Hawk Nelson - The One Thing I Have Left Lyrics

Will someone please radio for help?
Cuz I think I'm allergic to myself
And they think they can throw us all away
We gotta stop it before it's all too late

There's got to be a better way
They dissect everything we say
To try to make us feel this way

And you can take the one thing I have left
I'd give it all away for so much less
Can even take the heart inside my chest
And you can take the one thing I have left
Beat me to the ground and take my breath
But you can't take who I am

And I swear we were born to let you down
We scream but never make a sound
We point but don't know which direction
We are America right now

There's got to be a better way
They dissect everything we say
To try to make us feel this way

And you can take the one thing I have left
I'd give it all away for so much less
Can even take the heart inside my chest
And you can take the one thing I have left
Beat me to the ground and take my breath
But you can't take who I am

How can I be the same?
How can I say the blame?
How come I am so tired of all these charades?
How can I be the one?
How can I hold the gun?
How can I see if everyone else is to blame?

hey! hey!
Don't want to be the
hey! hey!
Don't want to see the
hey! hey!

Cuz we point the finger
Think everyone else is to blame

Everyone else is to blame

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Hawk Nelson The One Thing I Have Left Comments
  1. awkward cheese

    I've been looking for this song for nine years and I was going crazy asking my brothers and sisters asking them who it was by and they were telling me that I was crazy and they didn't know the song except for my little sister but she didn't know who it was by and then finally NINE YEARS LATER I went to church on Wednesday and I heard this song and I immediately asked one of the leaders who this song was by she didn't know and told me I could go see and on my way over to where the computer was another group leader saw me and I said I want to find out who sings this song an he said....oh hawk Nelson.... I'VE BEEN LISTENING TO HAWK NELSON FOREVER AND IT WAS MADE BY HIM THIS WHOLE TIME!!!! But thank goodness I found it cause I can't stop playing this song (I also can't stop playing happiness by needtobreathe they're both addicting songs)


    Takes me back to 2007-09👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  3. Porcupine Hardcore

    This is the funniest shit ever

  4. Adrianne Hilligas

    I love this whole album!!

  5. Dogfrost9

    I don't understand why this song doesn't have millions of views? Where is the official Music Video? I have not heard this in over 5 years but this is good shit. Took me a while to re-find it.

    morgan shaw

    Dogfrost9 the music video is banned in my country and I don’t understand why. It’s literally kids with a dog(maybe) in a junkyard

  6. emenemesis of ene 007

    2: 24 sounds like green day. its cool.

  7. emenemesis of ene 007

    like when my parents yell at me

    awkward cheese

    It took me five minutes to register in my brain what you're comment was (cause my brain is slow and I wasn't reading it right) and now I can't stop laughing 😂🤣

  8. Franklin J. Ells

    This is a DAMN GOOD SONG!!! WHO AGREES!!?

  9. NeverHadSanity

    put the speed to 1.5 & listen! it's pretty cool!


    +RandomSonicFan1 That's actually pretty cool. Nice find considering almost no one ever messes with those speed options.

    Franklin J. Ells

    +RandomSonicFan1 That's pretty cool! thanks!

    James Anderson

    personally, I think 1.25 speed sounds better

    Blaze Beats

    hate when motherfuckers type that, it NEVER SOUNDS BETTER SPED UP QUIT THAT SHIT

  10. ColonelFatass

    @WingedwolfsDoesMinecraft It's funny because there aren't any bronies here, dumbshit.

  11. Shea Taylor

    Well you get the fuck out as well because you clearly show that you don't belong either

  12. WingedwolfsDoesMinecraft

    fuck off bronies
    this is not MLP turf.
    It is actually GOOD turf.

  13. Joseph Percy

    That's an understatement. \,,/

  14. Kaiowa Orukichenzu

    The diamonds I have left Yaaa make a parody

  15. Shannon Alves

    Who ever likes this band, will like Skillet
    They'er AMAZING!!


