Hay, Colin - Transcendental Highway Lyrics

It's true yeah, horizons are unlimited
It's a little challenge, the limits of your will power
With a single suggestion
Take it out, go on, take it out, open it up
You feel so connected
Now you're driving, new heights
Every sense, every sense and dimension
Now you're on the highway
Transcendental Highway

It's a response, eager, it's magnificent
And you, you've been newly designed
Broad shouldered, powerful, sexy
You're going far beyond
Way beyond your expectations
It's Mother Nature, she's persuaded you
She's put you in the cockpit of your dreams
You're winning hands down
Cos you know its the dream Mecca
At a certain time each day
People do not face east and
Fall to their knees in prayer
They drive west on Sunset
One hand, one chance, one shot
It's a different way that you can pray
On the highway
Transcendental Highway

It has no beginning, it has no real end
It's got its own style
You never seem to get any closer to the horizon
It just goes on and on and on forever
So let me welcome you on this bright and sunny day
You can use the carpool lane
There's nothing more you have to pay
To get on the highway
Transcendental Highway

You don't need to follow the white lines any more
You can rise up, and drive over the tops of all of the other cars
This is how you're driving, it's your life
It's the way it was always meant to be
On the highway

There's no lights, you just drive on through
Mind you there's still the occasional maniac
But if you smile that, that special smile
They'll just up and disappear in your dust
The dust from the highway
The Transcendental Highway

Take it out, open it up, don't look back
Oh and it's got its own computer

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Hay, Colin Transcendental Highway Comments
  1. deb ross


  2. Dazza G

    Happened to stumble upon a copy of this FANTASTIC CD years back & WOW.............
    Blew me away, EVERY Track's a winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. John Whitworth

    your golden mate
    double woof

  4. John G

    I saw him perform this in a small club back in '99 and was blown away.

  5. chunkylover953

    I really love Colin Hay