Helen Reddy - Somewhere In The Night Lyrics

Time, you found time enough to love
I found love enough to hold you
Tonight I'll stir the fire you feel inside
Until the flames of love enfold you

Laying beside you, lost in the feeling
So glad you opened my door

Come with me
Somewhere in the night we will know
Everything lovers shall know
You're my song
Music too magic to end
I'll play you over and over again
Loving so warm, moving so right
Closing our eyes and feeling the light
We'll just go on burning bright
Somewhere in the night

You'll sleep when the morning comes
And I'll lie and watch you sleeping
And you'll smile when you dream about the night
Like it's a secret you've been keeping

Laying beside you, lost in the feeling
So glad you opened my door

Come with me
Somewhere in the night we will know
Everything lovers can know
You're my song
Music too magic to end
I'll play you over and over again
Loving so warm, moving so right
Closing our eyes and feeling the light
We'll just go on burning bright
Somewhere in the night
Loving so warm, moving so right
Closing our eyes and feeling the light
We'll just go on burning bright
Somewhere in the night
We'll just go on burning bright
Somewhere in the night
We'll just go on burning bright
Somewhere in the night
We'll just go on burning bright
Somewhere in the night

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Helen Reddy Somewhere In The Night Comments
  1. Dewi. Rowlands

    Great singer great song great times😎

  2. Jennifer Bunn

    Love this version... remarkably had never heard it before. It's the perfect compliment to Barry Manilow's version. Kind of nice hearing the song from both a male and female perspective, especially when we're talking about two such wonderful singers.

  3. James Glenn

    Her best song (in my opinion)
    I realize she had bigger hits, but this one grabs me with raw emotion.

  4. Jorge Estomba

    Oh Helen , that sexy voice , smile
    One of a kind !!! Be well in Australia !!! Love

  5. Paul Selover

    What a beautiful song. Anyone who has been in Love can relate.

  6. Mike

    Not a patch on the Barry Manilow version.

  7. D. Paul Gladstone

    This song will never get old. It may be one of the greatest love songs that also get your emotions charged.

  8. Reno Reez

    Thank you Barry Manilow. Great Song Great voice.

  9. Filiberto Aguilar

    La musica de belén reddy es la mejor musica que escuchado durante mi vida lleva un mensaje de respeto a la mujer es excelente mensaje nada mas

  10. Sharon Hamilton

    I'd sit. Sing with her if angry. Gave it all I had. Brake a sweat. I'd come out fine

  11. Gregory Rogier

    A classic from Helen Reddy🎤🎵🎶...takes me back to high school...great memories...love me some Helen Reddy!!...Keep on Singing!!💙💚💛🧡💜❤👬..

  12. Sergio Rivera

    Solo escucho la versión de Manilow esta canción (1979).

  13. Michael Villeneuve

    Such an amazing, beautiful artist. Loved her from Day 1.

  14. David DeMarco

    Barry Manilow sang it best....but Helen did a remarkable job as well.

  15. strawberryseason

    Who had the bigger hit -- her or Barry Manilow?

    terence donovan

    Helen...It's not close....

  16. Randall Sundeen

    Wanted BARRY MANILOW for two counts of song theft first victim Karen and Richard Carpenter song stolen Can't Smile without you second victim Helen Reddy song stolen Somewhere in the night songwriters make sure you take preventive actions!!

  17. jetclntn

    I just love her songs and her voice even though she doesn’t make records anymore. She is great to listen to anytime

    Elaine Dixon

    I think she passed away, heard something about it

  18. Justin Ngahere

    Awesome song.. amazing..love you Helen

  19. Kevin Spaulding

    It is the mesh of good and evil at the median that makes these feelings real.

  20. Moon Cake

    Very nice song.

  21. robert dearman

    I can't believe I'm saying something complementary about Barry Manilow, but I think his remake of this song is better than Helen's version.

    Sharon RATLIFF Hamilton

    robert dearman NOOOOO I was disappointed in his version. she has feeling


    I agree. I knew his version first though.

  22. Randall Terry

    Love this song. Listened to her all the time in the 70s!!


    My beautiful Mother (who passed away ) used to listen to helen reddy.. . . .I miss you too much mom 😔.

    Sharon RATLIFF Hamilton

    LOYAL ROYAL I used to listen to all she released, your mom had good taste.

  24. Gina Lasula

    what a beautiful lyrics soo much to remember all old days i just thought I lying under the thick star among all the pure beautiful dark clouds

  25. Marco Alfonso Rivera Campos

    No la había escuchado con Helen, hermosa la interpreta.

  26. Jim Robinson

    Music from times we will never see again! glad to have been there

    melissa a.

    You are absolutely right.what a beautiful time it was💘❤Melissa Arispe

    Carol Ziesmer

    Go yes, well never here this voice or talent again that's for sure.

    melissa a.

    @Carol Ziesmer i agree🖒🖒🖒

    andy. hello.

    Music from the heart.

    Carol Ziesmer

    @andy. hello. Yes it's a Beautiful song, I enjoy all Helen Reddy songs. She is a faboulise singer that we won't ever here again from another. That voice is outstanding.

  27. ちびブラン


  28. Sam

    I have not heard this since I was a kid in the 70s. Had a crush on Helen, what a beautiful women.

  29. Lisa Anders


  30. Debbie Sanders

    I wish I could go back to the past

    amc pacer

    i wish i could go back about 40 years not like the shit world we live in now

    Sharon RATLIFF Hamilton

    Debbie Sanders why?

