He Is We - Pardon Me Lyrics

Pardon me for my lack of excitement,
But I'm not entirely thrilled.
St-st-stutter when I talk,
Flail around as I walk,
Yeah the moment's been killed.

And I'm not good at this. No, not at all.
I'm not good at this.

I'm a wreck and I know it,
And I tend to show it every chance that I get.
Butterflies in the skies, they just fly on by.
Yeah they're making me sick.
They don't flutter about, I'd do without.
All they do is kick.

Mean it truly,
Sincere heart.
Why do you do this to me?
Tear me apart.

It's my fault and I know it,
And I tend to blow it, no thanks to you.
It's like you sit and you watch me,
You poke and you taunt me, it's all that you do.
And I'm not fighting that no, not at all.
Just want to be something, a name you call.
The lips you taste just to fall, madly in love.

Mean it truly,
Sincere heart.
Why do you do this to me?
Tear me apart.

I got my eyes set on you,
My heart is burning red.
All of my words come out wrong,
Run circles in my head.
You had me and I melted,
In the palm of your hand.
You know it yes I felt it,
You'll never understand.

Mean it truly,
Sincere heart.
Why do you do this to me?
Tear me apart.

Mean it truly,
Sincere heart.
Why do you do this to me?
Tear me apart.

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He Is We Pardon Me Comments
  1. flower ghostsk

    I dont think this has to apply to an abusive partner, I think it can also apply to an abusive parent, or just parents who arent necessarily abusive, they just.. you know, you dont have a good relationship with them. Or at least, thats how I see it, anyway...

    This is for you, Mom.

  2. B Bob

    I was in 7th grade when I first heard this song. In 12th grade now and I still love it

  3. Hoku bi

    I'm bring back my old playlist 😭💞

  4. yellow forest

    it has been eight long silent years and i still love you

  5. Jimmy Owens

    R U kidding me this was 9 years ago??????

  6. Christina O'connor

    I was litterally trying to find this song for a month!!

  7. nøøt nøøt

    why does this legit sound like a Paramore song?

  8. Karol amaya

    my emo version used to love this song

  9. Vince Green

    Omg my puppy love days good ol' high school years

  10. mimiyaa angel

    am I the only one who's still love this song?

  11. Cyd Ramirez

    Oooooii I forgot he is we made some bangers 😂

  12. One Bright Star

    I sang this on my old youtube channel when I was like 10 or 11, and I sang it again now (not on a youtube channel) and I'm much better at it. Thank god, choir did something right.

  13. Cheetah Squad

    Why do you do this to me? Tear me apart? I got my eyes all on you!

  14. Tomboy Artemis Logan

    When I was younger, I always thought the lyrics were "Me naturally, says it all. Why do you do this to me? Tear me apart." Either way, it sounds good and relatable.

  15. Italy Blizzard

    I’m literally gonna sing this to my damn music teacher and art teacher.

  16. Elka Publico

    2019? ❤️

  17. Lol Lol

    If you watch the PMV it’s sad

  18. Strawberry Pimp

    Who else relates to this song?

  19. just browsing

    I finally found this song again :D

  20. Don’t do Headcrab abuse

    2019???????? (Everyone won’t bother to look at dis comment UnU)

  21. ØnyxLoaf ._

    *emotionally unstable 13 year old has entered the chat*
    Aka me

  22. cookiiecriispcake YT

    man i can relate to this song

  23. Alpha Female Wolf

    Butterflies..... I HATE them

  24. Denise Lombard

    I love dis song

  25. leon struckmeier

    My emo 18 year old me (right now) loves the shit out of this (Not that I did not love it the last 5 years)

  26. Hawkpelt94

    Anyone else not angsty or dealing with a difficult relationship, but just love their music?

  27. rn dargis

    Not what I was looking for but I like it

  28. tyler cash

    I can remember back in 10th grade I was in love with the most beautiful woman I have ever seen she was my world and she said this song was about me when we broke up I understand now how I completely messed things up and I wish I never did miss her always and will love her always I know she will probably never see this comment but damn I hope she is doing well and happy

  29. Shannon Austin

    If anyone weird like me, really wants to know the font used so they can use it too, it's Papyrus. Don't ask how I know that, I just do.

  30. Sage Baker

    After my cat is done laying with me and washing himself:
    Why do you do this to me?!

