He Is We - Pour Me Out Lyrics

Wake up in the morning, it's not so bad.
I can taste you on my lips, and it makes me sad.
There's a part of me that just wants you back,
You're the one thing I want, that I never did have.
That I never did have.
Oh, no.

Fill me up,
Steam me up.
Hear me shout,
Tip me over and pour me out.

Pour me out on the concrete
Next to your feet.
Do I have to cry out?
Can you hear me?
Oh just to be with you.

Oh gosh this bed it feels so cold,
My head was led by the lies you told.
But to this day my heart you stole,
In a bind left behind waiting for your call.

Fill me up,
Steam me up.
Hear me shout,
Tip me over and pour me out.

Pour me out on the concrete,
Next to your feet.
Do I have to cry out?
Can you hear me?
Oh just to be with you.

Find me outside sitting in the rain,
On the curb in pain,
My heart is breaking
You look at me
Holding on to a dream
That filled me long ago
But I'm still waiting
I'm still holding on

Pour me out on the concrete,
Next to your feet.
Do I have to cry out?
Can you hear me?
Oh just to be.

Pour me out on the concrete
Next to your feet.
Do I have to cry out?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Do I have to cry?
Can you hear me?
Oh just to be just to be with you.
Oh just to be with you.
Oh just to be with you.

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He Is We Pour Me Out Comments
  1. A High Ferret

    2020 and I'm still here.

  2. Nina Okes

    Me at 0:36: (out of tune)
    "Fill meee"-nope not even gonna try. I couldn't hit those notes if my life depended on it😂😂😂

  3. krista claxton

    This song reminds me of a abusive relationship

  4. Cassie WolfUwU

    Does no one make this in 1 hour Version or is it just me

  5. flower ghostsk

    "Youre the one thing I want that I never did have."

    That line reminds me of my best friend. We never dated but we liked eachother in fifth, and maybe sixth grade. Were in eighth grade now. I dated other people, and I guess she just assumed I didnt like her anymore. Though, the truth is, I dont think I ever stopped loving her. Sure, I liked/loved other people, dated other people, but my love for her never stopped. I dont think she knows. I think its too late to tell her now.

    Too Hoo

    It's never too late.

    flower ghostsk

    @Too Hoo I think she likes someone else. Not sure though. Im scared of how shed react if I told her.

    Too Hoo

    flower ghostsk you have more to lose if you don't tell her

    flower ghostsk

    @Too Hoo I know,,,

    Too Hoo

    flower ghostsk just do it trust me you won't regret it

  6. ryan faye

    So, she fucked up? Take that, bitch.

  7. Nathalia Melo

    I still can't understand what means this part: fill me up, steam me up, hear me shout, tip me over and pour me out. Could somebody explain to me?

  8. Callum Fletcher

    Wow this song takes me back to me being 16 in 2010. I would listen to this on a loop for days on end. Wow.

  9. missy snow

    Loving HE IS WE ❤ A lot of people can relate to their songs.

  10. Just Shayna

    Someone needs to make an 8d Of this.

  11. Dean Davies

    this song makes me super sad :|
    and rachel platten's fight song makes me sad
    and happier
    and for ever is a long time -He is we -
    dont judje me

  12. Kelli Livengood

    I'm a little teapot short and Stout, here is my handle and here is my spout, when I get all steamed up hear me shout tip me over and pour me out

  13. Stealthtail

    It makes me sad that they changed up this song, I really love this version, please never take it down <3

  14. Emily Rabon

    Throw back to my mf middle school days

    Elecia Bentz


  15. Aimee Cummins

    I love you Lydia. I'll miss you

  16. Janis Joplin

    Awesome. What lies open. I never lied opposite you did all the lying honey

  17. Janis Joplin

    I want a really good relationship with u.xoxo

  18. Brazdon Burkholder

    This reminds me of my ex uggggg

  19. Franky/ QuilavaFireblast

    I don’t know to be angry, or sad, this just makes me think of someone who I trusted, only for them to turn out to be a fake, and come close to breaking me worse than anything that has happened in my life

    Holly XD

    Franky/ QuilavaFireblast lol u lil sad emo

  20. Joe Joker



    I Love that Music <3

  22. Knowledge Born

    Can you hear me?

  23. Alice Harper

    "There's a part of me that just wants you back. You're the one thing I want that I never did have"

  24. Rayssa Batista


  25. Taylor Marie

    Do I have to cry?

  26. Zesty Lad

    You caught me holding onto a tree

  27. Kiki Crandall


  28. ward

    lol... we have the same name

  29. Platypus Fedora

    *intense lip syncing* my teacher is incredibly goofy and played im a little teapot in class and i sung this all day then.

  30. Ruby Sotocinal

    Is Someone a teapot here I need to pour me out

  31. IHeart Chloe

    PERFECTION!!! ❤❤😭😭😢😢👌😆😆💖💖💜💜


    Doesn't it make you just want to cry? Like.. Heya! I'm glad that so many people know about this band, and even know it may not be totally "250mil views" popular, we are the fans.

    We have a taste that not many people have.

  32. Peachy Glow

    This song It similar like pardon me.


