He Is We - Radio Lyrics

He grew up just a little too fast,
Lost and need it's on his past.
I can hear him humming from the other side of the room.
Guess he's got rhythm 'cause he hums every time he's blue, oh.

Radio, lead me a melody
That'll make this boy cry
Oh, oh, oh.
Radio, lead me a melody.
That'll make him wonder why
He was so cold.

Broken glass and a pretty face,
Silent mourn full of hate.
Quiet face, silent mind.
Screaming for consequence,
Pleading for more.

Radio, lead me a melody,
That'll make this boy cry.
Oh, oh, oh.
Radio, lead me a melody.
That'll make him wonder why,
He was so cold.

Play him a song
That reminds him of a time
When he wasn't tumbling down, down.
Tumbling down.

Radio, lead me a melody.
That'll make this boy cry,
Oh, oh, oh.
Radio, lead me a melody.
That'll make him wonder why,
He was so cold.

Radio, radio.
Radio, radio, lead me a melody.
Radio, radio, lead me a melody.
Radio, that boy's got rhythm 'cause he hums every time he's blue.
Radio, radio.

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He Is We Radio Comments
  1. ish_alicia13

    I just realized they copied Flyleaf. Look up Light in your eyes by Flyleaf......same song.

    Sheldon Williams

    ish_alicia13 not even close

  2. Shyanne Delacruz

    2019 and this song is still a fav ❤️

  3. Joud K

    Sorry i know it’s annoying, but I never tried it and I really really really want to.


    Yes ! 😁

  4. silent creates gachas

    Just like I wouldn't mind I love it better it's more dark slow song

  5. HauntedMemories

    Seto Kaiba

  6. lukkat94

    46 people don't listen to the radio...

  7. Valtinho Gaio

    me indiquem músicas ♡

  8. Raph ael

    I love this song😍💖

  9. Lilly Pineda

    2018 and I'm still listening to this amazing song !!! I just love it !! 💕😍

  10. Franky/ QuilavaFireblast

    On the outside, I was happy, singing a simple melody
    On the inside, all I need is for someone to sing that Melody back to me, and then I cracked and came close to shattering
    Almost nothing I thought could break me at that point, but all it took was one sentence

    Lisa Oakley

    You're loved (imagine I wouldn't mind) [someone is there for you just be patient]

  11. Xxx xx

    This song always makes me cry. Last year, I attempted suicide and was institutionalized for just over two weeks, and in that time, I met the best people. This one kid asked to play this in music therapy because it reminded him of his girlfriend who had just taken her own life. Now I can't hear it without being moved to tears, but it reminds me of some of the kindest, most inspirational people I got to know in my short time there whenever I am in a particularly bad frame of mind. I wish I could talk to all those people one more time and thank them in some way for inspiring me.

    Chin Strap Of Fat

    I send you my love <3 You are strong.

    dan knight

    I'm currently listening to this sobbing my eyes out seriously considering leaving this curel world. he is we have got me through some difficult times...

    Mrs Labby

    I hope your okay. :)

  12. Leslie Pearl Hora Naldo

    i miss this song very much <3 <3

  13. Margaret Fuentes

    He is we needs to become more noticed. It is such an amazing band!

  14. Drag me *sips tea*

    This is still a bop! Holy shit this was my everything in the past! It's so nostalgic!

  15. Emiliana Meyo

    I could you not this song reminds me of the book Tell Me 3 Things. There boy thats SN reminds me of him bc of who SN (Somebody/nobody) turned out to be at the end.

  16. Cher Vang

    ...%%% ₩♡☆♡♡

  17. cas 360

    This is my favorite He Is We song 🖤

  18. Game of Books

    Beautiful voice ❤️❤️❤️

  19. aniah

    When i first heard the beginning, I thought it was Incubus's "Drive"

  20. velvet xio

    Fuck this was my shit years ago the nostalgia :((

  21. kingpierce

    i’ve listened to he is we ever since i was 8/9 years old, i know about every song there is. i haven’t listened to them when i started high school, i’m happy that i remembered them. this brings back so many memories

  22. Kyle Wagner

    Hmm I always find myself listening to these when the times get tough I love he is we now Im gonna go listen to I wouldn't mind on repeat and drown my sorrows in music and bourbon

  23. Jeremy

    this song helped me use today!!!!🕆🕆🕆🕆🕆#BLESSED

  24. Caboose Wannabe

    Quite an underrated group. Really enjoyed this song.

  25. Marko Čorak

    Same chords as in I Wouldn't Mind :/ !

    Sing Talk Laugh Li

    Marko Čorak Just sounds a lot sadder 😩

    Marko Čorak

    I agree


    No it's not, the chords here are Em, C, G and D/F#. The chords in I wouldn't mind are Am, F, C and G/B


    it’s the same chord progression in different keys :)

  26. jessica sammy


  27. Avery Howell Sims

    This song needs more views

  28. Fati Bugao

    Amo Esta Cancion!!


    si yo igual!!!

  29. Cindy Nazareno

    @Antonella Peñafiel una de mis favoritas tengo 3 de este banda q me gusta

    Antonella Peñafiel

    Esa banda es genial

    Cindy Nazareno

    @Antonella Peñafiel pilas aprende los acordes y yo cantooo

    Antonella Peñafiel


    Victor Guerrero

    La mejor banda

  30. Connie Dudfield

    This song should have so many more views<3

    ellie holmes

    +Connie Dudfield i love your pic! it made me smile!

  31. Chelsey Mefford

    Love this song .

  32. Taylor Hicks

    <33 guess he's got rhythm <33

    Syco Sounds

    Screaming for consequence, bleeding for more!

    SH Bakes

    Radio, bleed me a melody

    Cotton candy Skies

    That’ll make this boy cryyyyyyy oh oh oh


    Radio.... bleed me a meeeLLLLoDDYYyyyyyy


    That’ll make him wonder why he was so cold

  33. Evil Overlord

    Love he is we

  34. Evil Overlord

    Love he is we

  35. Tegan Pope

    Thanks :)

  36. emily nutball

    I really love this song. I made a parody of it, its about my grammys dog, who had to be put down not that long ago. she had cancer all over her body:( she was older than me, and she had always been so happy. a puppy for life. she meant so much to me, so this song reminds me of her.

    rest in peace, birdie. you meant so very much to me<3

  37. Kelly Knight

    This is a good video, it should have more views. :)