Hellogoodbye - Dear Jamie... Sincerely Me Lyrics


Dear Jamie I've got a letter I would like to send
It's lacking strings of words with punctuation at the end.
Should I trust this dialect?
To convey the right effect?

Dear Jamie I've got some things I'd like to set in pen
I would have used a pencil but lead's just not permanent.
Should I trust my printer's ink?
To express the things I think?


Every page I tried my best to think of something to contest
With inside jokes and all the folks could have much more to say


Dear Jamie this envelope will represent my heart
I'll seal it, send it off and wish it luck with its depart.
This stamp will be every action that carry my affection
Across the air and land and sea
Should I trust the postage due?
To deliver my heart to you?


Every page I tried my best to think of something to contest
With inside jokes and other folks who have much more to say
Every page I tried my best to think of something to contest
With inside jokes and other folks who have much more to say

Give you all I can
Flower and a hand
I hope this helps you see
Signed Sincerely me.

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Hellogoodbye Dear Jamie... Sincerely Me Comments
  1. Clayton Mika

    Why leave out the great solo at the end :/

  2. Elenin

    10 years ago, I played this song on the piano to my first girlfriend. Brings so much memories <3

  3. TTD69

    Still here, 2019

  4. GrandMastaChamp 05

    2019.. such a beautiful song.. miss you bojangles

  5. Justin Resuta

    This song makes me miss my sister. I lost her in 2015 to an overdose. Love you Jaime.

  6. Vianey Martinez

    Still good in 2019 !


    Here in 2019 😁

  8. Ellis & the D

    Wow this video aged like milk, goddamn

  9. Jamie Pearson

    I only watched this because well read my name

  10. Meliodasza

    Here in 2019 😊

  11. Gary Halvorson ii


  12. Katie Rose

    My heart!! 💖💖💖😘😚😚😚😍😍😍

  13. Jarrett

    Classique song... - put this damn album on spotify wtf.

  14. Daniel Hanley

    still loving this tune. reminds me of better (emo) days

  15. Jenerner

    2018 and im still here lmao

    Ana Segovia

    haha girl same

    Kacie Lipton

    Jenna H pretty sure I'll never leave 💕

  16. Renee Waller

    Here in 2018😁

    Kent Takaishi

    2019 tho

  17. Connor Rawle

    Anyone else still listening in 2017?

    Polyglot Bryce

    2018 sonnn cx

    Sunshine littlephilly

    @Polyglot Bryce 2019

  18. JC M

    Why did you cut the song short?

  19. roberto losano

    your voice is good but I like rockpop

  20. Antonette Veals

    oh man! HelloGoobye was the shizznit when i was in Jr. High. this was totally their unsung best though!!! all i need to completely transport me back is a bunch of Pon and Zi lol

  21. Eerin Carroll

    10 years and still in love with hello goodbye

  22. Sara Campbell

    10+ years later, still listening and loving this song as much as ever!

  23. Aurora Zucchini

    I'm still into Hellogodbye so hard. //


    @Aurora Hernandez hey me too ^.^

    Shauna Rigsby

    Same here. high school memories haha I graduated in 08 so this band amongst others were my LIFE <3

  24. Jamie Kimsey

    I freaking love this song!

  25. Soulfoundforever

    V.V as a jamie that write letters like a granny. I'm still waiting for my letter.

    Megha Gandhi

    I have a good time for the first time in the morning and then you can get a good day

    Krystal Katzchen

    Still here in 2018!

  26. Hannah Blakeney

    Well that was a buzz kill. The best part is the instrumental at the end.

  27. Sandy Headley

    don't know mean you 'LUV' it? haha

  28. McLovin

    Welll send her my regards

  29. McLovin

    nice. good luck!

  30. Stickum

    what a panty dropper

    Alexandra Chichester

    Oh yeah

  31. Daiz Mimzi

    i love that manga in the begining. xD

  32. Madison Melia

    So I have a massive crush on this guy named Jamie...and my best friend decided to play this in the car when we went to lunch...Twas mega awkotaco


    Madison Melia did you ever date Jamie?

  33. Alex Wolf

    Aww. That's so sweet. <3 She'll love it. . . Well, since this was a year ago, I'm sure she loved it. :)

  34. Alex Wolf

    Shut the fuck up. Love is love. It works in many ways. You can learn to like someone in a week and then eventually fall in love. . . But you wouldn't know that because I doubt you even love anyone. . . Or that anyone loves you. Amber and Frankie's love IS real. If you actually saw how they talked to each other, how they acted towards each other, then you would know. You don't even know what love is, do you? So SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    Oh, and opinions are opinions. SO we think they are in real love.

  35. Breezy Noah

    I want to marry this song. It sould be leagal... So very amazing. :3

  36. tommy

    Love song , beautifulest song ever<3
    Oh daayyuumnn its my favorite song ,<3 ♥ -SIncerely Candy.

  37. owlcitylover34

    @xXOwlCityismylifeXx YES :D

  38. Samantha Burton

    @owlcitylover34 I totally agree with you <3

  39. owlcitylover34

    My life is complete... :D

  40. ass dick

    @sneakyjizz Well sorry.

  41. ass dick

    @sneakyjizz That's kinda, like rude I guess. Love works in wired ways, is I guess it is possible for that to happen.

  42. magicstars56

    guess what? my names jamie.

  43. Deartinyone

    i really love this song, but seeing as Jamie was an ex of mine it is kind of awkward..

  44. Jamie Burke

    jamie is my name :) i like this song. not just because it has my name in it. its a good song. :)

  45. adam dixon

    this song is the bollocks adam dixon

  46. Angie Pansy


  47. kristenlovesyou28

    @ParamoreLvr101 maybe hes singing about you=] haha that would be amazing!

  48. xAmity

    i love this song!!
    even though i just found out about it through this vid...
    but oh well!! =)

  49. mika gassant

    I actually did this once but I signed it.

  50. Julia Doyle

    love this sonnnng! =]