Highlands Worship - Rain Your Glory Lyrics

We're calling out to You
For You to see us through
We declare Your name over all things
We're lifting up Your truth
That You might choose to use
This praise to bring Your presence in us
Let Your glory come
Let Your glory come

We will give You our hearts
We offer everything
Send Your presence here and rain Your glory
As our hands we lift high
As our voices ring
From our hearts to Yours
Rain Your glory

Let Your glory fall
Let Your glory fall
Let Your glory fall
Fall down on us

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Highlands Worship Rain Your Glory Comments
  1. xDordy TV

    any guitarists here? Any idea of what pedal is he using for that awesome swell/slide?

  2. erikaM

    Blessed for this song❤😇😭

  3. Faith Love

    Hallelujah AMEN

  4. The Dan


  5. Alfred Teoh

    Awesome song!
    Btw who is the electric guitarist playing the lead line?


    Joth Hunt

  6. Daniel Official

    2019 anyone else

  7. kzn motor vehicle licencing pty

    planetshakers I see real heavenly angels besides you raising a halelujha

  8. Miss A.


  9. Abigail Frederick

    Terry Frederick: please come in Grenada

  10. Angel Delgado

    Can anyone help me? I heard a song last sunday they played but i cant find it. Some of the lyrics in the bridge goes like "from glory to glory from healing to healing as I see you I am changed" some of the chorus says "radiant glory as I see you i am changed". Thanks in advance


    Hey Angel! The song is called, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". It hasn't been released yet, but stay tuned! :)

  11. Fiji Lyrics


  12. Morris Mutungi

    What a wonderful song..we are ready to receive all these blessings inform of Rain.amazing song.

  13. Midshipman Maja


  14. xXx Creatives

    hello I am from Ph ❤❤❤

    Do the motion backgrounds are free to have? cause I love it and i eant to use in our church too if it is ok 😊😊😊 looking forward for it PS😇😇😇


    We have a special team of media creators who work hard to produce these :) Unfortunately, they aren't available for distribution, but we'll definitley let them know you're a fan!

  15. J P

    theres anyone know here where is now mike webber the drummer before of planetshakers thank you ..

  16. Mbali & Mfundo

    Wow this is such a powerful song!!

  17. davidson love jesus

    love you all

  18. davidson love jesus


  19. Gabriel Redwine

    4:38 Ed Sheeran shirt lol

    Lumlang Syiem


  20. Maricar Aquino

    Praise Him😭

  21. A. ชํานิ ชุมชูจันทร์


  22. criAtiva até demais / #PapoDeArmy

    It's coming, Rain Pt.3 will release next Friday (August 9th) Who's waiting for this?
    The complete album will release in September, next month!


    Yea can't wait

  23. Mario GG

    Jesus make a ways.


    Pastor Sam Evens sings so powerfully

  25. Adaziia Krichena

    rain down on me again 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓 I need you today even more😍

  26. Jamie Pierce

    Praise the Lord

  27. Daniel Official




  29. Lumspah Binan

    Holy Spirit fall on me. My heart is your temple. Stay in and rule over my bode and me whole.

  30. criAtiva até demais / #PapoDeArmy

    The EP Rain Pt.3 will release in August 9th! And the complete album 'Rain' will release in September!


    Can't wait

  31. Emmanuel Titine

    Planetshakers Rain your glory down 🙏🏼❤❤❤👍🇫🇷😍🙏🏼

  32. kzn motor vehicle licencing pty

    no one might know how you feeling all broken and torn apart maybe its not going according to how you want it ,JESUS IS RIGHT HERE BESIDE YOU TO TELL YOU THAT EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT AND THAT HE HAS GOT YOU COVERED .BLESS JESUS

  33. Rossette Estrella

    Just follow Jesus!

  34. legend person

    This is a amazing song

  35. Samuel Khai

    Amen ❤️💕

  36. Daniel Official

    waiting for My reason.
    From India

  37. Jaja Onthebeat

    Yes Lord!!! I am now welcoming the Holy Spirit into my life his the most important to me. 💛

  38. Godson Joseph Sunny

    🖤🖤🖤 planetshakers Please come to Kerala,India


    Hyderabad Telangana India 🇮🇳

    Adaziia Krichena


  39. TonyC0101

    Such amazing songwriting and performance. PS will always be special to me.

  40. Eryck Douglas

    Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  41. Adam Elkington

    Beautiful :)

  42. Mewingbirth A Sangma

    Praise the Lord!

  43. sipho tembo

    Timely revelation...rain down your glory.

  44. Nelly Benitez

    Amazing 👏👏👏👏👉👉☝👉👐👐👐👐❤

  45. jose borges

    Wuaaaaooo excelente , saludos desde VENEZUELA .

  46. Ron Vincent Dg Macainan

    I really want to see you here in the Philippines on 2020. I wish I could go. 😥😥

    Leary Haywood

    Y? Does not make a difference.


    We hope you can make it, Ron! :)

  47. shakina Shakina

    Most fav song🎼🎼

  48. Kcidenev Lacsimar

    The most important person on Earth is the Holy Spirit 🔥
    Let it Rain Lord! 💧💧💧


    Well said

  49. Jordan Jotta

    I'm blessed
    If you like this song please click👍

  50. Harvey Lumaran

    THE BEST!!!!!!

