Heavy, The - Last Man Standing Lyrics

Ooh, ooh, ooh

There's no luxury
In the sky above
No loyalty
In the house of love
Spend my money
Stand on my neck
Over and over
Again, and again, and again, and again

I'll be the last man standing
I'll be the last man to leave
I'll be the last man standing
I'll be the last, to still believe
Last man standing
I'll be the last man to leave
I'll be the last man standing
I'll be the last, to still believe

Same old story, same old lies
Bound for glory, found the prize
Without feeling, without soul
Got me reeling, lose control
No surrender, no respite
Work all day, up all night
Rest assured, you can't depend
See it through right to the end

Last man standing
I'll be the last man to leave
I'll be the last man standing
I'll be the last, to still believe
Last man standing
I'll be the last man to leave
I'll be the last man standing
I'll be the last, to still believe

Last man standing
Last man to leave
Last man standing
Last, to still believe
Last man standing
Last man to leave
I'll be the last man standing
I'll be the last, to still believe

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Heavy, The Last Man Standing Comments
  1. Shift_Script

    Borderlands 3 - Battleroyale Main Theme

  2. love2rot

    Sooo the other day in payless.....

  3. CadenHD

    Is this in a new album?

    Eduardo Falcão

    It is!!! It's called sons, I'm in love with those songs and that perfect band

  4. Nixx

    Yes, I'm here because of Borderlands originally, but The Heavy are amazing ❤️. Every song is a winner, can't say that about many bands

  5. Egao

    mmmmmMMMMMmmmmm :))))

  6. SkittleRain7483

    Absolutely love this band, respect

  7. Josh Margolis

    Does this mean Borderlands 3 is getting a Battle Royale mode?


    It better not be. Borderlands is good as it is. Not everything needs a battle royal mode, just like, not every Disney movie needs a live action remake.

  8. Josh Margolis

    Found them because of Borderlands, stayed for their fire beats

  9. Preston Sasso

    Happy Vibes.

  10. Preston Sasso


  11. Preston Sasso



    *SWEET !!! ... 1*

    🇵🇷 🇺🇸

  13. SnowJolteon

    The polar opposite of Better As One.

  14. Andre_of_ NightVine

    Can just imagine blasting some heads off on Borderlands 3 while listening to this.

  15. Ace YT

    Go the clip

  16. H Heink

    Odds this is in the casino dlc?

  17. Hey Lucas

    I’m annoyed at the amount of borderlands comments. This song isn’t going to be added to it now shut up

  18. Quick Fire

    Always good hits never been disappointed

  19. bossy !

    Love it 💘

  20. memyselfandyoutube

    Dose this mean the heavy is making sons again?

  21. Edward Mcnair

    Brace yourselves: more Borderlands comments incoming.

    Dwarficus C. Maximus

    can I just say: Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands, not forgetting Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands. To concluded; Handsome Jack, The Heavy, Borderlands, Borderlands, Borderlands.

  22. Davonte James

    Bro the heavy songs are just straight fire, man I am definitely going to one of there concerts

  23. Diabolical Lad


  24. Will Hush

    more cookie-cutter advert fodder unfortunately. no soul

  25. Cynthia Roberts

    One of the best live bands touring! Thanks for the Chicago date!!!

  26. Miracle

    The song itself was OK, but that instrumental solo was just 👌

  27. Kevin Jay

    I dunno...this recent album isn't their strongest. Seems like a lot of B-sides from "hurt and the merciless."

  28. GORE

    Im gonna listen to until DRIVER IS announced 💔

  29. VonneWuzHere

    why do i have to listen ton a cover of "this girl is on fire" instead of this song?

  30. Никола Георгиев

    Can't wait for the next European tour.

  31. erlewis1111

    Every time these guys release something new its like a little eyebrow waggle in my direction. They just draw me back in

  32. Kheep

    Otro gran pieza musical, thanks

    David de la Rosa Oropeza

    Pensé que nunca encontraría un comentario en español, eso se agradece mucho para no estar usando el Google Translate 😂

  33. Mickael Lütz

    If i see "The Heavy" i click

  34. Angel Maestas

    I hope this plays in the new
    Borderlands 3 DLC Heist of the Handsome Jack Pot!

  35. EAZY E23

    Claptrap: “Relax, on Pandora it’s super weird if The Heavy doesn’t make music for us.”

  36. Josh Langin

    One of the most slept on bands, every song I’ve heard of theirs I’ve loved

    [ ? \ ? ] Dud Removed

    Ikr, glad I found this band at Borderlands world .

    Alberto Mendoza

    Right?! Somehow every song they release its great in one way or the other, even if they switch up the style every now and then, it's truly something rare and great

    Dwarficus C. Maximus

    honestly, The Heavy is the best band I've come across in the last ten years, love the music, and so thankfull Gearbox included them in every Borderlands game.

  37. El JaneValentine007

    Borderlands 4 confirmed

  38. Nathan Pelham

    Favorite musician still standing

  39. botista agung

    Release the entire album already, I can't hold it much longer!

    Cynthia Roberts

    botista agung They did release it, it's called "Sons"

    botista agung

    @Cynthia Roberts I don't think the new songs such as Put it On The Line, Everything I Got, and this one are in Sons

    Santiago Pedraza

    @botista agung I think this are singles, but i didn't check

    botista agung

    @Santiago Pedraza I think so too, hope we'll get a full album out of these singles

    Kyff Hazard

    Anticipation kills
    Who will be the Last Man Standing?

  40. Amy Rupp

    Immediate uncontrollable toe tapping...which would be full blown uncontrollable dancing if I wasn't driving!

    William Maxlow

    I don’t think you’re supposed to be commenting when you drive

  41. D3NN1S lll

    I dig it!!

  42. Zero Logic

    we are witnessing future borderlands 3 dlc trailer music

    Spartan Sneaky Snake

    Lyrics reflect this, and damn you you best me to the comment lmao

    H Heink

    Bet it's the casino DLC song

    Josh Margolis

    when a BL3 gets a Battle Royale

    KraZy K

    What if it’s for the handsome jack pot?

  43. The Pshycho Path

    I wonder wich battle royale will have this song in its trailer

    Beck Hornig

    Not Fortnite, their taste in music isn't this good!

    Evan Pan

    Future Borderland games dipshit

    Quick Fire

    Whoa tbh you kinda just game the heavy a bad name

    Dwarficus C. Maximus

    @Evan Pan at the very least it'll be an outro to one of the DLCs. If it isn't, Randy truly has lost his little "it's maaaagggggggiiiiiiccccc" brain.


    Borderlands 3’s battle royale mode trailer.

  44. Gg Hh

    Hey I love this bro

  45. Max AD

    Keep making cherished songs y'all

  46. J T

    Love it !!!!

  47. Vannia Nilo

    Nunca me defraudan... Saludos desde Chile ✌️

  48. iLiggA Sword

    A M A Z I N G ! ! !

    Eduardo Falcão

    If Yoda says, no one can unsay it

  49. DADOMAN116

    Love it...love the heavy sound.... love The Heavy’s music.... awesome.... keep writing n recording guys!

  50. Kollin Peterson

    Straight fire! Such a damn catchy chorus!

  51. Michael Poon


  52. Ирина Макаренко

    4 download 😻🔥❤️