    Peachy Glow
    A lot of their songs have similar chord progressions so yes, it’ll sound similar with one another. : )

  33. Slayer Ralzeph

    for anyone saying this song is sexual, get your mind outa the gutter because its referencing the lyrics to the "Itsy Bitsy Teapot"

    Jaiden Ryan

    If it's sexual at all, I'd say it's more about a really romantic and passionate love making scene then just two people having sex. The lyrics and the music itself give off that sort of vibe, so it can be taken sexually in a good way.


    Pour meOOOOWWWWW

    crazy cat 99

    What has been heard cannaot be unhearf


    I cant unhear it

    SUV Tropics

    @SΔSHΔ LΔPΔGΣ oh you


    Hi 2017

  35. Mîîdi Cocielo

    Br? ❤

    Evelyn Marcela

    aqui <3

  36. Lorena Chaves

    I only just found the song that is all my pain now :\

  37. Deanna Garvey

    I love this song so much

  38. ShadowDragon956

    0:23 and 0:30 is me don't ask why


    I am quite intrigued please tell me why

  39. Léa-Maude Brin

    This song makes me  cry so bad :,(

    Léa-Maude Brin

    I dedicate this to my crush who broke my heart

    Spooky Ghost

    +Léa-Maude Brin aw it's ok

    Spooky Ghost

    +Léa-Maude Brin everyone faces rejection

    Bobbiann Moore

    Sweeny Todd!!

  40. Dax Cruz

    This song is beautiful I wish the band He Is We will have one last song and be a reunited band

    Justin Smith

    +Dax Cruz Look up "She Is We" They aren't reunited but she's doing things on her own now and she has a new sound. It's pretty reminiscent of her earlier stuff, message-wise, but there's just something about it. It's quite good.

  41. LittleDerpie

    I just think this song is really sexual ahaha...I'm so sorry xD

    Clarissa Tomas

    how is this song sexual?I'm confused😶


    +Clarissa Tomas It's okay :p I'm just too dirty minded

    Clarissa Tomas

    +LittleDerpie 😋I see the beginning of this song reminds me so much of wonderful by third eye blind like the rhythmn and everythin:3


    Yeah i think it as a sexual song too😂


    +mark johan it's about abuse, it's about the guy hurting his loved one which is the girl. it's not sexual though...

  42. amarebut

    fill me up?????

    Natty BoBatty

    fill up my heart with warm happy feelings <3

  43. Jasmine Montgomery

    Do you ever think of me? Is there still a chance?

  44. Angel Timbs

    This song is weird......... 

    Heroın Bxby

    Steam Me up

  45. maria eduarda

    I love this song!

  46. Angie Falk

    hAhaha love this song just wish people wouldnt share their experiences .o.

  47. Lindsay M

    anyone else get 'I'm a little teapot' pop into their head when they saw this song?


    Yess Me too

    Cats Forever

    Its referenced in the song

    Madi Faye

    Lindsay M yes

    Insert Unfunny Meme

    That's the whole point, a reference to that song

  48. Thomas Ryan

    Gorgeous song, but I'm glad to have chosen isolation at a young age. CX

    CAR LY

    Thomas Ryan smart move

    i hate myself\:

    Thomas Ryan yeah it’s really hard to do that when you find a specific person tho.

  49. Zack Harrison

    pour me out on the concrete next to your feet

  50. Maximus Lin

    Oh come on, This song is wonderful isn't it. =) Reflect.

  51. Zanza Krumroo

    too many bad memories of my past relationship, i wish i had never dated it shatters too many hearts 

    Ciara Elaine

    Oh, honey... Dating might shatter hearts, but it's the only thing that brings you that special someone. You will find somebody worth loving, I promise. I just got out of a nasty relationship as well.. Bad memories.. But, I'm doing okay. (: I actually am the happiest I have ever been because I realized that everything happens for a reason, and that I'll find someone 100% better. You should think that way as well because it helps a TON! :)) Keep your head up, lovely. You're beautiful.

    Zanza Krumroo

    @Ciara Elaine thx and i will, he was a jerk anyway

  52. camryn with a y

    Brings back too many memories.... :(

    Melanie Galindo

    2019 I'm still listening to this song and yes brings back sooo many memories...

    Mirna Oliveira

    @Melanie Galindo 2020 aannd.. yep. Still does.

  53. Troy Mathews

    He is we really makes me think about the times I've been bullied and psst dumb relationships I've been in I wanted to say to everyone that can relate I love each and everyone of you keep your head up and don't let anyone bring you down keep the hope alive

  54. Gianne KiiTy

    amo la cancion ♥

  55. Ally Bloom

    It hurts to see how everything is more important to you than me...

  56. voaur

    i seriously just love this song

  57. Gabbie 'halloweenhoney'

    this song is life

  58. Megan Hart

    7 months and you just say i don't want you anymore...... this hurts so bad

  59. Elizabeth Howarth

    I would get mad...but that's true so I can't :(

  60. Gina Lorenz

    Its an cool Song

  61. sir mer

    -crying- I seriously can't. He made me so broken. It's been 3 months. Why can't I let go..;-;

  62. Abby Townsend

    I fucking can't do this song. Makes me cry every single time I listen, kills me inside because it is so fucking relatable.
    If this song didn't exist I wouldn't be here, it helps me through those moments when life is at its worst. It reminds me that I'm not alone, and that me and my favourite person in the world are only 100 miles away and we will see each other soon.