  31. Clifford Reaux

    Love her

  32. Agrimensor

    ...a pretty voice for a pretty girl... I really miss the 70s....

    Sharon RATLIFF Hamilton

    Agrimensor you know I do too

  33. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1975 {December 12th} Helen Reddy was the guest host on the NBC-TV late-night weekly musical variety program, 'The Midnight Special"...
    At the time her "Somewhere In The Night" was at #59 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, nine weeks later it would peak at #19 {for 2 weeks} and it spent fourteen weeks on the Top 100...
    And on January 4th, 1976 it peaked at #2 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Easy Listening Tracks chart, for the week it was at #2, the #1 record for that week was "Fly Away" by John Denver...
    Between 1971 and 1981 she had twenty songs make the Top 100 chart; six made the Top 10 with half of them reaching #1, "I Am Woman" for 1 week in 1972, "Delta Dawn" for 1 week in 1973, and "Angie Baby" for 1 week in 1974...
    Helen Maxine Lamond Reddy celebrated her 76th birthday two months ago on October 25th {2017}...

  34. Leon Holt

    ....still takes me back to Mom. Beautiful!

  35. Anthony Camomilli

    Amazing voice 💜

  36. Jason Dwight

    Wow! She is so vocally gifted and may I say she is so gorgeous! I didn't realize how attractive she is!


    Jason Dwight YES! Jason ... I'm so glad I remembered! I was talking music with someone. I care about great voices, integrity, great songs, etc. More people talk about chart positions and hits. I think by now I have a fair understanding that hits pay a lot of bills and get shinny, glittery attention. Hits garner Watercooler talk and a song becoming a hit can not be predetermined, but hoped- and prepared for, with talent sometimes, material, artist ... When someone asks music lover(expert?) Me about artists with a line of Pop music hits it usually comes back to me mentioning: The Pointer Sisters and their loooong string of hits. Dionne Warwick and her even longer run of hits (which I'm discovering, the earliest 1960s albums here on YouTube: incredible!) and, YES, the amazing run of classy, well-sung hit songs by the Kiwi (?🙂) great living happily ever after in Australia. #HelenReddy and that voice = an incredible gift to us all. I remember her in #Disney's original #PetesDragon and, too, on #TheMuppetShow, & more. A few of these songs of hers I hadn't even heard but like #PattiAustin, HR has been a well-crafted song's Bestfriend! Enjoy!

    Jason Dwight

    TheKoolKanadian I was thinking about her being on the Muppet Show and many other shows in the 70's such as, I think, the Carol Burnett Show, etc. She is a very talented lady and may I mention one of my favorite songs by Ms. Helen Reddy is: 'Ain't No way to treat a lady'. :-) She is most certainly a beautiful lady indeed!

  37. Joe Dark Matter

    When i was like 5 to 7 in the car with my dad at times we listened this song from the radio... funny, when i 'hear' this song now, i remember my late dad... :/

    ..btw, it was back in 1975-77 then =)

    Romani Gypsy

    Joe Dark Matter that's beautiful


    I love when people share their emotional stories. I tear up every time. I was born at the end of the 80s but I have memories like this about my Ma with this song in the radio. She's still with us, thank goodness.

  38. amc pacer

    beautiful song written by Will Jennings and Richard Kerr

    amc pacer

    Will Jennings wrote the Lyrics and Richard Kerr the music


    amc pacer MMM hmm. Will Jennings is a lyricist, as am I. Lyricists are the greatly underappreciated part of the songwriting component. That's why I try to site Ira Gershwin when talk is about Gershwin for instance. George composed the music but if not for brother Ira's great catchy, sometimes very deep lyrics he's not have had any hits. 400 songs lster, I'm still not a Published songwriter! LOL. But that's a whole other story. 😊Seems Jennings wrote the lyrics to some of the strongest Pop songs we have! #SteveWinwood's Back in the High Life Again project made me aware of the name. #JoeSample #LindaRonstadt etc. 👍👍

    amc pacer

    Will Jennings also wrote the lyrics to the titanic movie

    bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    The great Barry Manilow also sang this song . It's on the Even Now album.

    amc pacer

    Will Jennings puts so much feeling into his lyrics

  39. Devakaran Narayanan

    what a song .....Superb vocals

  40. bthvnyt

    One of the very few bright lights of the 70s.


    bthvnyt Incredible. Kiwi living in Australia, I believe. So much #Soul, yet very smooth, flexible, the voice on these recordings. Cheers! ~K

  41. Batgirl 101

    I'm only here for the somewhere in the night part. XD


    remade by Barry Manilow in 1979. This version peaked at #19 in 1976.


    DISNEYDJ MIKE Chart positions don't matter to me. A great song can go unheard on someone's album. So much business goes on to make a Hit Song, and even then, often the one which becomes a hit happens by a series of events not even Clive Davis could anticipate. 😊

  43. Rose Miller

    some were in the night such a memory my first love and my song.I am women great song

  44. GettnBooted

    ty for loading this!!


    GettnBooted My pleasure! Keep the #RealMusic alive. Promote it always. Many artists still making it though not the big $ promotional support from the labels, etc. ~K

  45. j.guadalupe Resendiz

    preciosa helen,decia mi amigo mundo,y se quedaba viendo su rostro largo tiempo,y yo estoy de acuerdo preciosa eterna helen