkashi

    The one at Walt Disney World is 'Under New Management'. There's also one in either Tokyo or Hong Kong.
    All of them are different.
    -disney geek-

  97. PippiCollins

    what is this from????