Hi, Lee - Turn It Up (Intro) Lyrics


Neomeojil ttaemada deo keuge useumyeo ireona.
Neomeojideon geuttaeboda nopi cuz my name is “HI”!
Eumagi inneun gose naega isseo. Music is my life.
Nan gipeun eodum sogedo barkge bitna I’m a STAR!

Keulleobeseo, georieseo, hedeupon sogeseo
Nae moksoriga deullineun i sungankkaji
Eolmana manheun nunmulgwa ttam heullyeonneunji
Gieokhae. itji motae.
And now it’s time to shine!

Turn it up!
Soneul wiro, raise em HI!
Du nuneul gamgo
Eumakgwa hanaga doen
Ja, i sungane say my name.

Turn it up!
Bollyumeul wiro, raise it HI!
Naega neukkyeojimyeon say my name.


[English translation:]

Every time you fall down, laugh louder and get up again
Higher than the time you fell down cuz my name is HI
Where the music is, I am there as well – music is my life
Even in the deepest darkness, I brightly shine – I’m a star

At the club, on the streets, in your headphones
You hear my voice and till this moment
I shed so much sweat and tears
I remember, I can’t forget
And now it’s time to shine!

Turn it up!
Put your hands up, raise em HI
Close your eyes
Be one with the music
Now right this moment, say my name

Turn it up!
Turn up the volume, raise it HI
If you feel me, say my name


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Hi, Lee Turn It Up (Intro) Comments
  1. Pink Senorita

    احب نبرة صوت لي هاي الفخمه

  2. Pink Senorita

    تهبل الاغنيه

  3. 김연자


  4. Rootheey TV

    If brasstracks & Lee Hi collaborated.

    THIS would be the song

  5. yin yang

    Should have been a full song dang yg

  6. Sasu Attiogbe Redlich

    THIS GOES SO HARD ! ! ! !

  7. 음악가황지원

    오랜만에 들었는데 정말 곡이 좋아요

  8. Wifey Ally

    I can't believe this was 6 years ago

  9. EsterBrigitte

    Support Hayi her comeback is very soon♥

  10. Neil Patrick Endaya

    May 2019 and still waiting for a full version of this

  11. lilac

    So close to 2 million!!!!!!

  12. Syakira Ramli

    What's this music genre? Sounds street. I like it and would like to hear more of this type of you guys have recommandations

  13. YuirZa Hani

    Lee hi shii.. I miss your voice :') 💜

  14. Anindita Anjani

    Still waiting

  15. Diep My Linh Phuong

    Full version plssss


    i miss you so much 😭

  17. Pink Sora

    Not only Lee Hi needs to release new songs but she also needs to drop a longer version of this song, unfortunately it's just an intro

  18. choimeemee

    September 2018? Anyone?

  19. Mioa Ma

    its 2018, wheres the full song?!

  20. dilara

    Kız 17-18 yaşında bu müki şarkıyı söylemiş sen hâlâ neyini bekletiyon ya

  21. monsteralfie

    it's been 5 years and i'm still hoping on a full length version lmao but we all know that's never going to happen 😩😭

  22. 냥냥이

    아 와이지진챠...끝까지 안내줘

  23. Connie Chan

    I am still waiting for the full version..😭

  24. NI TA

    I don't understand why YG don't give a comeback for her.. i feel bad for YG


    SLAYYYY <3

  26. paolaosita

    full song please

  27. Elle

    my only wish before i die is for a full version of this amazing song

  28. angga nugraha

    who watching this in 2020

  29. สุมาลี สีสุข

    Full song Ver. please.🙏

  30. Moc Ca

    I like this so much.

  31. Midnightroar

    Gosh it's been so long. Now you're about to be 21.

  32. Şuheda Akbaş

    who is watching in 2017?? :)

    Dasom Park

    Issız Bayan me haha

  33. Just Passing Through

    I just found this song and that it was published on my bday! 😁 I wish there was a longer version instead of just the intro. 이하이 사랑해요!! 화이팅!! ✌😆

  34. LittleUsagi0333

    Full version please!!!! It's too short and it's the best!

