Hay, Colin - My Brilliant Feat Lyrics

Did someone call my name?
Like a distant drum is beating
Or is it just another dream of long ago?
I dance again I am spinning
In the light I am living
And I can feel the power rushing through my veins
Once upon a time I could do no wrong
For the candle flickers, the flame is never gone

To my brilliant feat
They all pay heed
I hear the crowds roar oh so loudly

Is it a game of chance?
Or merely circumstances
A jack to a king and back
Then you have to pay to play
The world it won't wait for you
Its got its own things to do
The sun's gotta rise and drive another night away
And as I listen to the silence
I can hear thunder in the distance

To my brilliant feat
They all pay heed
I hear the crowds roar oh so loudly

To my brilliant feat
I make grown men weep
And still my eyes grow oh so cloudy

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Hay, Colin My Brilliant Feat Comments
  1. Jülide Blabla

    I love this song!! :D Do you know the episode, when J.D. saw a dead man in the hospital and everyone tell him to let go? At the end he realizes, what they have meant...

  2. Faruk Burak

    play canon rock acoustic and listen to shazam it finds this sound

  3. AussieBlokeGordo

    A Scotsman who lives in Australia singing songs for an American sitcom 20 years after his band was famous, weird right?

  4. Aaron Hilton

    men at work brought me here

  5. Xenith Xenaku

    *Dr. Kelso:* Why am I not leaving, Dr. Reid? Because I don't want to miss you breaking down and weeping in front of everyone! Oh, here it comes! Great big tears! Great big crocodile tears!
    _He continues tearing her down, but is drowned out by..._
    *J.D.:* [quietly to Dr. Cox] See, if she was your daughter, you'd totally know how to handle it.
    *Dr. Cox:* My God, you're right.
    _He leaves J.D. and walks over to Dr. Kelso and Elliot._
    _He socks Dr. Kelso in the face, and the old man goes down._
    _Dr. Cox pats Elliot on the back._
    *Dr. Cox:* You're doing fine, there, Barbie.
    *Elliot:* [stunned] Thank you?
    *Dr. Cox:* Everybody have a good one! I'm going home to see my son.
    _He turns and nearly trips over Dr. Kelso, who was knocked right out of his shoes._
    *Dr. Cox:* Whoa, excuse me, there, Bobbo.
    _He steps over Kelso, who dabs his bloody nose, and continues out._
    _The camera circles around to the reactions of those gathered. They all stare at Kelso: Turk and Carla, both with their jaws dropped. Elliot, still quite stunned. Ted, giggling hysterically. Nurse Roberts, on the phone..._
    *Nurse Roberts:* [on phone] Girl! He hit him right in the nose! Uh-huh! Yeah!
    _...J.D., somewhat nervous..._
    *J.D.'s Thoughts:* That may come up tomorrow...



    Aaron Hilton

    I have no clue what your talking about but I'm glad your here. Men At Work brought me here.

    Xenith Xenaku

    It's a transcript from a scene from the TV sitcom Scrubs.

    Gabriele Salamida

    I love you.

    Amr Wahby

    you nailed it bro ... scrubs brought me to here

  6. Wombat Care Bundanoon

    Love it!what amazing and talented musician...and performer. This man is a gift!thank you for sharing this video.

  7. Nishant Varma

    Scrubs brought me here!!

  8. Wombat Care Bundanoon

    A brilliant musician and songwriter. There is just so much deph to this beautiful man.

  9. Synthetase2

    I feel like this song backs off and ends just as it's supposed to be climaxing.

  10. Ver Os Bichos

    pô cinseramente esses comerciais a TODO segundo enche o SACO NINGUÉM MAS NINGUÉM TA INTERESSADO NESTA CHATISSE SE LIGA O YOU TUBE

  11. Aston Animatics

    2:43 is the best

  12. MusicSeanDaly

    found this song back in college, got me through some rough days. Still one of my favourites! :D

  13. Older Ladies

    RIP Georgie boy. 9 years dead this month

  14. fafafagat

    Imagine if this song was dedicated to his brilliant feet


    It's actually dedicated to George Best, one of the greatest footballers to ever live. Played for Manchester United and Northern Ireland. Maybe the greatest player never to play in an international competition. But that's debatable.


    Nice. Thanks.


    +djfm10 No question that Georgie was one of the best.....it's too bad that alcohol took him so early from us......the Lionel Messi of his day

  15. nickbagelboy

    Does anyone else think the beggining reminded them of "overkill" or is it just me??

    carly fallon

    It's the same opening

  16. Marien Aangeenbrug

    Commenting on his younger fanbase, Hay noted, "Most of them have an idea about Men at Work, but that's the subplot. They picked up on me since Scrubs, they're young enough they never heard of Men at Work. But I've found if people discover you they discover everything about you."

  17. Timothy James

    Glad I walked back in to the office! Awesome images. Thank you for sharing!

  18. giffy5775

    Nice pics, thanks for posting

  19. Ben Nicholls

    I love Colin Hay's music. This is one of his best.

  20. genericnicole

    I thought this was overkill at first!

  21. stephenboing

    Love the slideshow with the music, black and white mediums are the bomb!!
    Peace out fellow earthling.

  22. Breezy Cheeks

    That's right, because God has everything to do with it.

  23. Goldengate Video

    Thanks Buddahblume!! Beautiful work.

  24. Steve Nottingham

    Songs like this are so over looked by the Main stream..I feel so sorry for them..To those that don't get hear Colin now..I am sorry for you..You are missing one of the Worlds Great Song Smiths. He is one of the Great writers of our time..Colin please come back to Portland..

  25. TheLegendWillLast

    You all have a good one!
    I'm going home to see my son.

  26. bitteoszillierensie

    When I first heard this song I thought he was singing about his feet. Ahhhh ...nvm.