  31. Aia Ross

    "I'm a wreck and i know it and i tend to show it every chance i get"

    Basically the story of my life

  32. Dan Hinch

    This song is dumb

  33. Potato Ella

    1:08 - 1:12
    This is what my pretend crush did to me,
    No, he didn't cheat on me
    He lied. About danger, that I was supposed to fix.
    It isn't a big deal.
    But he broke my trust,

  34. Lynn Gough


  35. Jessica Kaiser

    I can't listen to this without hearing the melody of "Happily ever after"

  36. Tom & Emmys World

    Best part = 0:00 - 3:29

  37. •Eijirō Kirishima• {Wolf! AU}{Smol Bean uwu}

    I mean..Yes i *am* a wreck, but that's mostly because of a lot of people, not just one, and other personal things, i can relate to this song so much except for it being about relationships

  38. Xx_Moon_ Wolfie_xX

    Reminds me of my ex he was a jerk to me he dated me for my looks and not for who I am

  39. Jenny BeachHoof from star stable online

    l love this song

  40. Lucifiier Panda

    @ my heart

  41. Olive_ Hipster

    This is beautiful and good for animations
    This person is a beautiful singer and
    She/he sounds like an angel 😄

  42. XxRosesxX Kittens

    I get bullied they taunt me and poke me thats all they do and my boyfriend comes to help me and they stop😍❤️usually i help because im very fast so i slid on one of their legs and made them fall so they left and right when they called 5th grade whistle

    Mateos Mind

    Never let them get to you. Bullies exist everywhere, but their words don't matter, stay strong.

  43. taz santiago

    I had the most beautiful girl in da 🌎
    But 1 day, GOD decided 2 take her frm me 😰😥
    RIP my love 😕 MIKAYLA BARRY
    I’d do ne-thing 2 have u back babe..
    God.....take care of my angel

    Lynn Gough

    Good you don't need her :)

  44. Elva Myers-Eastwood

    This is amazing

  45. Sassiest Scorpio

    This song is a perfect representation of my social life I'm extremely shy and I can't speak to anyone without making a complete idiot of myself. I get so embarrassed after every conversation thinking to myself "Wow look at how stupid I was". Sometimes my cheeks turn bright red and are hot to the touch at awkward times to the point where people ask me "Girl are you sick? your cheeks are really red". There' my social life in a nutshell.

  46. olgita


  47. SamandKatie videos

    0:54 1:45 2:20 omg my fav. Parts

  48. iiwatermelon kat

    I'm learning this.....its so fun #NEWFAVSONG

  49. Min Jae

    2018 💜

  50. Vanessa Mullen

    My favorite part "mean it truly"


    i love this song

  52. XAnimeMotionX

    Listens to this for 7 hours 34 minutes and 13 seconds from now and still counting ;)

  53. Alision Conner

    Love He Is We!!!! Favourite song is Pour Me out and Kiss is all better. Actually all of them I love! Lol they are all amazing!

    believe it

    Alision Conner
    i like kiss it all better and pardon me the best

  54. Kittycat Forever

    I heard i would’t mind first

  55. Lan Nguyen

    when i just listening to it wihtout looking at the lyrics, i thought she said " my momma's been killed"

  56. Rexrosa rosa

    First comment in 2018 😍 been listening to this song for years 💞

  57. Violent Hazard

    2:08 😍😢

  58. Asmr Hayleigh

    This song reflects exactly how I felt about my crush..and still do...i told him, recently actually but he rejected me, but there is nothing wrong with me or anything like that, he just is not interested in anyone at the moment..so that helps but still this song is exactly me when it comes to him...

  59. Creepypastaloverandgamers Vloge channael

    Favorite part 0:00-3:29

  60. Yee haw

    Someone should make a lams animatic for this

  61. Peach The Corgi

    Love this song

  62. LolWhatAmIDoingWithMyLife

    Does anyone else notice that he is we songs are based off of problems about humans and life? Like To Beautiful was based off of abusive relationships?

  63. Marcie Sumner


  64. Marcie Sumner


  65. Marcie Sumner


  66. Pey Mattis

    what's the code for this?

  67. A gorgeous fish

    pardon me... are you aaron burr, sir?

    Psycho Wolf

    I know almost every word to this play.

    Feathery Egg

    Lazy Birb/..... It was my parent's dying wish before they passed,you're an orphan, of course I’m an orphan! God, I wish there was a war.Then we could prove that we’re worth more than anyone bargained for!!!!!

    Lovely Cinnamon

    Saul Moore You can’t be serious

    Yawning Cat

    Lovely Cinnamon you want to get ahead?

  68. Madara

    *My dog Roscoe walks away from me after laying with me*

    Why do you do this to me. Tear me apart

    *He just looks at me then walks back off*


    Feathery Egg



    Blue Wolf22

    Madara your not alone my dog and cats do the same just for my stupid sister

  69. Olivia Summers

    I was such a fucking emo .. the memories

  70. Angie Pilapil

    The best parts are 0:00-3:29

    Maya Nolte

    Am the only one who went to see when to when it was so that I could listen to it, only to see its the whole song

    ༺꧁•Lovely - Bird•꧂༻

    @Maya Nolte I did also

  71. Dani Ink

    Story of my life

  72. alex heldrich

    my emo 6th grade ass loved this song


    @Nonspecific Nonsense you don't have to be depressed to be emo lol

    Nonspecific Nonsense

    Crazyartstudent ik ik but i was younger at the time yknow


    throws me the fuck back lmao

    Eva Lindara

    My 22 fake emo ass loves this song currently. It's a good song.