  35. Laura S

    I'm still waiting for this song, Love it so badly!!!

  36. Creo

    This is ironically still my favorite song from Lee Hi. . . Ha ha. I just love the vibes!
    What can you do, though?

  37. Christina

    Took me so long to find this again!!!! Still love it 2 years later!!!!

  38. Serçois Bernal

    stiil waiting 4 full versión of this beutifull song, best voice un Korea ♥🌹

  39. Suttida wongthongkam

    good melode

  40. Galuh Intan

    i need full version

  41. moon


  42. Sheery

    From her debut till now I'm still waiting for this song's full version......

  43. Yuuki Yuuki

    Woow, so mysterious but amazing at the same time :)

  44. 624jhoan

    been waiting for years....

  45. Merlee Claire Gealan

    like i'm listening to a disney movies ost.. like canp rock.. my feels 😃😃

  46. Daehnie Youngie

    still my fave song

  47. chltmddms5

    이곡을 왜 인트로로 썼는지 아직도 노이해...

  48. Pratyusha

    everyone: whos watching in 2016 /2015?

    me: how the fuck did I just found this *facepalm*

    wasabi baby

    Same lmao I was like 'wth there is such a thing????'

  49. lauren melo


  50. Đạt Shin

    I need Full Version 😭😭😭 Please!

  51. Anonymous Owl

    this should really have a full version. It's great! Oh, they should include the full ver., maybe if there is a deluxe edition of her new album SEOULITE realesing this March 9, 2016

  52. Pelin

    I just hope that she has a long version of this song on her new album

  53. Joshua Brown

    who is watching in 2016? :D

    Black Saz

    Dammn meh


    Joshua Brown 2017 here 🙌

  54. wutheringheights01

    It depresses me how short this song is

  55. alsk20

    Still my favorite intro to any album ever!

  56. Mayra Silva

    Thank you Tablo for this amazing SHORT intro and little LeeHi for your voice♥


    its kush nd lydia!!!

  57. mila ariani

    lee hi the best

  58. MNK

    Full Version?

  59. Andrelyn Claire Bautista

    Damn KPOP needs a voice like this! Ayt girl! Keep making music!

  60. Winona Daphne

    FULL VERSION!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 정민서

    이게 인트로..?



  63. haha lee

    탈김치곡을 인트로로 묻은거보소

  64. Cinthya Gutiérrez

    has anybody seen her Instagram?? my dreams may come true!!!! she posted a pic with this tittle yaaas tablo yaaaas!

    Aisyah Ahmad

    omg yes yes yesssss!!!

    Cinthya Gutiérrez

    false alarm its a photo created by a Chinese fan :( but I have hope!

    Leba Minott

    +Cinthya Gutiérrez she's coming back now :) :)

  65. Yas Ruby

    i've never heard a strong voice like that, she is a superstar 4 real

  66. gizibe trbl

    I'm still waiting for a full ver of this, I know it's just an intro but is soooo good! Hayi's voice is too perf T^T

  67. Vy Đinh

    OMG I need full version !

  68. 브라운( ㅡ,. ㅡ + BROWN)

    이 노래는 진짜 레전드인데 , 인트로로 쓰는 YG 미련함에 혀를 내둘러 친다. 바보들.


    맞아요...이해가 안감 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


    브라운( ㅡ,. ㅡ + BROWN) 노래는 너무너무 좋은데 짧아서 똥 싸다가 끊긴 느낌... 아쉽다.

  69. Vitória Gonçalves

    Still waiting for a full version of this song <3

  70. Miyankochan

    never giving up on the full version
    let's have faith

    Brendan Ko

    tweet tablo for the full ver. !

    Mayra Silva

    +Miyankochan I knooooow!!