  27. cheseweezle94

    I'm sorry I gave the person information to search more of Colin's music.

  28. cheseweezle94

    @Concerto86 Actually he was in the Australian band "Men at Work" who made "Land Down Under" So Scrubs was late to introducing Colin.

  29. noodlecookies

    @dadruffy amen brother

  30. Tim Davies

    RIP Georgy BEST

  31. Tim Davies

    this song was dedicated to the memory of Georgy Best

  32. Chris Berg

    @Concerto86 yes!!! Thats right" I love the Show "scrubs" to bring me Colin Hay in my Life!
    Every Song from him is the best Vocals or Guitar playing ever i hear/lisening
    normaly i lisent to metal or vocal and deep house.
    But the voice from colin hay is the best sound and voice to touch my soul and bring the smile in my face every time!!!

    *sorry for my bad englisch*

  33. Joe Supertramp

    @Incomplete6230 is colin hay a united fan then? i suppose everybody has their flaws ;)

  34. jim lever

    @Incomplete6230 please tune into jinky gilmour of the silencers dancing feet it is about george best what a song tell me what you think

  35. Incomplete6230

    This song is a tribute to George Best! My fav player of all time whose demons with alcohol destroyed a wonderful talent. Colin this is a wonderful tribute!

  36. Tunnel Rat

    @sjsuman16 cheap porn

  37. Tamara Araya

    hehehe, when I was little i thought he said feet not feat ;)

  38. Mark Boocock

    its not just a nice song, it have real sentiment.

  39. Luke V

    4 people punched dr Kelso in the face...

  40. Meliya Honeey

    scrubs. <3

  41. klargusa

    @Bricky1138 maybe you'd like these acoustic performances: martin sexton, ernie halter, tony lucca, early kenny rankin (berimbau, in the name of love, havent we met)

  42. EinfachChaos

    sehr geiles lied
    jetz hab ich bock zu verreisen...

  43. Concerto86

    God bless Scrubs for bringing Colin Hay into our lives!

  44. L. B.

    this is amazing : )

  45. TheMTower

    2:44 the best part :D

  46. Crazybenjiwoo

    lifechanging music imho

  47. Peg Stacy

    From a friend, I'm just discovering Colin Hay. This is one absolutely fabulous song, incredibly profound. And I think the clips added to this are a very nice touch.

  48. diego1Owb

    jear a scrubs song

  49. Brenda Stephens

    colinhay.com and click on store to purchase cds...have a look around, it's a great page!

  50. AG4076ATL

    I love your tone, rhythm and lyrics. So happy you're still playing... call anytime if you need a bassist :)

  51. Gavin Johnston

    why u trying tp make an argument out of nothing ¬¬

  52. LordofAnnoyence

    you be trollin'

  53. LordofAnnoyence

    Calm down mate, I was just answering a question about the origin of the song. I know it was a while ago but there isn't any harm in paying your respects.

  54. LordofAnnoyence

    I'm pretty sure it's about a footballer from my country called George Best. He was an amazing player who is now dead. R.I.P. George Best

  55. picklepeg1

    Danke fur dis great to hear colin and his acoustic guitar

  56. Ganburri

    pls can someone tell me the meaning behind the songtext? I'm from germany and so my english sucks a bit ;)

  57. stasiu5005

    love scrubs , love this song , love all his songs ..!!! :D

  58. indraneelan

    wiki says it was REreleased in tribute to George Best when he died.

  59. Timothy Davies

    Im sure this song is meant to be "To My Brilliant FEET" He released it as a tribute to Georgy Best when he passed.

  60. TF1Akrata

    yea. this song makes me think of Dr. Cox

  61. TheGhandhi

    Dr. COX repeatedly smashing dat guitaar on da wall. LOLZ!

  62. Niko K

    scrubs :) dr cox hits dr kelso in the face..

  63. Greg Lee

    Pele good, George best

  64. David Crown

    Colin more than your feet are brilliant my friend. What a happy beat. Thanks 4 the vid&lyrics

  65. pele28

    great song about our brilliant georgie, thanks colin

  66. Maisa Mesas Garcia

    Wow! I love Colin Hay's songs. They're all very beautiful!
    Thanks to Scrubs^^

  67. Joao Paulo Ferreira

    You are right! This song was Wrote for him! Very beautiful music!

  68. bigwomanshorts

    great vid thanks for posting

  69. Laurence Beaumont

    Sub i totally agree, scrubs never go wrong with the music, or anything, unbelievable soundtrack.

  70. MR STING

    he is on tour check his web site

  71. David Hatton

    Lovely song, wish he came my way more often I'd love to watch him live!

  72. see my swag glhf

    love the solo at the end

  73. Subvers1ve

    I feel exactly the same way. So many great bands and artists have appeared on that show. It really is fantastic and makes me respect Zach and Bill even more.

  74. valentin szilagyi

    wow,i know that voice,he is from men at work

    John Smith

    hogy vagy, my fellow Colin fan.

  75. Conor McGivney

    this man is a musical genius every song is filled with meaning and makes you think' i have to thank scrubs for exposing me to his music and so many other brilliant artists..

  76. Daaazer

    This is one of my favorite songs by Colin Hay. Thanks for the post Buddah!

  77. sebast007

    I HAVE to buy all of his albums!

  78. DeathSlayerKid

    I loves this song in scrubs... I actually searched it by the lyrics :)

  79. uNANOtube

    i love this song
    Especially on scrubs

  80. Urban Computing design

    I he was barry at Football, but does that excuse his abuse toward the beating of womenin his life?

  81. Joe C

    that song was for George Best...LEGEND

  82. lukebrown8

    great video for a brilliant song. first heard it on scrubs (best music ever). did you take the photos yourself?