He Is We - A Mess It Grows Lyrics

I woke up, decided I'd find my way around this town
Foolish girl, thought I'd be so lost without her
Adolescence left to wither, I didn't have a choice
It was me or a silly boy, it was me or a silly boy

Why do I
What you did wrong
To me?

You're love drunk, you're blinded
You've lost the ones who love you most
This liar's on fire, melted like wax
A mess it grows
And you're the one that chose him
That's just how karma goes

Why do I
What you did wrong
To me?

Look at me now
Look at me now
(Look at me now . . .)
Take a look at what I've become
Don't thank yourself I'm finally someone now
Look at me now
You raised me well I'll give you that
But in my face you surely spat
Would you look at me now?

Why? Oh I . . .

Why do I
What you did wrong
To me?

I'm all right
And I'm alive
And I'm just fine without you
Without you

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He Is We A Mess It Grows Comments
  1. Yash

    Better with max volume

  2. I Brought The Horizon

    Never. Gets. Old.

  3. Lifewithrose

    AW this is so cool! I want to try something like this on my channel

  4. Libby Fugate

    why does it say "lost without him" it's HER she's singing about her mother...

    I Brought The Horizon

    Was thinking the same thing. Relate to this song 100% (sadly)

  5. Alviniscute


    S. Singer

    720 is HD. It's not 1080, but it's still HD.

  6. Gemma Pettersen

    This is beautiful! Good video by the way

  7. Saedrea

    this ain't HQ!

    Adrian Belin

    NOT true!!!

    Charlie the Grim Reaper

    Theres summert wrong with ur headphones then

  8. Ernesto Hernandez

    thank you for an HQ version :D