  71. haiyata19

    Please don't put Leehi and Katie Kim together
    They're too good to be put into duo

  72. Thanie Macs

    It's flippin' 2015, but i never get tired listening to this!
    But my phone is sick of playing the 'First Love' album, some singles and even the songs she sang back on KPopstar! YG, I know you don't want to rush Lee Hi (or any of your artist) but, this girl needs something new...

    Well, YGstans are known for patience.. so /sighs/ amma sit 'round here with ma headset till a new release is out...


  73. Mi Kah

    Preciso da versão completa dessa música, nem que seja de agora D: (antes tarde do que nunca) 

  74. mELanie.devotedYGstan&ARMY

    dear YG...can we have the full version please.....

  75. Team P0SEID0N

    I know total number of views isn't the most important thing in the world and musical taste is up to each individual.  But I think it's significant that this audio-only, less-than-two-minutes-long song has more "views" (actually "listens") than many much bigger budget music videos of many idols that have been out for about the same amount of time.  It's a real credit to Lee Hi's  voice/singing and Tablo's lyrics and production input on this song.  It should become her introductory song for future concert performances and television appearances, etc.  I'm actually kind of surprised that it hasn't occurred to YG to use this song much more extensively. 

    It would have been so great if at least a few bars of this song had been played everytime Lee Hi had been introduced on stage or at events in the past couple of years.  People would hear the first couple of lines ("Neom eojil ttae mada deo keuge useumyeo ileona...Neom eojideon geuttaeboda nopi cuz my name is "Hi"! ) and fans would get excited because they'd know Lee Hi's about to appear and people who didn't know much about her would get a great introduction to her singing and music through this song.


  76. Dila Muftiyani

    Tablo is SOOOOO DAMN GENIUS OMG!!! Damn i need Hayi baby to comeback ASAP! Please dont lock her in your dungeon YG!!!

  77. mxrxxnx x


  78. eeel01

    벌스 2번정도만 반복하면 싱글하나정도 나오겠구만...타블로오빵 뭐하시는지??? 빨랑 완곡만들어주세요 현기증날거같애;-;...명곡이다 이건.대작의 냄새가나......

  79. Stewart Higgins

    This such a fun song. Really wish there was more to it.

  80. Cyn AR

    Thanks for the awesome lyrics Tablo! :)

  81. Rose04

    Dammit! Why do they make intro songs so good AND so short at the same time?!?!?!

  82. marikaye.


  83. okok

    I wish it was longer 

  84. Pungkoy

    YG it's still not too late to release a full version of this song pls lol

    Joel Flores

    Awww haha I love your hope :p

    ျမတ္သူ ေအး

    Still, a full version wouldn't be too late...

  85. Team P0SEID0N

    YG should have asked her to sing this at all of the YG famiy concerts.  It's short and it would have been a perfect intro for her to sing when she came on stage. 

  86. shark white

    Pls make full for this song. Wanna to hear full song. 

  87. pnguyenevo

    If only this was a full version

  88. İrem Erdöl

    I think YG should relase this song's full ver. on Lee Hi's new comeback like Bigbang's still alive

  89. Silamanee Boonlertpanich

    I love her sound.
    I think her sound is perfect i love it
    I love Lee hi💕

  90. DE299

    i neeeeeed comeeebaackeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. basboosa

    this is the type of music Lee Hi should be releasing. especially as her main singles. the girl is young and should be given fun songs with strong beats that allow her to showcase her massive voice. I feel that she could do really well with Rihanna type of songs  


    exactly!!! those are the songs she should from now on!!! YG must really let her showcase her talent like that otherwise, she would be another wasted talent falling into "kpop average standards" when she is so much more. Just sayin

  92. gabesobabe

    this is so sick

  93. Potphatpoongkhori


  94. Pygmalion Talion

    Best intro ever with genius lyrics ! Go listen to her album !

  95. Yvonne _

    Genius lyrics

  96. Kayrrah Lagoc

    Wow! Its So Very Beautiful :")

  97. BethSpain

    should have been a full song...
    should have been a full song ....
    damn you YG