Hay, Colin - Prison Time Lyrics

Nothing left and nothing came
Woke up this morning calling out your name
The more things change the more they stay the same
Like dodging rocks in the pouring rain

I wanna know, are you doing well?
’cause baby from this distance it’s hard to tell
I wanna know, did you let it go?
’cause I can’t stop my mind from doin’ prison time

Someone left someone blamed
Stuck in the middle of a hurricane
The more I lost seemed like the more I gained
But still I have to ask you to explain

I wanna know, did you take a chance?
Or did you stay a victim of circumstance
I wanna know, did you find the door?
’cause I can’t stop my mind from doin’ prison time

Nothing’s black and nothing’s white
I hear echoes of your footsteps in the dead of night
No one is wrong and no one’s right
I’m in the ring but I don’t want to fight

I wanna know, are you doing well?
’cause baby from this distance it’s hard to tell
I wanna know, did you let it go?
’cause I can’t stop my mind from doin’ prison time

I wanna know I wanna know I wanna know
I wanna know I wanna know I wanna know...

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Hay, Colin Prison Time Comments
  1. Triumphlvr

    That would be a custom Maton guitar that he is playing. Great guitars out of Australia. Sounds wonderful in that rich open tuning.

  2. The Recall Institute

    I wasn’t a particular fan of Men at Work but I have to say I am really appreciating Colin Hay. In my opinion he is so much better as a solo singer/songwriter/guitarist than his Men at Work days. Love it.

  3. rubbersole

    Lucky guitar. Wish someone loved me this much.

  4. Steven Witt

    This is so great. Really beautiful!

  5. peter keeler

    I came late to the table, but I’m really enjoying exploring the wealth of work the you have produced over many years. Brilliant!!

  6. Mario Mortara

    So so beautiful!

  7. pabloalarroyo

    Can still write a killer songs, I think Colin Hay is a unique talent.

  8. Terry Argent

    Colin love your music Top MAN

  9. Armen Sarkissian

    The Harmony between the Guitar and his outstanding voice is unique.

  10. Steve Rollings

    beautiful song, very similar chords to paris sunrise by ben harper.
    one of my all time favourites

  11. The Scrivener

    Who are the idiots that voted thumbs down?

  12. Awkipintee

    Sounds great man! Beautiful acoustic tone, nicely played, a good story and defiantly one I like to share with fellow musicians & fans alike. Bravo Colin!

  13. Frank Philpott

    His shirts never fail to please me.

    Kathy McCoy

    Frank Philpott Right?! ☺️

  14. Brian Washburn

    Colin, you are a legend in your own time

  15. Chris C

    Does anyone know is this in DADGAD?

    Life In-Transit

    Yes, it is.

  16. Rick Martyn

    Who are the 3 deaf mutes that didn't like this ?

    TB 1878

    Rick Martyn fuck them, they don’t matter mate.

  17. Arnie Reyes

    man at work and works at his best

  18. artvelcro

    His guitar skills have become so fricking good thru the years. Don't forget about his songwriting.

    The Scrivener

    Yes, both!!!


    And singing voice.

  19. Matt Moore

    Love the sound of the droning string. Open tuning I assume.

    Dwight Shumate

    I'm guessing DADGAD.


    It is also referred to as Celtic DADGAD tuning. Drop the high A down to an F# and than you have another great open tuning to play Little Martha or a host of blues tunes too.

  20. peted709

    So beautiful, colin is one of a kind.

    William Taylor

    What a lovely man he is also gifted

  21. bruffbhoy

    Top class

  22. Bill Saulnier

    Good lord, is that beautiful. Finally, a song written by you that's in my vocal range, but I don't think I play the guitar parts anywhere near your artistry.


    It's no shame not being able to replicate what mr. Hay does here though. He has one of the tastiest and smoothest styles of playing guitar I've ever heard. In the same boat as you, as in I can sing some of his songs but the guitar? Forget about it.

  23. David Val


  24. Paul Jones

    To the complete idiot who gave a thumbs down, I hope your mouth heals over and your arse craps a hedgehog.....

  25. Digital Neko

    No thumbs down, keep it that way. Much respect to Colin Hay. Loved your music since "Cargo" 1983.

  26. SergioMartelli

    I like the song and the guy's shirt.

    Proximity Symbol

    The song is in open D and the shirt is Paisley.

    the buill

    And the "guy" is COLIN HAY

  27. eric beer

    what a guitar , nice you are the one to play it

  28. Aaron Taylor

    I love you Colin! You are truly special!

  29. lindalovesmusic

    There are only so many people who can pick up a guitar and make it come to life. This man is one of the very best.

    Andreas Budych

    Absolutely correct! Underrated! One of the very very very best!

  30. G Man

    Dodging rocks in the pouring rain? brilliant :-)

  31. Stephen Verchinski

    Loved this piece. simple thoughts and hope you are doing well. Was he thinking about her coming or leaving?

  32. Peter Miller Guitar

    this is great!

  33. linda theobald

    mule sez---pick up a string box and dig in your mind--let the fingers speak for your soul

  34. Chris Phillips

    First in for a comment! Colin always plays such beautiful resonant guitars. I love his style of playing. Just makes you want to pick up a guitar and play. Does anyone know what type of guitar this is?


    it's a Maton.

    David Freitag



    Chris, it's not the guitar. It's the tuning and your soulful expression. Try vamping on D

    John Rupert

    Open tuning?

    Dwight Shumate

    @RaySpainPlayer Try DADGAD. The whole guitar opens up.