He Is We - Give It All Lyrics

I've had so many words
But I had no courage
Now we're saying goodbye
Don't want to miss you, tonight, oh

Tell me it's not over now
I can change your mind somehow

I, I give it all
I trip and fall, for you
And I, hope you wouldn't mind
Just one more try, for something new
I need you, I need you

Don't be shocked if I cry
You've changed me inside
I turned my back on you
You were the only reason I pulled through
I pulled through

Tell me it's not over now
I can change your mind somehow
My head feels so heavy
My heart is so empty

I, I give it all
I trip and fall
I trip and fall
I trip and fall
I, I give it all
I trip and fall, for you (Oh)
And I hope you wouldn't mind, (Hope you wouldn't mind)
Just one more try (Just one more try)
For something new
I need you
I need you

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He Is We Give It All Comments
  1. princely Earth Boy & Ashton Zachery

    Damn this band is so fucking relatable

  2. tiffany nathasingh

    i love u dv... i can live without u

  3. rachelcool95

    Don't be shocked if I cry.

  4. katherin packer

    dont give up .

  5. Maria Margarette

    2019 😭💖

  6. _YeetGodOof07 _

    I love this song soo much! Reminds me of my gf

  7. Amber Kolody

    I gave him everything and he left me but I would of never left him

  8. Elka Publico

    2019? ❤️

  9. Maria Luisa

    I still love he is we 💕

  10. Maharlika Diniega


  11. Loveswifties Forever14

    I love there songs 😍

  12. Moira Lightwood

    I dedicated this song to my best friend a few years ago when I left the country. I later came back and this was still our song. She stopped talking to me about a year ago, I just wish I knew why. I act as if I don't care but god how I miss her. I still love her, we went through so much, I wonder if she still thinks of me. This song just makes me so sad now.

  13. gamora

    Favorite part: 1:22-2:06 especially the guitar at the end

  14. gamora

    She has a very unique, beautiful voice. She’s so underrated



  15. Amber Griffin

    A bestfriend leaving.

  16. Hobi's Sprite

    My heart feels so empty...

  17. Zhvia Hottie

    2018 😚😚😚

  18. Mercedes Delaroca

    My relationship stories before... and my life with people in general

  19. Peach Pit


  20. Niekro31

    Its 2018

  21. Meghan Kelley

    I love this song cuz I just broke up with her for good done with the mine games and lies

  22. Graceio

    In the beginning the lyrics weren't right. It's "I've had so many words but I had no courage" but the rest is really good!! ::3

  23. Mari LPS

    this song remember me my kitties 😭

  24. IHeart Chloe

    PERFECTION!!! ❤❤😭😭😢😢👌😆😆🔥🔥👌

  25. the Aphrodite In red

    2017 here

  26. Delihlah

    I dedicate this song to my late grandmother, <3

  27. Lillian Le

    I really messed up with him cause I broke up with him since I liked this other guy and now that he ( my ex) is already dating someone else I realize how much I miss him now that its all over but I cant go back to him since he doesn't think of me like that anymore and I know that if I asked to get back together he would probably think I'm weak and even if we did get back together he wouldn't trust me anymore like he did before I broke his heart

    Leona Olsen

    stay strong it will get better

    Molly Wescott

    I'm in the same situation :( it'll hopefully get better soon

  28. Emily Starcevic

    this song breaks my heart.

  29. Wannerys Severino

    i dedicate to a boy bjt hee brokee eith. e beecauses we was dancing and egardo my frieend told mee control your boyfriend. and i say leaf him and he say ooo am going to brokee swith you causee you so eenoing and now i have a boy frieend and hee told me today in school. plz telll. me if you have feelling to me i asay yees

  30. Gracie Adkins

    i dedicate this song to my boyfriend we get in fights over stupid little things but at the end of the day we dancing together and telling eachother we love eachother one time my ex told him i was flirting with some other guy and me and my boyfriend almost broke up :( i was crying all night in the bathroom before he made my friend go get me so he could say sorry for believing my ex and then he wiped my tears and kissed me and then we danced and he sang me tons of love songs and hes my Valentine this year and im just so happy we are both giving our all in this relationship 


    how are you intending to dedicate this  song to him? you didn't write this song.

  31. Shyshy Lovesyou

    This song remindes me of him and her and by her I mean my birthgiver

  32. April Tucker

    Adan Alvarez

    I'm glad ur back, & OK.

    Adan Alvarez

    You gave it ur all, and that's all that is asked of you; so move on to the next.

  33. Nur Adila Haziqah Bushran

    i cried even just after the 3 lyrics

    Mc Ria

    i love your pic... Fellow K-poper here <3 :) 

  34. scott kieran

    reminds me of when i was madly in love for the first time but then she left me and cheated and controlled me and hit me :( but i didnt leave i loved her :'( gave her everything


    That's find :)

    Nays Mahu

    awwwh so sorry to hear that. That sucks. Hope you find your girly and she's the best thing you've ever had and that she treats you with mega respect. Mad love for ya ^.^ and goood luck.x

    scott kieran

    i hope so to but i doubt it but thankyou x

    XxRosesxX Kittens

    I hv a boyfriend and he loves me and i love him but there is a girl named gracie and she tries to take him away from me and fails we flirt around amd gracie flirts with him and my bf gets mad and looks at me and flirts with me

    Michaela Bowen

    scott kieran 5 years later hope your doin better ❤️

  35. Anii Mations

    This song reminds me of David (My Used to be boyfriend)  I never want to be reminded of him again!   Cool video though! :)

  36. patricia cruz

    this song reminda of him. :(

    Um cara

    i'm sorry for u ladie

  37. fangirlme33

    i connect to this too well.

