Hewitt, Jennifer Love - Can I Go Now Lyrics

What's the point of trying to meet you in the middle
You got your point of view
There's nothing I can do
Can't change your mind
Can't leave it all behind
You're living in the past
We talk and talk
This goes on for hours
About how I should be
Why is it all me
Don't wanna fight
Don't wanna waste my time
Baby this can't last
I'm moving on, moving on

Can I go now
Say what you have to say
Happy you've got your way
There's nothing to discuss
Can I go now
Giving your point of view
Say what you wanted too
What's the point in us
Can I go now
Oh say what you have to say
Happy you've got your way
What's there to discuss

What's the point of trying to reach a compromise
When you're the judge and jury
What's the story
I can't make you see that I'm not always wrong
I can't make you right
It's time to move on
I'm moving on


Let's call it a day I'll pack my bags be on my way
Sure don't need to stay
Where I'm not welcome anyway
Well now that's alright and that's OK yeah

There's nothing left to do
Maybe I'm not for you
So why don't you let it go

Tell me what's the point of all this
Talk, talk, talk, talk
We could go day and night
Still wouldn't make it right

Can I go now
Say what you have to say
Happy you've got your way
There's nothing to discuss
Can I go now
You're giving your point of view
Say what you wanted too
What's the point in us
Can I go now
I'll be on my way
Let's call it a day
Can I go now?
Now, why don't you let it go
Can I go now?

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Hewitt, Jennifer Love Can I Go Now Comments
  1. Ellishon Douglas


  2. Kelly Blanco

    Anyone know who the guy is? He looks familiar


    Déjà c'est une bonne actrice je la découvre comme chanteuse c'est pas mal aussi.

  4. Watcher Offools

    She’s gorgeous

  5. Chad Castagana

    When she was still in her prime, a big hit in Japan

  6. Curt Christensen

    Hottest girl on earth in 1997

  7. La Dreem formerly known as Sunshine

    You do not understand how..intimately engaging you are..wonder if I reach for you.

  8. J R


  9. Patricia Hernandez

    Wow I didnt ghost whisper can sing ...

  10. Heath Spencer

    Love is legit talented. I never knew she was an actual singer until a few years ago. Grew up with her movies in the 90s, but damn its a shame i didn't about her singing until later on.

  11. because0011

    Your body is a wonderland is about her

  12. Chris William

    Never realized you was here

  13. Samantha Samaniego

    Im all binge watching ghost whispers and this pops up 😂

  14. Kai Eisberg

    Super cute, super sexy, super great voice! I love this woman....

  15. Michael Trevino


  16. Jay Barich

    I thought she was just another pretty face beautiful woman but she can sing to

  17. Joseph Babica


  18. Artifacts of Exile

    she looks almost the same as my teenage time crush :D
    but unfortunately she is married now and im alone :(


    Who still listening in 2019

  20. BettyAnn Smith

    Don't quit your day job, love!

  21. Sonny Jr

    Hewitt has super porno star potential.

  22. Daniel Wong


  23. S Tyler

    So many cords 😂

  24. Tom Lee

    She reminds me of the one I loved back when

  25. Robertz Side

    Anyone here from 9-1-1...

    No just me, ok...

  26. Frank Mata

    She used to be hot.

  27. King Cobra

    Jennifer love hewitt is " Beutiful Women".👍

  28. Luis Diego

    Sexy midriff and looks in the raglan shirt parts

  29. Marty A.M

    Always has been, always will be the most talented and beautiful woman in hollywood. Better than 90% of the untalented little bimbos we get these days.

  30. Eian Geoffrey Cruz

    Jennifer's music career struggled during this era since she competed with female pop singers like Britney, Christina, Avril, Jennifer, etc.. People were harsh to compare this to other successful singers.. on a different note, Jennifer really has a good vocal.

  31. Mariana Fiscot

    She reminds me about avril lavigne🤗

  32. Igor Radanović

    i got a bonnnerr

  33. TheDestroyer2alltrolls

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is an amazing actress, talented singer, smart woman, and is so beautiful and highly gorgeous. She is criminally underrated! Is there anything this lovely woman can't do? She's the best! I love Jennifer Love Hewitt! 🤩

  34. Sery Y

    Camila cabello

  35. J Wohl

    well at least she is hot. Dont quit your day job honey!

  36. Cath O.

    Oct 2019

  37. EsangTube

    October 2010 JLove still Rockin 😝🤘

  38. Sarah Therese

    I actually love the raspy aspect to her voice.

  39. Andreea Ilie

    What happened to her??? Even on tv series I can barely see her. She is such a great talent

  40. Johnny Fountains

    She has her midriff bare,

  41. taleta nasi

    Bbrp hari ini sy cukup tertekan,, semua karena kalian.