    Skillet! Hell yeah!!

    awkward cheese

    It's funny cause after this song it played comatose isn't that ironic (at my church on Wednesday)

  16. Reversity

    Well, this song isn't really a praise song, which is why you might be confused. Hawk Nelson is known for being made up of Christian members, and their beliefs are reflected through their music. I didn't write the song, so I can't explain exactly what they had in mind to answer 'what the song is about,' but the song reminds me of how we (as in Christians) find our identity through our God. We've been persecuted for ages, but as long as we have the love of our Savior, we have everything.

  17. BlessingRose

    This song is dubbed Christian/gospel, but I'm a little bit confused as to how. What's the song about anyway?


    I know this is 4 years late, but the idea behind it is basically "You can do whatever you want to me in this life, but you can't take away who I am"

    It's not a super strong theological stand, they've never really pushed it into the foreground, but the implications of this is that no one can change the fact that you are a child of the King of kings.


    Furen. Amen

    kevin willems

    This is interesting because you can think about it in a secular way

  18. bishie

    Cool Story Bro.

  19. Jeremy Allen

    No it's not. It's let

  20. Volt ST

    It's " I swear we were born to LAY you down" ^__^

    Battle Born

    No it's let, as in by being humans we constantly let God down

  21. Kaylee fuller

    Aw I went to there concert :D

  22. Professor Tater-Tot

    r u a christian???

  23. HockeyLover151000

    @click1695 Nope, it's all good :)

  24. click1695

    @HockeyLover151000 LOL i realized that soon after i posted that comment x) i must sound like an idiot xD

  25. HockeyLover151000

    @click1695 Hawk Nelson is my friend is one of their albums :)

  26. click1695

    @xXFullLife Hawk Nelson is a band...not a person.

  27. click1695

    We point but don't know which direction...We are America right nowww <---- LOL.

  28. Ginger Anderson

    this song rocks my socks off. and to china.

  29. Katelynn Pearce







    Born Again

    Lol you thought it would work. I guess you were younger.

  30. Sethy

    Hawk nelson is my freind.

  31. XxXxCOOKXxXx

    @selenagirl14 no

  32. Sim-pli

    @mirte96 ik heb geen flauw idee wanneer ze optreden xD Maar ik ga denk wel in de pauze d'r uit, moet me nichtje daar opzoeken :P En de zussen van een vriendin met wie ik ga zorgen er voor dat ze helemaal vooraan komen en wij proppen ons er gwn tusse ;)

  33. Mirte

    @NicEGirLiii94 Yeaaaaaaahh I'll see them to there! I'm going to stand right in front too!

    en trouwens, nu lekker even in het nederlands weet jij hoelaat ze gaan optreden.. op hun site staat volgens mij half 7 dat is dus na de pauze.. maar als ik dan al een goed plaatsje heb ga ik echt niet naar buiten in de pauze hoor!

  34. purikura

    These guys are absolutely epic. The best band I have ever seen live. They really know how to interact with a crowd.

  35. Sim-pli

    I'll see them on Eo-youthday in June and I'm going to stand right in front of the stage!! WHAAA!!

  36. BassGuitarBoss1

    this is a great pump up song!!!!!

  37. Samuel Taylor

    I love this song! HN is AWESOME!!!

  38. easyemu15

    OMC. I REMEMBER THIS SONG FROM WHEN I WAS ABOUT 8... this is amazing... i forgot about it.!!!!!!!!!

  39. Annika Anderson

    I have a jacket with all the lyrics on the back <3

    awkward cheese

    That's awesome and I want one😄

  40. wee

    They're My Newest Discovery ~! I Found Them By Accident In An AMV XD. They're Really Good :D

  41. SignOfTheLegandary

    this band is so cool..HAWK NELSON ROCKS!!!!!

  42. Jillian Martinez

    I was on my way into citywalk, and I heard this song while walking by the automatic walkway things. I had no idea who it was or what the song was named so I used my iPhone to tag it. Since then I've been in love with this song.

  43. Candy Marleen

    Hawk Nelson is the best Band of the World!

  44. brittany byington

    i love the band and the song

  45. chowder videos

    Amazing!!! Hawk Nelson is Awesome!!