  73. Pie Pierrot

    I can relate too well, I have social anxiety and low self-esteem so I often feel kinda worthless and I'm incredibly shy... I find it difficult to even do things like call and order pizza.

    That one line, too, "mean it truly, sincere heart" speaks to me because I wish/hope for others to be sincere to me and be sincere myself though in some ways I am often not. I often feel like we go about our lives faking emotions, thoughts, opinions. How often do we truly feel things, mean them? How often do we say the words we say with our whole hearts?

    Gabriela Piz

    I can relate too because I'm really shy at school and home, and just be yourself! :)🤗

    Golden Tresh

    This is me...

  74. Lily Jasper

    This is mah song I stg

  75. ella spilsbury

    love this song!

  76. Thea Paguidian

    3:29... the worst part! 💔


    There is no bad part


    Nvm I'm stupid yeah your right

  77. pretty cat

    He Is We has so many relatable songs, god I love them sm

  78. Marissa Winget

    I love this song

  79. vitamingay

    Aaaaaaaaa why am I such a sucker for these little love songs?

    FIF Studios

    Jes, I ask myself the very same question. They're just so... beautiful? Heartfelt? Maybe... raw? I dunno what it is but I've been hooked on love songs since I was a child and I sure as hell ain't giving up on them now ❤

    Anthony Zeebra

    I love your pfp

  80. mjoek

    What's with the autotuny sound?

  81. IHeart Chloe

    PERFECTION!!! 💖💖😭😭😢😢❤❤😆😆👌

  82. Joyce Zarate


  83. Aisabun

    Oh look, the songs I was obsessed with, before I became an otaku. Still good...

    I am a Unicorn

    it's the opposite with me. lol Just outgrew my anime phase and moved on to music.

    Amber Kitterman

    I'm still in both phases


    Woww we're similar tho..

    Violent Hazard

    I am a Unicorn ahaha truee 😭

  84. Ceci B

    at 0:39 instead of they're making me sick I said they're making me shit. 😂

    Skater LOVE


    Kaitlin Ocampo

    Me too😂

    Kittycat Forever


    Espeon And Glaceon Studio

    Your dumb


    UmbreonandEspeon Studio isnt everybody dumb? In this world we call life? Is it really dumb? Or is it funny? Or is it the meaning of life? Mabie its very serious? We shall never know.

    Yes i know im dark as fuck

  85. Layla Manjarrez

    This is so true this is also about my life at school 😢

  86. Ivy Ashline

    I'm going to do this song for my talent show

    Jupiters Rings

    Ivy Ashline same here XD

    Steven Barlow Jr.

    (My name Is Ivey) You just made my day!

    Jocelyn Phelps

    I would say good luck but you wrote this comment 2 years ago... 😹but anyways good luck!!!

    leon struckmeier

    Yeah, good luck from me too :D
    How did it go, do you remember?

  87. Santana Constello

    when i first heard one of songs i couldn't tell if she was a boy or a girl until i watched the video i love her thoo

  88. Everthinghomestuck

    Why is this not on itunes

    _ Valentina_

    Everthinghomestuck ikr


    Everthinghomestuck it broke itunes

    Olive_ Hipster

    Everthinghomestuck I think this song is on iTunes

    Panda STRIKE

    Everthinghomestuck idk i dont have a iphone

    Blue Wolf22

    Everthinghomestuck that’s a good question why not

  89. melanie marie

    I love this song so much!!!

  90. Lindsey L. Leighton

    this is hiw i feel in my  relationship
    i love him but i always stumble when he tears me apart

    Ima Kiwi

    Lindsey L. Leighton that’s sad

    Mistu Shipper

    Break up with him. He isn’t a good bf if he tears you apart. You shouldn’t be living lies of hope with him to end up in an extremely toxic relationship like my mom and dad. Escape now before you end up with two kids living in false hope, love and family. Please, escape from hell before you’re too wrapped up

  91. Riley Little

    I couldn't tell if it was a guy or girl singer... O-O


    Girl :) and that's what i like about Rachel's voice :)

    Riley Little

    I know that now, thank you for replying though. :) I love Rachel. XD <3

    Sorry that this is so late, I didn't see your message until now :P


    Does it matter lmao

    Umbreon Aj and more

    Riley Little girl

  92. Ember987

    my favorite part is 2:20 - end I love this song so much

    fresh sans

    Mine is 3:26

  93. ME Sings

    Watch our cover of this song on our channel!