Hiatt, John - Back Of My Mind Lyrics

Well my daddy he stood at the foot of the stairs
He was calling to me at the time
And I knew even then, I could die for the thoughts
That I kept in the back of my mind

But I dared not to speak
How I felt for my dad
Cause there were no words to define
The ball of confusion, of feelings and stuff
That I kept in the back of my mind

So I took to the highway
And I kept to myself
Just a lookin' and hopin' to find
Some solutions, some answers, someway to exist
All this stuff in the back of my mind

So I took me a job
And I took me a wife
And I took me a bottle of wine
And it did not take long, 'til all I had left
Was this junk in the back of my mind

Well the end of the tunnel
It never came up
'til I came to the end of the line
And I saw that the light I'd been hoping to see
Was just a spark in the back of my mind

And the cold wind that blew
Through the hole in my heart
Made a fire for the very first time
From some branches of trust
And a kindling of faith
And that spark in the back of my mind

Drivin' like rain, or a runaway train
Flyin' blind, shot from the dark in the back of my mind

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Hiatt, John Back Of My Mind Comments
  1. John Clarke

    I saw John Hiatt perform live with his band on tour in Australia on a bill with Robert Cray as the feature artist. Hiatt easily eclipsed Robert Cray even when Cray had the Memphis Horns backing him and it was the Robert Cray band that I had come to see. I started collecting his music after seeing him in that one performance and have been a fan of his music since

  2. sincera333

    Love John!

  3. Miren Robillard

    plajia euskara pott pott jenofa

  4. Mister Lackey

    I discovered JH in Memphis in early '87 by way of "Lipstick Sunset" and "Learning How to Love You".  When "Slow Turning" came out it felt as if he'd been following me around.

    As others have pointed out, JH is timeless. I'm grateful to find one of America's greatest musical treasures, John Hiatt.

  5. Sarvelio Brez

    Prolífico John Hiatt. No tiene una mala.

  6. skip wilson

    this song reminds me of one of my favorites "John Prine".
    Both great song writters and real Americina at it's best.

    Sandy Garcia

    Damn straight. John is one of the finest singer songwriters I have ever known. It saddens me to watch him grow old. We all have to grow old but the few like him are a great loss to humanity when they go on. That man was a gift. There will never be another like him

  7. Debby Ledbette

    3 years since my last comment, I don't know how many years I've loved listening to this fantastic artist, but I do know I will keep listening as long as I have breath.... Many thanks John!

  8. Brent Bayes

    That damn man scared us all to death..

  9. Atkinson Church Atkinson Church

    Love this original artist producer for his own work with himself...development is beautiful...

  10. Scott Langwothy

    Stolen moments the only constant album in my life for thirty years brilliant

    Angelo Giangiorgi

    Scott Langwothy ...bought it the day it was released... timeless

  11. Creaulx

    He's had a great career but this is from his true golden age - Bring the Family, Slow Turning, Stolen Moments, Perfectly Good Guitar. The pinnacle.

    Angelo Giangiorgi

    Creaulx ...Bingo.... Timeless gems all

    Ralph B

    Agree 100%

  12. Rich McDonald

    John Hiatt is the most underrated song writer of his generation. An American treasure.


    I agree ...I see no earthly reason why his name shouldn't be right up there alongside of Springsteen and Mellencamp. Also standing head high should be Dave Alvin , Joe Ely , Tom Russell and a whole host of others too :)

    Telly Jonas

    John Hiatt is one of (IF NOT THE) song writer of his generation. I don't know about underrated. Not well known in the mainstreams of any the genres he crosses into. But anyone who knows music knows John Hiatt and his enormous contribution to American Music as a song writer and recording artist. AND John Hiatt absolutely kicks ass a stage performer. @RattlesnakeBob


    @Telly Jonas couldn't have said it better. Musicians and songwriters (good ones anyway) knew his talent for many years before we ever heard of him. A great live performer as well

  13. hotheadedjoelhaha

    Been a Fan for 20 years. We will never hear another talent like this with such a voice. What a great tune!

  14. Debby Ledbette

    Thanks for sharing this fantastic artist! Can't wait to see him again! 

  15. Debby Ledbette

    UmmmmUmmm Ummm!!!


    what.. anyway he is the best, my friend turn me on to him in 1990. his lyrics are fantastic

  17. John LaStrada

    This man Haitt is BEYOND the award shows & accolades of people who have no clue what quality music is all about. When someone has to absolutely listen to something over and over and over and over again because it's that good - it is. 100 years from now what's top 10 will be forgotten -- just like the top ten twenty years ago is. But Haitt -- he will be redscovered like Muddy Waters was. He will matter, he will give importance to US with tunes like this & "Down Around My Place." Stunning stuff.


    One of the finest songwriters this world will ever have. I admire and respect him as much as any of them.

    Raven Littlewing


  18. RattlesnakeBob

    an awesome song from a great writer .... :)

  19. jim bob

    simply fuckin brilliant

  20. Andrew Giambrone

    This song has multiple layers of meaning: the source of inspiration, a humanist's search for meaning in life, alcoholism, aging, father-son. Brilliant poetry and music. One of the peaks of Hiatt's great career.

  21. joël Watschinger

    très bonne musique a l'époque
    bye chichiwat a sanary