  42. taleta nasi

    Tolong hargai sy sebagai manusia.

  43. taleta nasi

    Tolong banget clearkan stalker. Sy bener2 ingin fokus dgn anak sy berdua hari ini. Jangan ada yg teriak2 di luar, bila anda tdk menghargai sy atau tidak punya sedikit pun rasa hormat, semua hanya krn upah bayaran atau terpaksa bantu teman. Tolong hargai sy sebagai manusia.

  44. Robert Vanderzalm

    Sounds great!!!!

  45. marilia0607

    Essa música me marcou muito <3

  46. Frankincensed

    She sings? All these actresses want to be singers but none of them are any good. All sound the same

  47. Shannon Curtis

    one good thing about not knowing who song any in particular song during their hey day, is they were acting before singing. Unless there actually really good at singing, like Jared Leto

  48. Claudionor Pitanga

    Amo demais essa música ❤️

  49. Johnny Fountains

    I plan on covering this on my channel. If I start a band I might get a girl to sing this with us. Vanessa Carlton also.

  50. Fernando Freddy Duran Alvarez

    Lindo tema, yo puedo irme ahora ,yeah .

  51. First Grad

    Oh the memories

  52. mohamed suliman Hassan

    سبحان الله

  53. Renato Amorim official

    So love 💘🎤

  54. Nilza Silva

    amo nega

  55. Ellishon Douglas

    I Fucking Love This Woman Yo

  56. Michael Howard

    Yes very talented smile And good book talented lyrics.BUT She has a bad producer

  57. antaresares dan

    Je suis carrément fan

  58. star killer

    So sexy

  59. Liornow

    Please, please, please, music industry, can we have Jennifer Love Hewitt singing again?

  60. Carlos Alberto Garcez Junior BeijocaJr

    Meu amor me dá seu coração de chamar você 😢💖💖💖💖💖

  61. Александр Демушкин

    JLH - was - is - and - will-be- the most Beautiful of the Wonders of the Universe -
    i Love and Adore HER - SHE's - Perfection - the Lord did not create anything better than HER.

  62. Carrie Ali

    Yes yuh go hah to arkse permissiaan plenty now so sing de song plenty to practice. You eh de wan who de sayin yess al de time gyul.

  63. Luciano Lulu

    Jen, is very nice girl!!!

  64. Paris Raven Dycueco

    I love JLove! ❤️❤️

  65. cedric arnold

    Jennifer Love Hewitt my idol I love a lot <3 <3. A real beauty, I love you so much Jennifer Love Hewitt <3

  66. Alfie Bart

    Love her and listen also to her songs from the movie “if only”

  67. Patricia Santos

    2019 ????

  68. Johnny Fountains

    I love Jennifer Love Hewitt

  69. Fernando Daniel villarruel

    Anyone in 2019

  70. je cherche l'or du temps


  71. Clinton Grandy

    Jennifer is an amazing person!

  72. Filmcastingaz

    qarfield and finish

  73. Isaiah Tukuvaka

    On saves my cousins soldiers on Leonardo ,Romeo,solomons Mexico in states Australian banks saves workers VIP not need the troubles fix on ...on targets polices got...see lot ok..so much about leon , leonadro ,Romeo send me romieo Solomon on mission saves lot much...VIP homes states they eats humen women too lot much VIP..lot not makes rights things not hers years bitch long all wanted VIP...bitch..

  74. Jessica Snustad

    Anyone watching in 2019????

  75. Tomislav Krejacic

    Santo Subito

  76. Belony Campos

    2019 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Princess Lavene

    She sings!

  78. totallymissamz

    Damn, forgot about this one. Lemme go back in time now😊

  79. Lyon Islanco Squall Shiar-Triton

    When youd rather give psychopathelosis the cure of tumoric acid deconstruction

  80. Gina Arms

    Didnt know she sang

  81. HÉLDER ;

    2019 💙

  82. Lehaswag con swag v:

    2019? XD

  83. Rickey Engle


  84. Jana Gromova

    who's listening to this DECEMBER 2018??

  85. g173df

    She is still so hot!!

  86. Hey there It’s kirstyn

    She reminds me of shane from the l word I don't know why tho

  87. Sérgio Jordão

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Steve Johnson

    Wow, great voice and she's SMOKING HOT

  89. Evelyn Coronel

    Camila cabello?

  90. Ryan Tan

    super underrated singer!!!

  91. Kristina Veliganio

    Story of my life

  92. Robert lee Arnold jr

    Dont you love me any moee awww i thought you professed that to the crooked court have. My baby then. Liar

  93. Crystal Fa

    From 2003

  94. Skrabut Regina


  95. shane92905

    JLH is perfection