Hellogoodbye - Jesse Buy Nothing... Go To Prom Anyways! Lyrics

(Prom with Jesse)

Prom is coming up
It's on the 17th of May
And I've got a message
That I want to convey

I'll buy a nice suit
And you can wear a pretty dress
You will watch me dance
And realize I am the best

Will you go to prom with me
(And dance [x6])
Will you go to prom with me
(And dance [x6])

We'll slow dance
And fast dance
And clap, clap, clap our hands (clap, clap, clap)

My moves will be so hot
You'll have to stand under the fan

This dance will be better
Than your favorite ice cream
I cut like a knife
And I dance just like a dream

[Chorus x2]

Lets go to prom
Ahhh... let's go to prom
Lets go to the prom [x2]

(I buy nothing
Jessie buy nothing)

[Chorus x4]

Prom with Jesse

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Hellogoodbye Jesse Buy Nothing... Go To Prom Anyways! Comments
  1. Leila Sidky

    Wow I can’t believe hellogoodbye invented screamo

  2. Rabecca Barnes

    The 14 downvoters suck!!!

  3. Adan Druego

    Dude, you had that knife... use it. If you didn't bring the knife, remember to bring it with you the next time. OH YES! THERE SHALL BE A NEXT TIME!

  4. Dark Zhiro

    It's quite the transition when I go from "Here (In Your Arms)" to this.

  5. Scott Georgson

    Why is this not the most video on YouTube?

  6. Natalia Herrera

    I hope kids today are using this gem to ask girls to prom lol

  7. TheSutanian

    Today's the day!

  8. Kevin P

    prom is coming up it's on the 17th of may!!! (Tomorrow!)

  9. ImMooful

    LOL Forrest's tats but from this video and their other music videos I feel like Forrest would be a good actor!

  10. AversaS

    So. Many. Memories. lol

  11. detox2retox

    Actually Jesse and the rest of the band just graduated high school when they recorded this. So they were only like 18, so stfu

  12. Nicolette Noble

    this song was my childhood.

  13. Nicolette Noble

    We ALWAYS sing this during lunch. It's amazing.

  14. kristina Baxter

    they played this song on around wa-hi when it came time to prom lol the vid was awesome that they put together

  15. animatedwierdo

    XD 1:55

  16. Rebecca Jiang

    LOL @ 1:05 <3 Forrest

  17. angelmama231


  18. Cami

    I love the way he's such a loser.

  19. Hannah Stookey

    This song brings back memories =]

  20. lemmonyish

    hahaa he said the first line i was like oh wait this is quiet i need to turn my speakers up. then FRIKKIN HELL WHAAA THATS LOUD AHHHHH!!!
    i love hellogoodbye :D <3

  21. Risa Nesbit

    this made my day!

  22. connor clack

    i snowboard to this shit

  23. Keyane

    this is so fucking good :D

  24. Kira Forgetmenot

    makes me wanna dance and dance and dance dance dance o_o

  25. detox2retox

    And btw the one going WAAAAAAHOOOOOWOOOOAAAHH in the background isn't Forrest it's Chris. Forrest is the one yelling I BUY NOTHING, JESSE BUY NOTHING haha

  26. detox2retox

    This is the hellogoodbye that I miss.

  27. Peter Wagner

    i like how they play the nerds and the jocks. its funny. ily hellogoodbye :)

  28. Miranda Rowland


  29. excessccompany

    are you kidding me?!
    obviously this is supposed to be like a crazy song, especially compared to the rest of their stuff, that's why it's FUNNY.

  30. Jessie Cziotka

    lol! thats freakin funny, a guy screaming at u until u go to prom with him

  31. Michael Serrato

    i think thats the point, hellogoodbye is like that, theyre very dorky and do stupid shit

  32. Michael Serrato

    yeah, it is

  33. xLAZ0RZx

    1:00 lol oreos

  34. Allison Lee

    If someone sent me this for Gaia prom I'd say yes.

  35. teeshalove

    did tht guy have a slight accent?.......sorta sounded like someone familar......ok...yeah

  36. Peter Beertree

    LOL i <3 this song!

  37. Snuffleboom

    this video is freakin dumb, cubed!

  38. lolayourcat

    lol I LOVE this song!! i marvel in the nerdy hot ness.. :) (and yes, i would totaly go to prom with you)

  39. Aaron

    ahahaha. Use this to ask someone.

  40. ricochet1991

    did he use a megaphone?lol

  41. Meredith Johannes

    It doesn't sound like Forrest because it's Jesseie. Duh.
    How can you people love this band so much if you don't even know the song is ABOUT one of the band members?

  42. TORATechnoNerd

    thats why it doesnt sound like forrest!!
    its not!
    awesome though!!!

  43. Pika Saur


    i'd say YES in a heartbeat.

    omg. forrest with his oreos.

  44. Nina Krivonic

    three things i'd like to say:

    1. I would marry a guy that asked me to prom like that.

    2. i REALLY want oreos now...

    3. my want for a megaphone is increased!

  45. melandedelshow

    haha forrest and his oreos!

  46. melandedelshow

    he's so hawt mann:D
    they should make a video for welcome to the record cause forrest kline is the hawtest mann
    alive his girlfriend chelsea is the luckiest girl live:D

  47. trilled

    is somebody asked me to the prom like that i would say no in a heartbeat. talk about desperate!

  48. Piang Duremdes


  49. eva c

    Forrest is sooo sexy :]

  50. eva c

    i absolutely LOVEE this :]

  51. Megan Grint

    i love the end hahahaha :]

  52. Emily McPherson

    its on itunes now.

  53. Ashley Shaw

    okay... in the end... u can hear forrest scream "jesse buy nothing".... omg soo cute!

  54. Ashley Shaw

    jesse keeps staring at that girls boobs..... but forrest is adorable!

  55. wallywally123475678


  56. matt9537

    Its on their DVD as well. I brought it :). Amazing! Like the only offical vid of HB ands its like on the last page of the search!

    Keep posting HB videos!

  57. Maggie R


  58. yasmin alarnah


    Cant believe this is only just on youtube.