  63. Lexy Bae

    I miss him so much even though we never dated. I spent almost a year talking to him, & even though he has a gf, I still wanna be with him. Its been almost 4 months now.. fml

    Paloma Morais

    Lexy Bae I hope you’re fine now..

  64. stace

    I wish this was on itunes

  65. 808animalistic

    Found this song on a hairstyling video, and now I'm obsessed. Reminds me of regretting my first love.

  66. eternalfear88

    What about the people who broke the person's heart and wanted to make it better because they realized their mistake....but they couldnt because they kept getting upset at little things? That's what I did and now she's gone and I probably will never hear from her again but i'm not sure and i'm done assuming. She was all i had but I kept assuming things and fighting with her over stupid stuff. Now I regret every decision I made to fight her and would do anything to change the past.

    Μαριέττα Δ

    If only everyone regretted

  67. Katie Helphrey

    My life right now...

  68. Max Shanahan

    I most certainly would be one who cares.

  69. voaur

    where has this song been all my life ..

  70. Peccopa

    would you mind telling me the names of the other two?

  71. Nicolle L.

    There's only been two other songs in my life that have brought me to tears and this is now the third.

  72. James K

    KARNEP *Leaves with that*

  73. Xiaomaya Triceratops

    It sucks to have people pushing you down and slicing your mind - including yourself. I know the feeling and I'm not exactly proud to admit it. But I am proud to confess that I no longer feel that way. I put on my smile and I let my mind wander through dark pits full of kind spirits that help me shine my light in the abyss. I'm not saying turn to religion or forcing happiness - you need to face your fears and conquer your weaknesses of being underground. Dig yourself out and live, my friends.

  74. Jessie

    this just sounds like the teenager version of im a little teapot

    Holly XD

    Jessie a lot changes in 6 long years as summers rise and fall people come and go but the one remains for only you know the one true you .

  75. Angie

    For some reason, songs on youtube that express feelings in the lyrics are mostly viewed by heartbroken or hurt people. I just wanted to let those people know to keep your head up high and stay strong because everything will get better eventually. You probably heard that a million times before but just know that I care. I may not know you but I'm sure that hundreds of people out there care too.

  76. Miah Al Salihi

    I wish you all could feel my love 'cause I really want everyone to feel a little happiness inside.

  77. Skitty2Bruce

    hi, i'm 14 and I'm bullied too.

  78. Jo Jo

    Dude, why does this sum up how I've been feeling like for weeks now.

  79. Alexandria Ryan

    If I remember right, it was that she said she was dating a guy that she didn't really like just to see his brother because she wanted to be with his brother or something like that.

  80. Meg LaCombe

    Aww baby..... I'm 13 too, I know what being alone is like.... I'll be your friend though :) together we can get through this.... You're loved more than you know, you have a friend in me sweetie :) <3

  81. Limpy Lawrenz

    i blame cows

  82. Bela Chloe

    Seriously you are so insensitive. If you got bullied, had no friends, and all this stuff...you would understand it. Blaster Boo bear there are people here for you. Just hold in there and things will be okay. You will get friends. I had no friends, but I made some. You will too. stay strong and hang in there.

  83. Bela Chloe

    Theres facebook, youtube, twitter, etc.....they said messages, not texts...and maybe they used to be friends? you never know shit. stop.

  84. Squid Ward

    You want some cheese with that whine? Dude it's life, this shit happens! You just gotta stand up and dust yo shit off and show them they can't keep you down!

  85. soraya dufner

    illl be friends with u too

  86. dontscrewtheworld

    How did the girl who hates you even get your number?

  87. Mackenzie

    Pretty much what happens when you get played..

  88. Rose

    I'll be your friend!

  89. Rose

    what did the comment say?

  90. Summer Pittman


  91. Emma Harmon

    I would suggest talking to a teacher or principal. Time heals all wounds, bby. Hang in there. It's hard, I know, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. <3 xoxo

  92. shelby smith

    I'm so sorry. I've been bullied and it broke my self esteem down to nothing. It sucks. If you ever need to talk, you should message me on tumblr, I'm always on there My account is superbasexd.
    Please, I love you and know that you are beautiful and perfect and God loves you. Always run to Him because He is always there. <3 I will pray for you(:
    xoxo-love always-

  93. Shannon Knight

    Why? I mean, yeah, yeah, sad story blah blah blah. I know its bad but you really shouldn't be telling me your problems. I'm sorry but I don't give a shit whats happening in your life.
    Aww. Now I sound like a meanie.

  94. unknownspeicis

    Ive listened to this song for a couple of years now, and I never fully understood it until now... its amazing how a song can put into words everything your feeling. He is We are amazing <3

  95. Obey Drifty.

    I will never forget you...<3

  96. Emonation Kitkat

    This is how i feel about her!!:(