  38. Desiree Myrum

    i want this song to be played when i die

  39. LastProspitDreamer

    I finally found this song a year after i lost all my music.

  40. antiprep4life1

    Same here :)

  41. Jocelynn Almaraz

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME T~T my face is leaking

  42. breabrealuv

    I will message you and I know I should his friends are texting me oh it's ok don't be upset you'll find someone better come to find out there the ones who talked him into doing it...I'm so hurt I know I can get a guy I've liked for 2 years and been on and off with for a year now but I don't want to I thought my ex loved me and wouldn't do this I know I messed up but I got tired off him kissing other girls and calling then beautiful ad that he would date them but the had me ...but his ex came;,(

  43. breabrealuv


  44. Amber Robbins

    i want this song to be played at my funeral

  45. breabrealuv

    Me and my boyfriend are in a complicated relationship for the past week we barley talk and earlier today his friends told me he was going to break up with me for his ex and I finally got to talk to him not that long ago and he said he loved us both and didn't know who to choose and said I was pushing him to choose her or me and it was making him mad and want to choose her ....I need you babe I love you your my first love I would give up the world for you please baby stay with me ;(

  46. Teresa Meehan

    The dislikers take it all instead of giving it all.

  47. mlp viv

    The first time I heard this song on YouTube it sounded strangely familiar. The song has summoned me!

  48. Julia M.

    It's so strange, how all of their songs just perfectly fit some time in my life.

  49. Athena

    aww me too :D

  50. ll Antivist ll


  51. Maria Vitória Lopes Stela

    It's so perfect :'(

  52. Tiffany Cayson

    this is exactly how i feel.


    im just going through a break with this guy im totally in love with and this song is what im feeling right now.

  54. Mallory Campos

    just kidding The song is suppose to go like this

  55. Athena

    any one else cry from no social life xD

  56. po86po2540

    i,i give it alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  57. ALostCauze

    That's EXACTLY what I was just thinking when I scrolled down to the comments section. :] This band is great!

  58. DanielSayre

    Technically everything on YouTube is free distribution, so as long as it's not VEVO or the author says specifically not to, then you can use JDownloader- very fast and safe to use.

  59. Brianna Nicole

    flv2mp3 .com (:

  60. MalaMi

    He was stupid.. and other boys they broke up, too.. they didn't und don't know what is love.

  61. sage marie

    Only a hipster would say that

  62. xxBatman Foreverxx

    ha youre just mad because you didnt come up with it first

  63. Amber Burchett

    you were the only reason i pulled through...

  64. Kara Nichole

    I just found this and its making me cry becuase its how i feel and me and my boyfriend broke up two days ago....

  65. Madi Testermen

    dont want to miss you tonight..

  66. sasha peters

    Had no heard

  67. Caitlyn Miconi

    Is that sarcasm your using?? I'm not sure. So imma just say ikr! (Major Sarcasm) -________-

  68. Caitlyn Miconi

    The dislike bar is like a ninja.. you know its there.. but you cant see it. XD

  69. Kamber Schafroth

    Why would you want their to be one! This song is amazing!!!

  70. skatecm1

    Dislike is beside the like button.

  71. malevolentsugar

    lol u made me laugh xD

  72. Tiara Eldridge

    " Trip and Fall for you ". That reminds me of my boyfriend and I skating together, he always makes me fall. c: But it's okay, because he picks me back up.<3

  73. Krizzanda Eagle

    Wait, you pretty much just said that. I didn't completely understand the comment, sorry.

  74. Krizzanda Eagle

    And the worst part about it, is you never hear much He Is We on the radio. Instead, we hear songs that nobody can really relate to.

  75. MeatEDenford

    I encourage you to post something good about people on a song on YouTube.
    I love your smile

  76. kristi

    <333......i luv this song 8-)

  77. Thecomix00

    havent heard a he is we song yet that i havent liked

  78. Gabe Zukel

    Exactly how I feel....

  79. MeatEDenford

    Where can I get this song?!!


    alright people, we don't really need to hear your stories about why you broke up or who did what and so on.
    no one cares.

  81. whitedovegrl66

    love this song!

  82. Gracey Delafuente

    This song... It means soo much to me... Me and my ex boyfriend just broke up recently and it was all my fault. I made a mistake.. I ruined things.. I just want him back.. He was the only one I could talk to you.. I gave him everything... And I mean everything.. Before we started dating I was into drugs and drinking... But I stopped for him and havent touch them since we broke up.. I need my baby back.. I love you soo much...♥ Forever & always

  83. Chico Maguire

    unfortunately 4 people have very cold hearts... :(

  84. Kayla Robles

    @Talia98ily He is We- All about us <3
    Thats a really cute one.(:

  85. Katy DeCoste

    @Talia98ily All About Us is what you're looking for. The cutest song ever.

  86. MeatEDenford

    i cant find this song on itunes. where is it?

  87. Abby Riley

    @Talia98ily If you listen to I Wouldn't Mind, it's a good love song by them. that's mine and my boyfriend's song (:

  88. Talia98ily

    they have alot of break up songs, i wish they would write a song about a couple in love, i love their music but right now im in love with my best guy friend and our relationship is going great!<3 and im looking for a really good love song to sing to him, i need help and i think He is we could write the one im looking for:)