  51. I am groot

    💕 💕 💕

  52. Arthur Mzamu

    I love this song. Non stop playing

  53. Joshua Hardstone

    Who else went to the conference


    I wanted to but I'm in India 🇮🇳😱😓😭😭


    I wanted to but I am in India 🇮🇳😭😭😭😭😭

  54. Ryan Apostol

    Such a wonderful song. I need this today. 🙌🙌🙌🙌


    Peaceful song❤

  56. S Sungoh

    Let everything i do is for your glory Lord, 1cross + 3 Nails = 4 Given 🙏🛐

  57. Dominic Nico

    Nice planetshakers beautiful song

  58. Juana Pérez Vázquez

    Bendiciónes saludos desde México👐

  59. Jeremiah Jacob

    Let Your RAIN come and fall on me Lord ❤️

  60. Vevozo Lohe

    Open our eyes to see your Glory... Jesus 🙏

  61. Daniel Official

    india any one

    Adaziia Krichena

    Daniel Official meeeee meeeee 😍

  62. Diana Sry

    So blessed🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

  63. Marco Antonio

    Cadê os Br que curtem Planetshakers? 🇧🇷

  64. Marco Antonio

    I love this music! ❤ Planetshakers, come to Brazil 🇧🇷❤


    Greetings from India 🇮🇳

  65. Daryl Balutoc


  66. Adriana rocio Salas monterrosa

    I feel it in the Atmosphere
    Cloud of Glory Drawing Near
    Anticipation in the air
    Your Power moving everywhere
    and We´re Ready
    Lord We´re Ready
    So Rain,Rain
    Rain Down Your Glory
    On Us Again
    Pour Out Your Spirit and Rain

    Saturate Me Now
    Come and Pour it Out
    Spirit Move in Power
    Rain Your Glory Down
    Lord I'm Craving More
    More Than Before
    You are All I want
    All I'm Longing For
    Holy Spirit rain
    On my Heart Again
    Lord I'm Ready


    Thanks for the lyrics

  67. Daniel McKinney

    The Old is gone and the new has come. From Generation to a New Generation there is always hope rising in us to stay potentially focus that we worship Jesus as King. He shall reign forever. There will be a day no pain or sorrows only you have the power to restore everything back to life like a piece of puzzle.

  68. Anthony Choong

    Please release ''My Reason'' at your soonest possible. Hahax


    It's released

  69. Jeio Gogolin

    Waiing for my reason song

  70. Gaurav Gamit


    I feel it in the atmosphere
    Cloud of glory drawing near
    Anticipation in the air
    Your power moving everywhere


    And we're ready, Lord, we're ready


    So rain, rain, rain down Your glory
    On us, again, pour out Your Spirit (and rain)

    Pre-Chorus (2nd round):

    And we're ready, we're ready
    We're ready, we're ready


    Saturate me now, come and pour it out
    Spirit move in power, rain Your glory down

    Building Bridge:

    Lord I'm craving more, more than before
    You are all I want, all I'm longing for
    Holy Spirit rain on my heart again
    Lord I'm ready, Lord I'm ready


    We are ready, we are ready
    We are ready, so pour it out, pour it out

    Lucky Colindon

    Where is the 2nd stanza?


    Thanks for the lyrics

  71. HMR SO

    Lyrics please Church

    Gaurav Gamit

    I have commented You can see

  72. Oscar Waked

    Thank's Jesus!!! 🙌



  74. Estefani Gomez

    Espíritu Santo llueve
    En mi Corazón otra vez
    Señor estoy lista ❤❤😭😭

    Alfin sale esta Hermosa Alabanza⚡❤🔥

    Saturate me Now
    Come and pour it out
    Spirit move in power
    Rain Your Glory Down...

    Lord i'm craving more
    More than before
    You are all i want
    All i'm longing for
    LORD I'M READY ❤❤❤❤⚡🔥


    I've seen you several times commenting on planetshakers songs

    isaias cruz

    hola estefany dios te ama mi cielo tu eres todo la hermosa jardin del eden soy de campeche q tal si charlamos soy de campeche podemos hablar

  75. pandero pandero

    hermosa alabanza 💖🎶

  76. Mackoy Knight


    Gaurav Gamit

    I have commented you can see

  77. samuel king

    Show some love to planetshakers 🤙🔥


    @samuel king India 🇮🇳 Hyderabad Telangana

    samuel king



    @samuel king and You are from

    samuel king

    @SREEKANTH GARNEPUDI from India ❤️and u?


    @samuel king u are from which city

  78. Kee Domael

    Hallelujah! Rain Your Glory Down on us Lord! ❤



  79. Clouie Anne Faith Molomolo


  80. Ida Tariang

    Rain down Your Glory on us 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  81. Godfrey Messina


  82. ericson calderon

    Muy bueno este tema y cómo Dios se glorifica ... soy de Venezuela bendiciones


    Dios te bendiga hermano proclamamos 🗽 para Venezuela Dios es más poderoso que cualquier gobierno.

  83. Chris De Silva


  84. Daniel Official

    So cool

  85. Billy Jireh Cabase

    finally! 💖

  86. lin lin lin

    Rain down on me your galory

  87. Matheus Sousa

    Brasil Aqui?

  88. Daniel Official

    Thanks for my birthday gift

  89. Daniel Official

    Bing since4.4k

  90. Nathanael Johan

    We need lyrics please 🙏

    Gaurav Gamit

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  91. Isaandra Miguel

    Been waiting for this 💕

  92. Спасай свою душу